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Publication numberUS2943185 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1960
Filing dateFeb 24, 1959
Priority dateFeb 24, 1959
Publication numberUS 2943185 A, US 2943185A, US-A-2943185, US2943185 A, US2943185A
InventorsMott John A De
Original AssigneeJames J Mandulay
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Swimming pool lighting device
US 2943185 A
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une 2 1960 J. A. DE MOTT 2,943,135

SWIMMING POOL LIGHTING DEVICE Filed Feb. 24, 1959 INVENTOR. JOHN A. DE Mow United States Patent John De Mott, Burbank, Califi, assignor' of one-half to James J. Mandulay, Los Angeles, Calif.

Filed Feb. 24, 1959, Ser. No. 795,028

5 Claims. (Cl. 99-10.1)

This invention-haste. do with a device for producing attractive multi-colored lighting'efiects in the water of a swimming pool or other water-containing tanks, and has, as an important object, the provision of an attachment for a submerged lighting fixture forming apart of a conventional pool or tank, which attachment is operable to cause the light beam emanating from said fixture to be successively changed in color. 7

Another object is to provide a device of this character using a color wheel which is so constructed that the color wheel is rotated across the light beam by water under pressure delivered from the water-filtering and recycling system which .forms a conventional part of a swimming pool structure.

A further object is to provide, in a device of this character, novel means for securing the attachment to the conventional pool-lighting fixture, which means also serves to concentrate and eificiently direct the light beam produced by the fixture.

Another object is to provide, in such a device, means for selectively rotating the color wheel in either direction.

A still further object is to provide, in such a device, means for continuously agitating the water through which the light beam is passed so as to enhance the ornamental effect produced thereby. j

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description, the novelty consisting in the features of construction, combination of parts, the unique relations of the members and the relative proportioning, disposition, and operation thereof, all as more completely outlined herein and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings, which form part of the present specification:

Fig. -l is a side elevational view of my swimming pool, color-changing device shown connected to a swimming pool li-ght' below the water surface;

The present embodiment of my device is particularly designed for attachment to the housing flange, .18 upon removal of its cover plate. However, it can also .be coupled to or mounted in front of the recessed type of pool lights and accordingly, in the broader aspects of my invention, is not limited attachment. 7

Thereis provided a casing comprising an essentially annular cap-shaped, outer housing 20 formed with a flat outer face ,22 and a generally tubular side wall 24 directed axially to the rear and with an upwardlyprojecting boss .26 formed longitudinally along its uppermost extremity. The housing cap 20 is formed with a central outwardly projecting, more-or-less dome shaped 'hub'section 28 and a lower, cut-out circular opening 30 of adimension corresponding approximately to that of the lamp housing 14 and/thus intended to be longitus dinally aligned therewith. p

Spaced axially inward from the cover face .22 a

generally parallel disk 32 constituting a rearhousing and formed with a narrow, rearward extending, annular peripheral flange 34 adapted to be inserted a short tance within thejuxtaposedside wall 24 :of the housinghe I and secured thereto as by screws or rivets 36. lower segment of the disk is formed with an annular tube 38 fixedly secured in a .corresponding aperture thereof and extending rearward therefrom, so as .to firictionalily receive a collar 40 having an outturned annular flange 42 disposed in juxtaposition to the corresponding flange 44 of the light housing 14 and being secured thereto by a peripheral series of .U-clamps 46 and Wingnuts 48. In

this manner the pool light, which is located in the lions: ing is in common alignment with the tube 38 and the front opening .30 so as to shine therethrough into the water.

Rotatably disposed between the front 22 and ,rear 32 7 housing disks, is an annular color wheel '50 (Figs. -4 and Fig. 2 is an elevational view of the outer face of the device taken at right angles to Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is an elevational view of the rear face of the device with a portion of the rear housing removed to show the inner construction;

Fig. 4 is an elevational view of the inner color wheel;

Fig. 5 is an axial sectional view taken through the device along the line 5-5 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 6 is a top plan view of the color wheel as viewed along the line 66 of Fig. 4; and

Fig. 7 is an enlarged detail perspective \u'ew of a small segment of the .color wheel particularly showing the construction of the fins.

conventionally, an aquarium tank or swimming pool 6) centrally traversed .by a shaft 52 having its opposing bearing pins .54, 56 .journaled in corresponding bearings 58, 60 which are carried respectively by the two parallel housing disks. The wheel is divided into successive pieshaped segments 62 by means of radial ribs 64 extending outward from the central annulus 66 to the perimeter band 68; the segments being cut out of the metal disk or wheel and replaced by sheets of light-transmitting material, such as natural or synthetic plastic, of different colors, such as those of the spectrum, i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue. The color segments 70 are secured in place between the radial ribs, 64 by engaging ears 72 cut from the adjacent metal edge and then bent so as to overlie the corresponding edge of the plastic sheet. The light-transmitting material may be transparent (glass, isinglass, Lucite, etc.) or can be translucent in instances wherein it is desired'to cut down the intensity of light transmitted or render it more diifusible.

