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Publication numberUS2943238 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1960
Filing dateNov 22, 1957
Priority dateNov 22, 1957
Publication numberUS 2943238 A, US 2943238A, US-A-2943238, US2943238 A, US2943238A
InventorsEdward G Reaves
Original AssigneeEdward G Reaves
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Fluorescent lighting
US 2943238 A
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June 28, 1960 E. G. REAVES 2,943,238

FLUORESCENT LIGHTING Filed Nov. 22, 1957 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR ATTORNEYS June 28, 1960 E. G. REAVES 2,943,238

FLUORESCENT LIGHTING Filed Nov. 22, 1957 5 Sheets-Sheet 3 ATTORNEYS June 28, 1960 E. G. REAVES 2,943,238

FLUORESCENT LIGHTING Filed Nov. 22, 1957 5 Sheets-Sheet 4 i V30 4 r W! I W I76. A; 176;. /6 [mm 20 62 6541/56 INVENTOR ATTORNEYS June 28, 1960 E. G. REAVES FLUORESCENT LIGHTING 5 Sheets-Sheet 5 Filed Nov. 22, 1957 E VES fan/A20 6 mv' mon ATTORNEYS UnitedStat-es Patent This invention relates to fluorescent lighting in circular or bulbous form, and has as its primary object the provision of an improved fluorescent lighting which will diifuse the lighting element to all sectors of a selected enclosure.

A secondary object of the invention is the provision of an improved support for such fluorescent lights which will engage circular and tubular elements of fluorescent lighting in an improved manner.

Still another object of the invention is the provision of an improved fluorescent lighting which comprises circular tubes, which may be applied in any desired manner in such fashion they will provide diffused illumination for any enclosure in which they are placed.

Still other objects reside in the provision of a device of this characterfwhich is sturdy and durable in construc- Figure 13 is a side or end view, disclosing still another modification of the instant invention.

Figure 14 is a sectional view, shown partially in elevation, taken substantially along the line 14-14 of Figure 13.

Figure 15 is a sectional view taken substantially along the line 15-15 of Figure 13 as viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows, and

Figure 16 discloses still another modifiedform of the invention partially in elevation and partially in section.

Figure 17 is a bottom plan view of a still further modifled form of the device particularly adapted forinsertion into preassembled'recessed sockets or fittings.

Figure 18 is a sectional view taken substantially along the line 18-18 of Figure 17 as viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows.

Figure 19 is a detailed transverse sectional view of one of the spring elements for holding the fluorescent light tube.

Having reference now to the drawings, and more par ticularly to the species of the invention shown in Figures 1 to 7 inclusive, there is disclosed at 20 a fluorescent lighting fixture, which comprises a central supporting element 21, from which extends a plurality of radially'disposed arms 22. -While in the illustrative embodiment the number of arms shown is three, there may be four or five or six as necessary or'desirable' These arms have secured thereto as by means of rivets '23 dependingly arcuate members 24,,fwhich are adapted to support a circular fluorescent lighting tube 25, As best shown in Figure 5 the arms 22 ar'ej channel-shaped in crossse ction, to enhance the aption, reliable and efficient in operation, and relatively sim- Y ple and inexpensive to manufacture, assemble and install.

Other objects reside in the combinations of elements,

arrangements, of parts and features of construction, all e as will be more fully pointed out hereinafter and disclosed in the accompanying drawings. In the drawings device illustrating features of this Figure3 is a side elevational view of the device partially in section and partially in elevation disclosing the device as installed in one form of the instant inventive concept. s Figure 4 isa sectional view taken substantially along the line 4-4 of Figure 1 on an enlarged scale as viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows.

Figure, 5 is a sectional view taken substantially along the line 5-5 of Figure 4 as viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows. v g

Figure 6 is an enlarged detailed constructional element partially in section as taken substantially along the line 6-6 of Figure I as viewed in thedirection indicated by the arrows. I Figure 7 is a sectional view taken substantially along the line 7-7 of Figure 6 as viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows.

c Figure 8 is a. modified view of a constructional form em-.

