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Publication numberUS2942768 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1960
Filing dateDec 29, 1958
Priority dateDec 29, 1958
Publication numberUS 2942768 A, US 2942768A, US-A-2942768, US2942768 A, US2942768A
InventorsMccall Richard J
Original AssigneeMack Chicago Corp
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US 2942768 A
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June 28, 1960 R. J. M cALL 2,942,768


Filed Dec. 29, 1958 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Pic/lard J Ma? June 28, 1960 R. J. MOCALL 2,942,768


Filed Dec. 29, 1958 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 19 3,,,,, 1'7 F 1%. E :5 I 5 a 1 4 .Ezzazzzar P r 2,942,768 1C Patented June 28, 1960 BOX Richard J. McCall, Chicago, 111., assignor to Mack- Chicago Corporation, Chicago, 111., a corporation of Illinois Filed Dec. 29, 1958, Ser. No. 783,592

2 Claims. (Cl. 229-16) This invention relates generally to containers and more particularly to a box made of a foldable sheet form such as a double face corrugated paper.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a foldable sheet form blank constructed to combine a combination of panels and flaps in such a manner as to use a minimum amount of stock.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide a foldable paper box construction which eliminates Waste and folds.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a foldable paper box which incorporates an increased amount of strength because of the combination of panels and flaps and the respective locations thereof.

Yet another object of the present invention is to provide a box made of a corrugated paper wherein the principal scores run against the corrugations, thus adding to faster folding and increasing the strength of the finished article.

Many other advantages, objects and additional features of the present invention will become manifest to those versed in the art upon making reference to the detailed description will follow and the accompanying sheets of drawings in which a preferred structural embodiment of a box incorporating the principles of the present invention is shown by way of illustration.

On the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a sheet form blank provided in accordance with the principles of the present invention with the parts thereof positioned in an initial assembly stage;

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the sheet form blank of Figure l but with the parts folded to a further stage of assembly; I

Figure 3 is another view of the box of the present invention showing a step in the assembly subsequent to the assembly steps depicted in Figures 1 and 2; v

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the finished box provided in accordance with the principles of the present invention;

a Figure 5 is a cross-sectional View taken generally on line 5-5 of Figure 4;

Figure 6 is a cross-sectional view taken generally on line VI-VI of Figure 4; and e Figure 7 is an end elevational view of the box of Figure 4 but with parts broken away and with parts shown in elevation to illustrate additional details of construction.

As shown on the drawings:

The box of the present invention is made'of a sheet form member such as a double face sheet form corrugated paper blank indicated generally at 10 and having the usual laminar construction consisting of the intermediate corrugations 11 with the double faces provided by an inside surface sheet and an outside surface sheet.

The corrugations 11 run in direction so that the four principal score lines provided on the body portion of the blank extend transversely of the corrugations, thus contributing to the ease with which the box of the present invention may be folded to an assembled condition. More specifically, it will be noted that the sheet form member 10 comprises a main body portion having a first score or score line 12, thereby to provide a first panel in the main body portion which will be referred to herein as a front wall 13.

A second score or score line 14 is formed in the body portion in spaced relation to the score or score line 12, thereby forming a second panel in the main body portion adjacent the first panel and such panel will be referred to herein as a bottom wall 16.

The body portion of the sheet form member 10 is provided with a further score or score line 17 which is spaced from the score or score line 14, thereby to form in the main body section a third panel adjacent the bottom wall 16 which third panel shall hereinafter be referred to as a rear wall18.

The main body portion of the blank 10 is provided within an additional score or score line 19 spaced from the score or score line 17, thereby to form in the main body portion a fourth panel which shall be referred to 'herein as a top wall 20. The remaining fifth panel is provided with a relieved margin as at 21 and with rounded corners as at 22, and shall be referred to herein as a tucker 23.

It will be specifically noted that each of the scores or score lines 12, 14, 17 and 19 extend transversely of the corrugations '11 in accordance with the principlesof the present invention.