In order to provide propulsion for the wheel, the outer annular band 68 of the color wheel is cut radiallyinward a short'distancc in-generalalignment with each rib 64, and the adjacent cut surfaces are oppositely bent, approximately 90, to form a series of oppositely directed fins or vanes 74, 76 of generally triangular shape.

For the purpose of directing a flow of water against the fins, there is provided an'inverted V-shaped guide or deflecting member 78 secured to the posterior face of the housing disk 22 within the boss 26 and spaced radially downward from an inlet aperture 80 therein, so as to define an opposing pair of channels 82, 84. Accordingly a hose or water conduit 86, as from the pump 88 of a pool filtering and purifying system, may be inserted through the aperture 80 and directed toward either'the channel 82 or 84 to rotate the color wheel in one direction or the otherby propulsion of the water against the i Patented June 28, 1960 to any particular coupling ribs 74, 76, the water then escaping into the pool through the lower opening 30 where its emerging turbulence conveys a certain sparkling or scintillating etfect to the projected color, varying with the speed of rotation of the wheel. t

Accordingly it will be seen that the color wheel, when thus connected to a recirculating system such as the water purifying apparatus (not shown) of a swimming pool, will function automatically and continuously. When recycling of the water is stopped, it will merely cease rotating but colored light will still project into the pool or tank. Even if the pool is emptied and re filled, no adjustment need be made of the color wheel, but as soon as a flow of water is again directed against the fins 74, 76, the wheel will resume rotation. In the alternative, it is readily detached from the light housing 14, as for cleaning or transfer to another pool, as desired.

Although Ihave illustrated and described a'preferred form of my invention, I contemplate that various changes and modifications can be made therein without departing from the invention, the scope of which is indicated by the following claims.

I claim.

1. In a device for producing multi-colored lighting effects in water, the combination, with a water containing tank having a submerged light beam producing electrical fixture recessed in its side wall, a rounded casing having spaced, opposed front and back side walls and a peripheral Wall, said casing having registering light-passing windows in its said side walls, an annular outwardly pro jecting flange carried by said back side wall in position surrounding said window therein, mounting means detachably securing said flange to said fixture in register therewith whereby said casing is maintained submerged in said water and in position to receive and pass the light beam produced by said fixture, a ,vaned color wheel, means mounting said color wheel in said casing between said side walls for rotation relative thereto between said windows about an axis transverse of said casing, and means for discharging Water under pressure into said casing in a direction circumferentially thereof.

2. The combination of a claim 1 wherein said mounting means includes a collar circumscribing and frictionally engaging said flange, said collar having an annular outer end flange, and means securing said last named flange to said fixture.

3. The combination of claim 1 wherein said last named means includes a water inlet in said peripheral wall and a V-shaped water deflecting member carried by said casing adjacent said inlet.

4. The combination of claim 1 wherein said back side wall is disposed in a plane inwardly offset from the back side edge of said peripheral wall a distance substantially equal to the length of said annular flange carried by said side wall, whereby said casing is retained in close prox imity to the said side wall of said tank.

5. In a device for connection to a submerged electric light beam producing fixture recessed in a sidewall of a water containing tank for producing multi-colored lighting effects in the water of said tank, a rounded casing having spaced, opposed front and back side walls and a peripheral wall, said casing having registering'light pass ing windows in its side walls, tubular light directing means carried by said back side wall in surrounding relationship 'to said window therein and projecting out wardly from said side Wall towards said fixture, said light directing means having means for detachably connecting it to said fixture in register therewith, a vaned color wheel rotatably mounted in said casing for rotation between said windows and about an axis transverse of said casing and means associated with said casing for discharging Water under pressure into said casing in a direction circumferentially thereof; said back side wall being disposed in a plane inwardly offset from the back side edge of said peripheral wall a distance substantially equal to the length of said tubular light directing means,

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