Figure lis a top view partially in section of one form pearancej" ofw the device and to conceal the rivet connd ans The upper end of the fitting 21 is provided with a con ventional male plug 30, which is adapted to be associatedi with anyconventional electrical socket, and. has surrounding the same a ring 31, supported on uprights 32,

to which it, is secured by rivets 33, and a side plate. 34, hav-" ing a longitudinally extending aperture 35 therein, in' which is positioned a conventional adjusting screw 36 by means of which the ring 31 is adapted to be tightly clamped about any conventionalelectrical fitting for the purpose of holding the fluorescent lighting assembly 20 in related assembly therewith;

As best shown in Figure 6 the arms are secured to the top of the fitting 21, as by means of screws 37.

a Current is supplied tothe tube 25, which is filled with the conventional gaseous medium by means of wires 40, and a conventional fitting 41, which connects with the two ends of the separated tubes, in a known manner. The

. wires 40. are: communicated with the plug 30, and the inclusive, thelower portionof the housing 21 is provided housing 21 contains the conventional transformer or the like for increasing the voltage'in order to illuminate the fluorescent tube 25. V Inthe illustrative embodiment shown in Figures: 1; to.7

with arfemale socket 42, which may, if ,desired b'ecl'osed:

by a plug orothermedium such as decorative covering 7 to enhance the ,appearanceof the device, but which when exposed may be employed for the attachment of additional elementsi20, as best shown in Figure 8. In this arrangement awplurality of assemblies 2t} may be connected together in series, to provide increased illumination as may be desired. In this case the clamping ring 31 of eachsuc'ce'ssively lowerelement is adapted to be clampingly engaged with Y the ,lower portion of, the socket42.. j

Figures 9 and 10 disclose a modified form of device whereina housingala is' provided with a plug 30a-having a female fitting42a at its lower extremity, 1 and ha's extending therefrom a plurality of arms 22a substan tially identical to the arms 22; but which carry a p1u-' {Patented June 2 3 rality of depending members 24a, also similar to the members 24, in order to support a plurality of concentric fluorescent tubes 25a, which may be of the same, or different diameters, as best disclosed to Fig. 10.

Connections 41a 'a're-a-lso provided to each ofQthe fluorescent tubes, as in'the precedingmodification?" In Figure 11 thereii's showria furtherniodification,

which is substantially identicalv in 1 all "structural" respects to that of Figures 10 and 11, but which includes""a' centralhousing 21b provided with a plu'gBOB, and radiallwextending arms 22b', fromwhich depends fittings 24b, substantially identical tothepreviously"disclosed fittings 24 and '24a,"but'of difiering'leng'th' s, whereby the 'tubes 25b are "concentrically mounted 'but" depend to different-"lengths from thetopof the fitting 2125f, arranged in an inverted -pyramidal fbrh'i. "The'se"fitting"s may also be'mounted sequentially 'du'e to the pre'sehee of'a female socket 42b"'a't"th'e low r endof 'th'e 'fitting 21b: t 711 11;

The modification of Figure 12 discloses in general a fluorescent lighting fixtiir esimilar'"t'o thatishhi n in Figurelj'which includes a bodypor'tifi 21H; fitted'with a male plug, which is not shown, but which is adapted to into a side wall fitting 59; and b e controlled 'by a switch- 51; The body '2122 ha eread ng therefrom adi l I2$ i r 2 b tant a ly i entisa Tin i s n to t eP i y-di l9 d; andljv rivetedthereto asby means of'rivets 23d, 'arms"24 4 which support a circular fluorescent 'tube 154. Theichief distinction in this modification is that'njo provi ion'pr'ovided for the addition'of other elementsft'here' being no plug corresponding to thefemale socket 4 2 The modification shown in Figures 1 3, '14 and 15 comprises essentially thef'same' elements as those Iof the preceding modification, but' includes" a'fplug .lfitlg s'eat'ed in the top of a housing 121, which contains the 'previously disclosed elements, but whichcarries an'arcuate base plate 122, provided with a suitable numbl? 0f recesses, and including clamping element s 124,".within which are mounted in verticalpositi'on a plurality of circular fluorescent tubes" These tubes are" P35- vided with connections similar to the previously described connection 41,- in order to provide a suitable source of electric power, and the housing or casing 121 contains a'similar transformer element, as is conventional. The plate 122 is-adapted to be secnred to the fitting in any desired manner, as by means of bolts or screws 126.

