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Publication numberUS2946098 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1960
Filing dateMay 4, 1959
Priority dateMay 4, 1959
Publication numberUS 2946098 A, US 2946098A, US-A-2946098, US2946098 A, US2946098A
InventorsMigncault Fernand W, Romuald Migneault
Original AssigneeMigncault Fernand W, Romuald Migneault
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Panel protective device for sashless windows
US 2946098 A
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July 26,1960 R. MIGNEAULT ETAL 2,946,098


United States Patent Oce 2,946,098 Patented July. 26, 1 960 PANEL PROTECTIVE DEVICE FOR SASHLESS WINDOWS Romuald Migneault and Fernand W. Migneault, both of 332 St. Andre St., Gatineau, Quebec, Canada Filed May 4, 1959, Ser. No. 810,784

2 Claims. (Cl. 20-52) This invention relates to window structures of the sashless type.

In sashless window structures where the window opening is beyond a certain length, it is common practice to provide a series of three glass panels, the end panels of which are adapted to be moved to open the window and the center panel of which normally remains in a more or less iiXed position. It is possible to slide the end panels into edge-to-edge collision with each other and this frequently happens unless care is exerted. Moreover, since the edge portions of the center panel are freely seated in the panel receiving grooves of the frame, vibration and rattling of the center panel may occur.

It is an object of this invention to provide simple and inexpensive means for preventing contact with each other of the side panels of a three-panel sashless window structure and for preventing vibration of the center panel of such a structure.

The invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is a side elevation of a sashless window structure in accordance with the invention,

Figure 2 is a sectional plan view of a device in accordance with the invention, and

Figure 3 is a sectional and elevation of such device.

In the drawing, the window assembly illustrated comprises a frame 1 having sill 2, jambs 3 and 4, and headpiece 5. Side glass panels 6 and a center glass panel 7 are mounted in the frame which is provided with groove 8 in the sill, groove 9 in the jambs, and groove 10 in the headpiece to receive the edge portions of the panels. It will be understood that a second three-panel series may be provided in the frame to constitute a double window.

It will be apparent that, in the normally closed position of -the window, the inner marginal portions of the end panels will overlap the marginal portions of the center panel.

A device 11 in accordance with the invention comprises a housing 12 of metal, plastic composition or the like having a rectangular body 13y mounted therein, said body being formed of a yieldable material such as rubber,

plastic composition or the like. The body 13 projects outwardly through an opening 15 in the housing to provide a portion 16 thereof which lies outwardly of the housing. The body 13 is resiliently urged outwardly of the housing by any suitable means such as a pair of springs 17, each seated on a stud 18 within the housing and in a recess 19 in the body. The body 13' is retained in the housing by means of a pin 20 anchored in the body and projecting into a slot 21 in the housing wall.

In use, the device 11 is xed to the headpiece 5 as by screws 22 and it may be countersunk therein as indicated at 23. Obviously, however, it need not be so countersunk. The projecting portion 16 of the body 13 is positioned with its free edge bearing upon the mid-section of the center glass panel 7 with the body 13 retracted into the housing a sufficient distance to move the pin 20 intermediate the ends of slot 21 and thus impose a pressure on the panels 7 exerted by springs 17 through the body 13. Thus the panel 7 is resiliently clamped against the rear wall of the groove 10 in headpiece 5 in which it sits.

It will be observed, however, that in this position the body 13 has free end surfaces 24 lying exteriorly of the housing and bridging that portion of groove 10 which is adapted to be traversed by the side panels 6. Thus, as each panel 6 approaches the end of its opening sliding movement, its inner edge will engage a yieldable end surface 24 of the body and prevent further movement thereof in the opening direction. As a result, the inner edges of the two panels 6 are prevented from coming into damaging contact.

The body 13o` may be of Varying length but preferably is of the order of one to two inches.

We claim:

1. In a sashless window having a headpiece, a sill, each said headpiece and sill having a panel receiving groove, a center glass panel and a pair of side glass panels mounted in said grooves, a protective device for said panels comprising a housing mounted in said headpiece, and a body of yieldable material carried by said housing and having a side surface in contact with said center panel, said body also having a pair of end surfaces exteriorly of said housing and bridging said groove inv said headpiece for engagement by the inner edges of said side panels in responsive to a predetermined degree of sliding movement thereof.

2. A glass panel protective device as defined in claim 1, including means in said housing resiliently urging said body into contact with said center panel.

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Cooperative ClassificationE05F7/04
European ClassificationE05F7/04