The box of the present invention is further characterized by the provision :of a first flap on each side of the body portion, which first flap is adapted to constitute .a three-panel element. Thus, it will be noted that the blank 10 is provided with ,a longitudinal score or score line 24 extending'in the direction of the corrugations 11, thereby forming an integral hinge connection between the first flap and the rear wall 18 at each respective end of the rear wall 18. p The fiap is in turnscored transversely of the direction of thecorrugations 11 as at 26 and in spacedrelation thereto as at 27 and 28, the scores or score, lines 27 and 28 being relatively closely spaced and the spacing dimension between the scores or scorelines 26 and 27 being essentially the same as the spacing dimension between the score lines 14 and 17. Thus, there is formed in the first flap a panel which is integral with the body portion along the score line 24 coextensive with the rear wall 18 referred to herein as a side wall 29. The corresponding panel on the first flap at the opposite endof the rearwall 18 is indicated at 29a and the score lines are :likewise indicated by like reference numerals with the 'sufiix a appended thereto. "Extending from one side of the sidewall 29 is a second panel referred to herein as a bottom panel 30 and 30a. Extending in an opposite direction, is a third panel inthe first flap referred to herein as a locking panel '31and31a, x

i It. will-be noted that the bottom panel 30 and 30aiis essentially coextensive in longitudinal dimension to the spacing dimension hetween'tlie scores 12 and 14,'t-while the locking panels 31'and 3lalare essentially the 'samein longitudinal dimension as the spacing dimension between the scores 17 and '19. Both of such sets of panels,-however, '30,- 3012,31,.3111 are hinged or'pivot'ed alongthe respective score lines 26, 27, 28, 26a, 27a, 28a formed in the first flaps.

It will be further noted that each of the locking panels 31 and 31a is particularly characterized by .the formation of a free edge 32 and 32:: having a detent or projection 33 and 33a, respectively.

Moreover, each bottom panel is particularly character ized by the formation therein of two closely spaced slits indicated at 34 and 34a which are parallel to one another iA second flap is provided thefront'wall 13 and'is separated therefrom by a score or score line indicated at 37 and37a, respectively. Thus,

' 7 i'espective bottom panels 30 and 1; box parts'infi'nn assembly. 5 g 7 p I To complete the enclosure, the tucker 23 is insertedinto f the box and, as shown in Figure 7, lies adjacent the front 'iw'allllt. 4' I aiid spacedapart'a dimension in substantial conformance with the thickness of the stock making up the sheet form member 10. The slits' 34 and 34a are immediately adjacent the respective scoresior score lines 26 an d 26a,'

scores or score lines 26 and 26a, theslits cut across the corrugationsll; In the actual cutting operation, two

i wish to embody the scope of the patent warseparate cutting edges are provided'with means between V the cutting edges to eflfe'ct the compression of the corrugations and the reduction of the thickness of the material so'thatthe recess 36 is provided withoutsacrificing 'st'ren'gth'of material and without impairing the structural integrity of the box' structure.

the second flap is identified at 38 and 38a and is coextensive in longitudinal dimension with the spacing dimension between the edge of the body portion and the score 12 except one edge'of each second flap 38 and 38a is' provided with marginal relief as at 39 and 39a to facilitate snug assembly of-the'various flaps and panels. a

The successivesteps in assembling the box from a sheet form are illustrated in the series ofdrawings, Figures 1-4,

inclusive. Thus,inFigur e 1 it will be noted that the 'hot'to'm panels 30ian'd 30a are folded inwardly after the 1 first flaps' are moved 'upwardly to position'the'side Walls I 29 and 29a in upright position.

f'ihe'second step'in the assembly ustrated in Figure j '2 wherein' the front wall 13 is folde'dlupwardly and the second' fiapseti'and'jw are .directedjinwardly' of the corresponding side walls 29 and 29a.-

flap 38 01'' 38a. Thus, the lockingiflaps 31 and 31a are sidefwalls' or end walls 29 and 29a and the second flaps V38 and 38a so that the locking flaps '31 and 31a can be 7 moved completely into the box and into contiguous relation adjacent the corresponding second flaps 3 8 and 38a. When thelocking'flapsfil and 31a are swung into i position, itwill be noted that the 'tabs33 and 33a snap into the'correspo'nding recesses 36, 36 provided infthe 30a, thereby lockingthe at each respective end of ranted hereon all 'suchmodifications as reasonably and properly come within the scope of my contribution to the art.