The modification of Figure 16 discloses an arrangement to that of Figure 1, including a plug 130, and two hemispherical halves 131 and 132,; to the-upper of which halves is secured the plug 130, the -lowerhali 132 conbulb 161 individuallyoftogetheri 4 the wall, and opens'into a receptacle 143, having a transverse partition 144 with a relatively largecentrahopening 145, preferably circular in configuration. The receptacle 143 is provided on its face with outwardly extending flange 146, and has a second outwardly extending radial flange 147 positioned interiorly thereof. The flanges 146 and 147 are adapted to seat on opposite sides of a plastered ceiling 148or wall surface or the like. The fixture of the present invention includes a plug member 149, which is adapted't'o" b'e threaded into a socket- 140 in the conventional'manner, and-"from which depends an outwardly flared upper section 150, which includes a'radi'al flange 151} having an inwardly turned peripheral rim 152, see Fig.- 19, which supports the outwardly flared edge 1530f a bowl shaped member 154. The bowl shaped member contains a conventional transformer as previously described, for increasing the voltage to a suitable degree to supply a fluorescent tube. A conventional Starter 155 or the like m'aybe' carried on the upper'sur'face ofthe flange 151 1 At suitable spaced interval s hboutthe under side of flange 151 are spring fingers156,"whic'h are similar inconfiguration to the previously described spring fingei 24, and which are adapted tosupport'a fluoreseenmightingring 157, of circular configurationfl'which 'ishon nected at a suitable point by theusual fitting "158, and supplied with power from the transformer interio'rly of the semi-spherical shell 154 -by means ofwires lfl. The lower portion of 'the member 154-includes :i'soclget 1'69, which'contains the plugof a' conventional light bulb 161. A switch m'eniber162'is also providedjwhiclr may be used to illuminateeither hemes 15] or the ead; o he p in fingers156 is provided with horizontalarm163, which extends through a suitable aperture inthe flange portioh 15 2 and is suitably secured as by means of frivets 1'64 tothe under side of flange 151.

In" general use and 'op'eration this modification is similar to those previously described;

From the foregoing it wiuuow 'b'e'seen that there is herein provided an improved fluorescent'dightingconstru'etion, which aecoinplishes' all of the' objects'offthis invention, and others',"including many advantagsnr practical utility and commercial importance, and wh ch is adaptedto'a' relatively'wide'variety of functionsand arrangements, as desired.

As-many embodiments may be made of this mventwe V concept,a'nd as "manymodifications may be'madein'the taining the female socket133: The semi-spherical members are secured together-asiby means of a'tying band 133 held in position by screws 134; the band having arms 135 extendingtherefromwhich carryin'horizorital position a neon tube 136. Current is' supplied" to the tube by a connection similar to the previously'described connection 41, andthe'advanta'ge "of"this"rnodification is that it maynot any be connected in multiple, asin the modification of Figure" 1*; but'thatiF'r'nay be more economically manufactu'red'for' the cheaper in stallation. The bulbous member comprised bt nalves 131 and 132 contains 'the' transformer elements si rnilar fo those describedin the foregoihg rnodificati ons'.

Fi 17 a 19 n lu v d sclos a st l l f i h r modified form of the invention particularly adapted for exertion in a previously ins'talleduecessed light so' cket, which may be recessed in either a horizontal or avertical wall surface.- This modification is of particular utility in connection with 'a'previously constructed recessed, socket, such as the socket indicated at 1 41), and sup-' Pl s! w t current as th n h e n it .141- The :s sl fl t 49 e t n a bv ri TQRel 14 mes ed; tram embodiments herein before shown and describedlit is to be'understood that all matter herein is to be interpreted merely as illustrative and not in'a limiting sense. 1

What I claim is:

1. In a fluorescent lighting fixture, a cylindrical support, circumferentially spaced and radially extending arms of U-shape in cross section mounted on said support, clips each having one end bent at right angles to the mainhody 311d" 1' 6 lVd between sides of s'aid U- shaped arms and having their opposite ends curved to support a toroidal fluorescent tube, and attachment means for securing'theright angle ends ofsaid 'clips to the U-shaped arms.

. 2. In afiuo'rescent lighting fixture, a cylindrical support, circumferentially spaced and'radially extending arms mounted on said support, clips secured to said arms extending generally at right angles with respectthereto and having curved outer ends adaptedto support a'toroidal fluorescent tube','a screw plug securedto the top of said cylinder in inverted and co-axial'position, an an nular base secured to the top of the cylindefland sur- IOundingsaid plug and'having-apainof diametrically positioned uprights at-right angles to its main body,'-and an aperture in one of said uprights, a clampingring adapted to engage anelectrical fitting secured to'the other of aid pri n'm-Pla a rel on ith th bottom .of said screw plug and having ears'on itsends 5 6 extending through the aperture in the first of said up- 2,575,486 Brandeis NOV. 20, 1951 rights, and a screw extending through said ears for con- 2,626,346 Stoller Jan. 20, 1953 V tacting the clamping ring. 2,652,483 Laidig et a1 Sept. 15, 1953 2,688,690 Lane Sept. 7, 1954 References Cited in the file of thls patent 5 2,697,777 Rosa Dec. 21, 1954 UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,708,713 Lane May 17, 1955 2,525,022 Dupoy Oct. 10, 1950

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