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Publication numberUS2950945 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1960
Filing dateSep 16, 1957
Priority dateSep 16, 1957
Publication numberUS 2950945 A, US 2950945A, US-A-2950945, US2950945 A, US2950945A
InventorsHelge Holm
Original AssigneeDenver Post Inc
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US 2950945 A
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Aug. 30, 1960 H. H LM 2,950,945


' 2 Sheet s-Sheet '1 Filed Sept. 16, 1957 INVENTOR. HE LGE HOLM W ,2. Va; W g

A TTOR/VE Y H. HOLM I 5 IREICEPTACLEI Aug. 30, 1960 Filed Sept. 16; 1957:

- 2 Sheets-Sheet 2- INVENTQR. v HELGE HOLM BY. I M fl- 'W ATTORNEY RECEPTACLE Helge Helm, Denver, 'Colo.,assignorto The'Denver Post,

Inc., Denver, Cole, a corporation 'o'f Colorado Filed Sept. 16, 1957, Ser. N0.684,16 1

1 *Claim. .(Cl. 312118) This invention relates to receptacles, and more particularly to a receptacle for the display and sale of a periodical, particularly a newspaper. The receptacle of lems if an attempt is made toplace the newspapers in a flat pile. Due to the starting and stopping of the vehice, the pile-tends to fall down. However, if the newspapers are placed in a flat position -in an open top box, then it is necessary for the person using the newspaper to reach into the box. -Also, an open 'top box "in which newspapers can be placed consumes an undue amount of space. If the newspapers are p'laced on edge in an open top box, then the prospective purchaser cannot see the date, headlines and the like of the paper, but only the folded center.

Among the objects of this inven'tion are to provide a novel receptacle, particularly-adapted for the display and sale of periodicals, such -as newspapers; to provide such a receptacle in which the newspapers may be placed in a convenient position for withdrawal by the purchaser; to provide such a receptacle in which a prospective purchaser may observe the headlines, date and the like of at least one paper; to provide such a receptacle which occupies a relatively small amount of space; and to provide such a receptacle which is relatively simple in construction.

Additional objects and the novel features of this invention will become apparent from the description which follows, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a receptacle constructed in accordance with this invention;

Fig. 2 is a condensed top plan view, on an enlarged scale, of the receptacle of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a central cross section of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a vertical section, taken through a coin box forming part of the receptacle, along line 4-4 of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary, horizontal section taken along lines 55 of Fig. 4.

A display and sales receptacle for periodicals constructed in accordance with this invention may, as in Fig. 1, be generally rectangular in cross section, having ends or sides Hand a rear wall 11, and a partition 12 adapted to provide a dispensing compartment C in which a series of periodicals, such as newspapers 13, shown in dotted lines, may be placed in inverted position, with the center fold uppermost, so as to be readily removed by a purchaser who drops a coin or coins of the required amount into a coin box B, mounted on the end 10 of the receptacle. The front wall of the receptacle taken along line 3-3 2,950,945 Patented Aug. 30, 1960 2 comprises a transparent plate '14, as of 'glass,1.providing a display compartment D in which a newspaper 15, also shownin dotted lines, may be placed with the center 'fold'at the b'ottom, so that the prospective purchaser may observe'theheadlines, date and the like through'the'pane 14. The compartment D is, of course, narrower than the compartment C, since only one newspaper need be placed in the compartment D while a number of news- ,p'ap'ers maybe placed 'inthe'compaitment C. The lower edge. of the partition 12 maybe bent forwardly, 'as-in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3, to form a solid bottom l6 for the compartment D, it being "noted that the compartment D preferably has a size suflicient -to accommodate a newspaper when folded at the center in the conventional manner. The bottom of 'compartmen'tC is elevated above the bottom of the compartment D, 'so that the folded centers of the inverted newspapers "13 will extendabove the top of the compartment, for readier removal. Thus, the bottom of compartment C may -be-solid, but is preferably formed by a series of strips or bars 17, as in Figs. 2 and 3, conveniently provided withflanges 18 for attachment to rear wall 11 and partition 12, as 'by'spot weiding, soldering, riveting or in any other suitable manher. The upper edge of rear wall '11, partition 12 and ends 10 and 10 at compartment "C may be folded inwardly to form doubled flanges 19, as in Fig. 3, to .pro