I claim as my invention:

1. A box comprising a sheet form blank scored to form a five panel body portion, two three panel first flap portions, and two one panel second flap portions, said body portion having afront wall with one of said two one 1 panel second I fiap portions j at each" respective end thereof, a bottom wall, a rear Wall having said three panel first fiap portion connectedtto the respective' 'o'pposite ends thereof, a top wall, on one side of said rear wall, and atucker'on one side'of said topwall each said first flap portion having a bottompanel foldable into position adjacent said bottom. wall, a side wall foldable into position adjacent atcorresponding secondtflap and a locking flap foldable over the top of an adjacent sidewall to'overlie'the corresponding second flap, s'aid top wall overlying the bottomwallinspacedirelation thereto and said tucker being inserted inwardly adjacent said first wall, the edge of said locking flap'ha'ving a 7 projection and the adjacent bottom panel "of saidfirst box'so' as to be'disposed' in contigu'ou's relation to the -V;' 'Ihereafter, and as is illustrated'in 'iFigiire '3, each be the locking panels 31 and 31a is folded over' the top of. the corresponding side wall 29' and its adjoining second bent'ba'ck' upon the'side wallportions 29 and'29a and are 7 movd'into the interiorof the box. In connection, it wilfbe noted that the double scores 27 and 28 and 27a -and'28 apermit' accommodation of'tlie thickness of the" sive in :area with said fside wall 'and having'a lockingft abt -separating thebottom panel from saidjside ivalljaipair ofslits' with, a depressed portion therebetween" receiving 7 said lock tab to retain" the box in assembled'position, said tucker having relievedjmarginsnat opposite/sides thereof and rounded corners at the junctijon betweenfs'aid opposit e sides and the free edge thereof" to facilitate insertion oftsaid tucker inwardly adjacent said rmnrwan,

fiap'ha'ving a recess formed by apair of closely spaced slits with a portiontherebetween'yieldably'displacedhy said projection, said blank being made of 'doubleffaced corrugated paper with said corrugations running indirection transverse to the score separating the panelsof said body portion, said'slits being formed transveisely of said corrugations and the corrugations between said slits being compressed toform a depression for receiving said-locking projection. 7 g p 2. Abox made of a double face; sheet form coi'rll- -gated paper'blankscored transversely of the corruga- 'tions to form a five panel body portion having successively adjacent one another a front. wall, a'ibottoni" wan, a rear wall, a top wall, and-a tucker, a first flap on each side: of said body portion fconnected :thereto along a score formed in the direction of the Icorrugationsand coextensive with j said reariw'all; each said flap glbeing :scored transversely of the corrugations to formathree 'paneltflap having a? bottom panel, fa side panelaiid' a -locking'panel, 'andfaisecond flap'ton' each side of said 7 body portion connected alon'g'a score in the direction-of the corrugations adjacent said front wall,;said panels being successively folded to place'said bottoin panels adjacent said body wall with said second flap adjoining -the inside surface of a corresponding 7 side wall," wherel upon 'said locking panel folds intotthegbox ever'the ecna "tiguous side wan: and" second flap to lie adjacenti' said second flap, said locking panel being essentiallycoextel'nproject-ingfrom theedge thereof adjacent the' fbottorn panel when the box is .assembled;said bottom panel hay ing formed thereinadjacenti. and parallehto- 'the score plieferenes cited-initheifile ofitliis patent 1 7 UNiT Ds ATEs-rATENTs V I 1,997,523 @Katz Apr.l9,"'l,935

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European ClassificationB65D5/22