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Publication numberUS2942823 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1960
Filing dateMay 5, 1958
Priority dateMay 5, 1958
Publication numberUS 2942823 A, US 2942823A, US-A-2942823, US2942823 A, US2942823A
InventorsRalph W Chapman
Original AssigneeRalph W Chapman
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Soil-molding frame
US 2942823 A
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June 28, 1960 R. W; CHAPMAN soIL-MoLnING FRAME Filed May 5, 1958 INVENTOR. A/.PH W CHAPMAN Bw www United States Patent SOIL-MOLDING FRAME Ralph W. Chapman, P.0. Box 1712, Prescott, Ariz.

Filed May 5, 1958, Ser. No. 733,058

`1 Claim. (Cl. 248-97) This invention relates to a soil-molding frame that has for an object to provide simple and efficient means to hold a preferably rottable wrapper or receptacle adapted to be packed with soil and containing a plant that is adapted to be placed in the ground, wrapper, soil, plant and all.

Another object of the invention is to provide a frame of the character referred to that includes, in combination,

a slip-on type of wrapper, whereby the latter is adaptedY for facile mounting on and removal from the frame.

A further object of the invention is to provide a frame for molding soil that holds a rottable wrapper or container along the entire periphery of the top, thereby insuring retention of the receptacle conforming to the shape of the frame.

The invention also has for its object to provide such means that are positive in operation, convenient in use, easily installed in a working position and easily disconnected therefrom, economical of manufacture, relatively simple, and of general superiority and serviceability.

The invention also comprises novel details of construction and novel combinations and arrangements of parts, which will more fully appear in the course of the following description. However, the drawing merely shows and the following description merely describes, one embodiment of the present invention, which is given by way of illustration or example only.

In the drawing, like reference characters designate similar parts in the several views.

The figure is a perspective view of a soil-molding frame according to the present invention, a rottable container being shown carried by said frame in position to receive and mold soil, a portion of said container being broken away to show details of the construction.

The present soil-molding frame comprises, in combination, a metal support frame 5 and a flexible preferably woven container 6 removably mounted on the support frame. Said frame and container cooperate to provide plant-containing and soil-filled units in which the container `6 comprises part of such a unit.

The support frame 5 is generally formed to have sides 7, preferably connected only at or adjacent their lower ends, the present connecting' means comprising an encircling rod or band 8 and central lower crossing members 9. The frame 5, below the connecting means, being provided with support feet 10.

In the present instance, the support frame, above generally described, is made of heavy wire or rod. Each side 7 is formed to have generally vertical lengths of wire 11 connected at their upper ends by a top wire 12. Thus, each side is separate at the top from adjacent sides, the frame, thereby, having open corners 13. The band 8 connects said side wires, at their lQWQl. ends, and the.

2,942,823 Patented June 28, 1960 ice portions of the side wires 11 and spanning the openl corners 13. Thus, said feet are at the corners and, therefore, provide `a construction that is stable during a soil-molding operation.

The container 6 is preferably made of coarse mesh material such as burlap. In order to fit the support frame, said container is formed to have sides 15, a closed bottom 16, and reversely turned culs around the open end of the container and defining peripheral channels 18 that open downward. lt is immaterial how the container is made, whether by stitching or gluing of the sides thereof, or whether the same is adapted to fold at when not in use. In any case, the container 6 may be supported by the frame by engaging the upper ends of the frame sides 7 in the channels 18 substantially inthe manner shown.

It will be understood that the container retains a rectangular form while the same is provided with a plant and compacted with soil to hold the plant in proper position. The frame sides 7 prevent undue bulging of the container sides 15. The corners of the containers may round out somewhat but the container, after filling with soil, will have a form similar to that of the support frame. It is a simple matter to slip the `soil-filled container from the support frame and to replace the same with an empty container so that the soil-molding process may be repeated.

It is not entirely necessary for the bottom 16 of the container to be supported by the cross members 9, but such support will insure a substantially flat bottom to the lled container. Thus, the soil-filled article can be stood up until placed in the ground.

The above article is placed in the ground as it cornes from the support frame, since in time the container 6 will rot away and allow full freedom to the growing root system of the plant.

While the foregoing specification illustrates and describes what I now contemplate to be the best mode of carrying out my invention, the construction is, of course, subject to modification without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention. Therefore, I do not desire to restrict the invention to the particular form of construction illustrated and described, but desire to cover all modications that may fall within the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A soil-molding frame comprising a continuous length of wire bent to form four sides each comprising a top portion joining two parallel vertical portions, the vertical portions forming adjacent sides continuing from one side to the next at the lower ends along outwardly bent portions forming feet.

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U.S. Classification248/97, 47/904, 47/78
International ClassificationA01G9/10
Cooperative ClassificationY10S47/904, A01G9/102, A01G9/1006
European ClassificationA01G9/10B, A01G9/10D