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Publication numberUS2950060 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1960
Filing dateFeb 17, 1958
Priority dateFeb 17, 1958
Publication numberUS 2950060 A, US 2950060A, US-A-2950060, US2950060 A, US2950060A
InventorsVon Rudeen Dolf
Original AssigneeVon Rudeen Dolf
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Cigarette package
US 2950060 A
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Aug. 23, 1960 Filed Feb. 17, 1958 FIG. I. v

D. VON RUDEEN 2,950,060

CIGARETTE PACKAGE 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR 001/ V017 WWII/V A TTOR/VE Y Aug. 23, 1960 Filed Feb. 17, 1958 D. VON RUDEEN CIGARETTE PACKAGE 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 4 r TORNEY Aug-23,1960 D. VON RUDEEN 1 I 2,950,060

' CIGARETTE PACKAGE v Filed Feb. 17, 1958 s Sheets -Sheet 3 v INVENTOR will,

A T TORNEY CIGARETTE PACKAGE Dolf von Rudeen, 5847 Graves Ave., Encino, Calif.

Filed Feb. 17, 1958, Ser. No. 715,547

2 Claims. (Cl. 229-44) This invention relates to an improved cigarette package; and, while being mainly applicable for such a purpose, may also be employed as a container for other items and in different and various environments.

One of the important objects of this invention is to provide a device of the class described, wherein the contents of such a package can be made practically immediately available for access and which, after each operation, will automatically return to its original closed state, thereby protecting the remainder of the items in the package from exposure to air, light, dust or othe'r'foreign matter.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a cigarette package or the like which is made from a single blank properly scored, folded and fastened, and which will accordingly be relatively inexpensive, while at the same time serving the purpose better than any or all of the present-day packages of this type.

Another and still further important object of the in tion is to provide a cigarette package which is so constructed that the opening operation is quite easyand obvious and which, when closed, will remain semi-locked for intermediate protection of the cigarettes remaining therein.

Yet another object is to provide a cigarette package or similar container which can be readily opened by the finger and thumb of one hand and which is so constructed that the necessary opening movementwill be immediately apparent to anyone purchasing or using the package. v

Other and further .irnportantobjects of the invention will be apparent from the disclosures in the accompanying drawings and following specification. v V

The invention, in a preferred form, is illustrated in the drawings and hereinafter more fully described.

In the drawings:

Figure l is a perspective view of"the'improved cigarette package or similar container of this invention showing the same in closed position.

Figure 2 is likewise a perspective view of the package, showing the same as having been manually operated to open position.

Figure 3 is a vertical section taken on the plane of'the line 3-3 of Figure 1, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows.

Figure 4 is a section, parts being removed, on the line 44 of Figure 2, looking in the direction indicated.

Figure 5 is a partial section on the line 5-5 of Figure 4.

Figure 6 is a section similar to that of the top portion of Figure 3, but showing one type of temporary locking or securing means for the lid portions.

Figure 7 is a section on the line 7--7 of Figure 6.

Figure 8 is a view somewhat similar to that of Figure 7, but showing a further modification of the locking means.

Figure 9 is a partial perspective view similar to Figatent Patented Aug. 23, 1960 too ure 1, but illustrating a modified form of finger contacting operating means.

Figure 10 is a section on the plane of the line 1010 of Figure 9.

Figure 11 is a view similar to Figure 4, but showing finger tabs or the like similar to those of Figures 9 and 10, pressed inwardly to provide gripping recesses.

Figure 12 is a plane view of the cut and scored blank from which the improved cigarette package of this invention is constructed by folding and gluing.

- Figure 13 illustrates the first step in folding the blank of Figure 12.

Figure 14 is an elevation showing the preliminarily folded blank of Figure 13.

Figure 15 is a view, parts being broken away, illustrating the second step in the folding operation.

Figure 16 is a side view of the preliminarily folded blank of Figure 15.

Figure 17 is a view showing the third step of the folding operation.

Figure 18 is a side view of the folded blank shown in Figure 17.

Figure 19 illustrates one of the last folding operations, wherein a final package will next emerge.

Figure 20 is a side elevation of the semi-folded blank of Figure 19.

; ther wrapped or sealed when in this condition.

For convenience in identifying the top, bottom, side' and related-portions, the same will be numbered, as shown in Figure 12, and the corresponding reference numerals will be accordingly hereinafter referred to.

The two main portions of the package, 60 and 70, are joined by one side piece 72 and over-lapping side pieces 62 and 75 which are glued together in the final assembly. The bottom is closed by tucked-in, over-lapped and joined end pieces 63, 64, 73'and 74.

The top or closure is composed of two cooperating hinged cap-like substantially similar elements. These comprise essentially outer plate-like supports 40 and 50. The element 40terminates at its upper end in one half of 'a' top portion 101, the other half being indicated by the reference numeral and which is bent downwardly over the outer portion 101. Side flaps or tabs 104 and 105 are integral with the portion 101, and these are bent downwardly and inwardly and then joined by glue or the like to triangular sections 106 and 107, respectively. These triangular sections or tabs are integral with an intermediate closure element 61 which is hingedly connected to the joined main box portion 60 and also hingedly connected to the inside cap or closure element 100.