vide readier insertion and removal of the .papers 13 and I also to strengthen the construction. Similarly, inwardly extending, doubled flanges 20, to strengthen the construction, may be provided 'at the lower edges ofrear wall 11 and sides 10 and 10 along the compartment C. The front edges of sides 10 and 10' may also be bent inwardly to "form flanges 21, while the sides of partition "12 may extend forwardly as side flanges '2'2 and then be bent inwardly to form flanges 23, to provide a slot be tween flanges 21 and 23 for insertion of the transparent plate 14. Flanges 21 and 23 may also be doubled to add additional strength thereto. Also, the front edge of bottom 16 of compartment C may be bent upwardly to form a flange 24, extending across the lower edge of .plate '14. The partition 12 may be attached 'to the ends E0 and 10' by side fla'nges 22, which may be'spotwelded, soldered or the like to the former, while the rear wall 11 may be integral with the ends 10 and 10. Also, the upper edges 25 of ends 10 and 10' and side flanges 22, at the compartment D, may be slanted downwardly and forwardly, as in Figs. 1 and 3, to facilitate removal of paper 15 from the compartment D. The joints between juxtaposed flanges may be soldered together, particularly at the top, to provide a smooth surface. Also, the above parts, except the transparent plate 14, may be provided with a surface coating, such as paint, while a legend plate may be attached to, or the legend painted on, end 10, adjacent coin box B, indicating the name and the price of the newspaper displayed for sale in the receptacle.

The coin box B may include a mounting plate 30, shown more particularly in Figs. 4 and 5, which may be spot welded, soldered, or otherwise suitably attached to the end 10 of the receptacle, plate 30 conveniently having inwardly bowed edges, as in Fig. 5, to facilitate welding or soldering the edges to the receptacle end 10. The coin box B may further include a cylinder 31 having an inverted conicalupper end 32 and provided with a fiat side 33 for attachment, as by spot-welding, welding or soldering to the plate 30. Cylinder 31 may be open at both the top and the bottom, while an inverted angular strip 34 may be attached across the inside of the conical upper end 32 thereof, in any suitable manner, as by soldering, welding or the like. When coins are dropped into the upper end of the coin box B, they will pass over the strip 34 and descend into a coin tube 35, the space on each side of strip 34 being sufliciently wide to permit coins to pass therethrough, but sufficiently narrow to prevent someone from reaching into the coin box to remove the coins. The coin tube 35 may be provided with a transverse partition 36, spaced slightly above its lower end, and with a flange 37 at its lower end which normally abuts against the lower end of cylinder 31, but is shown spaced therefrom in Fig. 4 for clarity cally in a suitable position inside a motor bus, streecar or the like, as by mounting bolts extending through holes 40 in the rear wall 11. Or, the rear wall 11 may be provided with hangers or other suitable devices for supporting the receptacle in a suitable position.

As will be evident, the periodical display and sale receptacle of this invention fulfills to a marked degree the requirements and objects hereinbefore set forth. The newspaper in the compartment D, which has a trans parent front wall, may be placed in upright position so that the prospective purchaser may view the same. Also, the newspapers 13 placed in the compartment C are supported so that the folded center thereof projects above the receptacle and are readily removed by the purchaser. The receptacle is preferably installed in a position convenient to the operator of the motor bus or streetcar so that the latter can easily make change for the purchaser. Thus, at the same time that the fare is paid, the purchaser may drop the requisite coin or coins into the coin box C and remove one of the newspapers 13. The receptacle is readily manufactured, since it may be made of relatively light material, such as galvanized or thinsheet steel and the various parts may be readily cut to shape and bent to the desired position, as on a brake. The welding, soldering or similar operations, for joining these parts together, are relatively simply executed.

Although a specific embodiment of this invention has been illustrated and described, it will be understood that other embodiments may exist and that various changes may be made therein, all without departing from the spirit and scope of this invention.

What is claimed is:

A display and sales receptacle for newspapers and the like, comprising a rectangular structure having a rear wall and ends; a partition extending between said ends, said partition extending forwardly at each side and being attached to said ends with each front edge of a partition side extending inwardly to form a side flange and each front edge of said ends extending inwardly to form a flange spaced from the first mentioned side flange, the lower edge of said partition extending forwardly to form a bottom for a front compartment and the front edge of said bottom extending upwardly to form a flange in alignment with the inwardly extending flanges of the ends of said structure; a transparent pane of material received between said side flanges; a series of bars extending above the bottom of said structure from front to rear between said partition and said rear wall and attached to each; the upper edges of said ends, rearwardly of said partition, and the upper edge of said rear wall each extending downwardly and around to form a double flange; the lower edge of said rear wall and the lower edge of said ends, rearwardly of said partition, each extending inwardly and around to form a doubled flange; and the upper edge of said ends, forwardly of said partition, and the upper edge of the sides of said partition each slanting downwardly.

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