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Publication numberUS2947099 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1960
Filing dateOct 27, 1958
Priority dateOct 27, 1958
Publication numberUS 2947099 A, US 2947099A, US-A-2947099, US2947099 A, US2947099A
InventorsNobye Lancaster
Original AssigneeNobye Lancaster
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Combination table and ironing board
US 2947099 A
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INVENTOR Nobye Lancaster Y 2,947,099 v COMBINATION TABLE AND IRONING BOARD Nobye Lancaster, 2733 Bond Ave., East St. Louis, Ill.

Filed '(ct. 27, 1958, Ser. No. 769,821

1 Claim. (Cl. 38-105) This invention relates to laundry equipment and more particularly to a combined table and ironing board.

lt is an object of the present invention to provide a combined table and ironing board that will substantially simplify the ironing of various garments, fabrics, and the like.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a combined table and ironing board of the above type that is completely adjustable so as to enable the operator to use the assembly in a comfortable and eflicient manner.

Other objects of the invention are to provide a combined table and ironing board bearing the above objects in mind which is of simple construction, has a minimum number of parts, is inexpensive to manufacture and efficient in operation. Y

For other objects and for abetter understanding of u the invention, reference may be had to the followingv` detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure lis a side elevational view of a combined table and ironing board madein accordance withithe present invention in operative use;

Figure 2 is an enlargedtop plan view of the apparatus shown in Figure l Figure 3 is an 'enlarged fragmentary side elevational Y view, with parts broken away, of certain parts of apparatus shown in Figure 2; and

Figure 4 is an enlarged transverse cross sectional view taken along line 4-4 of Figure 3.

Referring now more in detail to the draW-ing,rand more particularly to Figure 1 thereof, a combined table and ironing board assembly 10 made in accordance with the present invention is shown to include a table top 12 supported upon a plurality of depending legs 14, such table top including a pair of hingedly connected leaves 16 which may be selectively rotated be tween an open and closed position.


A rigid post 18 is provided with coupling means for securing it in an adjusted position upon the table 12, such coupling means including a depending guide member '20 of symmetrical .non-circular cross sectional con-V j The table top 12 is also provided with a iiguration. similar non-circular shaped opening 24 that slidably receives the guide member 20 therewithin in two angularly adjusted positions of the post 18 relative tothe table top 12 'in one position where the small end of board 40 is extended to the left or in another position where the small end of the board 40 is extended to the right.

The post 18 isalso provided with a central cut out 26 United States Patent l 2,947,099 Patented` Aug.g`2, 1960 ,E I ice within which a pinion 32 is supported upon a transverse shaft 34 for rotation in response to a crank handle 36. This pinion is meshingly engaged with the teeth 30 of a rack'gear 28 that depends from-an ironing board 40 having a large sector at one end and a smaller sector at the opposite Aend.k This ironing board 40 is also provided with a pair of depending guide posts 38 that are slidably received within similarly shaped pockets 41 of receptacles 42 secured to the opposite ends of the post 18. It will thus be recognized that by rotating the crank handle 36, the meshing engagement between'the gear 32 and teeth 30 of the rack gear 28 is operative to adjust the vertical position of the ironing board 40 with respect to the post 18 and table top 12. An auxiliary ironing board 44 of much smaller size is also provided for ironing the cuifs, small corners, and other small objects, and is to be used in conjunction with the main ironing board 40 in actual use.

It will now be noted that by merely lifting the post 18 and supported ironing board 40, the entire ironing board may be dismounted from the table, whereby the table may be used for any desired purpose. Similarly, the post 18 may be raised and rotated to any desired position provided for by the shape of the depending guide member 20 and opening 24 in the table top. The height of the unit is also readily adjusted by rotating the crank handle 36 in the aforementioned manner. As a result, it is possible to iron all types of fabrics, clothing, and the like with the end portions thereof resting upon the table top 12 rather than draggingV along the ground and imposing a substantial pull upon the fabric being ironed. The weight of such fabric is thereby relieved. Y

While various changes may be made in the detail con- Vstructiomit shall be understood that such changesshall f Patent of the United States is: f

Ironing' apparatus comprising a table having a top and i a plurality of relative supporting legs therefor, an upright post having a depending male projection integral therewith, said table top havingan opening slidably and adjustably receiving the male projection so that the post can be either turned to'extend in one direction or in an opposite direction, an ironing board having depending guide pins, said upright post having receptacles for removably and slidably receiving said guide pins, said ironing board having a depending rack gear extending into said upright post, and said upright post having a pinion meshing with said rack gear and a crank for operating said pinion whereby said ironing board may be angled by the connection of the upright post with the table top and vertically adjusted from the upright post.

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