Relatively the same construction is at the opposite face of the box or package, this comprising a main outer bendable plate 50 to which top portions 103 and 102 are attached by scored lines for hinged operation. The section 102 has end tabs and 111 which are bent inwardly and then joined by glue or the like to triangular securing elements 108 and 109, respectively.

These triangular tabs 108 and 109 are integral with an intermediate top section 71, similar to its counter part 61 on the other face of the box.

The bendable outer plate portion 40 is integral with and separated by a scored line from a section 41 of a band-like element. This includes a similar section 51 joined to the opposite outer plate-like element 50, and these two sections are joined by a shorter portion 43 which fits over the side 72 of the finished box.

This band-like element 41-43-51 terminates in two 3 tabs 42 and 52 which, when glued together, form a band which completely encircles the box and is slidable up and down thereon.

The main eps n he. oldins d as m l ope on. are shown in Figures 13 to 19, inclusive, Front an inspection of Figure 13, it will be noted that theportions 4i and 50, with their joined end connecting tabs 41,

42, 43, 51, 52, 104 and 105, are bent rearwardly and downwardly, as shown in Figure 14 l Figure 15 shows an upward bending of the end tabs 1%, 105, 110 and 111 of the now doubled-over elements 109 and 101, and 192 and 103. These tabs 104, 105;, 110 and 111 are then joined by glue or the like to. the corresponding juxtaposed triangular tabs 106, 1 97, 108 and 109, respectively, all as best shown in Figures 1-7 and 18.

Referring now to Figures 19 and 20, it will be noted that the side pieces 62 and Z are now bent upwardly and along with the bottom pieces 64 and 74 Thetab 63, whichv is joined to the side element 62, and the tab '73, which is joined to the side element 72, is also bent upwardly, and the assemblage, thus shaped, is then folded into a final box-forming relationship with the side.

portions 62 and 75, glued together, as well as the end or bottom portions 64 and 74. When this is done, the

of the operator into the position shown in Figure 2 the,

top portion will automatically open, disclosing the contents and rendering access to the same very easy and convenient. When one of the cigarettes or other elements contained in the package has been withdrawn, .1 upward movement of the encircling, operating band will serve to effectively close the package in a very simple and convenient manner. This may be assisted by a thumb and finger movement at the top. V

In Figures 5, 6 and 7, an auxiliary locking means is illustrated, this comprising a rib or protuberance 32 indented in the portion 100' of the top or closure portion 103, and this, when the box is closed, will cooperatewith a corresponding indentation 334, in the top or closure element 100, whereby a more secure semi-locking operation results. i i

In Figure 8, the longitudinal indentations 32 and 34. are shown as replaced by dimples or circular protuberances 36 and 38, respectively. i

A further modification is illustrated in Figures 9 to 12, inclusive, wherein semi-circular, cut-away or struck-out portions 24 and 26 are provided in the other side plates 40 and 50, respectively, for a more ready interfitting of the finger-tips or nails of the operator. As best shown in Figure 11, the thus formed tabs can be left integral with the respective box portions and simply pressed inwardly to provide gripping recesses or they may be cut away altogether, as preferred.

It will be evident that herein is provided a cigarette package or similar box which is very economical of construction, being composed of a single blank which can be readily formed by an ordinary rule die or similar cutting and scoring process. Additionally, the blank can be readily formed into a complete package, either manually or by relatively simple automatic machine, and insertion of the contents also lends itself to a simple mechanical operation.

The ease of opening the package appeals to customers and users generally, and the inherent resiliency of the material from which the box is formed will present an automatic closing operation. The box, being relatively cheap, can be disearded when the contents are exhausted, and while in use, Will prove very satisfactory to smokers of cigarettes or users of any other articles which might be packaged and distributed in such a container.

1 aware that many changes may be made and numerous details of construction varied throughout a wide range without departing from the principles of this invention; and I, therefore, do not propose limiting the patent granted hereon otherwise than as necessitated by the-pri ar I claim as my invention:

1 A ready opening box composed of a single blank, said blank being cut and scored to provide side, end and bottom portions, a pair of supplemental side portions and closure elements connecting the main and supplemental side portions, the supplemental side portions including a band slidable on the exterior of the box, the closure elements being hinged to the side portions and including joined, juxtaposed end sections cooperating with the end portions of the main body to provide a complete box, the closure elements including integral semi-locking elements which comprise longitudinal ridges.

2. A device as described in claim 1, wherein struckout tabs forming openings are provided in the supplemental side sections for reception of the operators finger tips, the struck-out tabs which form the openings being retained in the supplemental side portions.

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International ClassificationB65D85/08, B65D85/10, B65D5/72
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