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Publication numberUS2953142 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1960
Filing dateSep 10, 1956
Priority dateApr 26, 1956
Publication numberUS 2953142 A, US 2953142A, US-A-2953142, US2953142 A, US2953142A
InventorsLars Clementson
Original AssigneeLars Clementson
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Lipstick assembly
US 2953142 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Sept. 20, 1960 L. cLEMENTsoN LIPSTICK ASSEMBLY Filed sept. 1o, 195e nited States Patent O LIPSTICK ASSEMBLY Lars Clementson, Hamburg, Germany Filed Sept. 10, 1956, Ser. No. 609,027

Claims priority, application Germany Apr. 26, 1956 l Claims. (Cl. 132-79) The lipsticks generally known for cosmetic purposes are provided with a greater amount of colour compound which, e.g. when daily used, suices for Several months.

Naturally the use during such long periods leads to an undesirable deformation of the lipstick at its side of application. The casing is easily soiled. The colour compound softens, so that often a new lipstick has to be bought before the old one is completely used up. Further, a stock of colour compound for several months results in a lipstick having a relatively great diameter. Due to this an additional brush or pencil for sharply outlining is required. Since, in addition thereto, a change in color is occasionally desired, it is necessary to have a plurality of lipsticks or Va so-called multi-colour-lipstick having some lipsticks of diiferent shades arranged in a common container. Such a combination, however, requires a special mechanism.

It is an object of this invention to meet the cosmetic requirements in a suitable manner by `a petty lipstick container with a closure cap. This lipstick container according to the invention is composed of a container serving as handle and carrying freely on one end a dosed small amount of colour compound while being covered at that end by a closure cap.

Preferably the firm applicator is formed -as a reduced part of a container serving as handle and as a hold for the closure cap. At its lower end the container is provided with an integral sleeve-like closure section having the same dimensions as the separate closure cap, so that any desired number of petty-lipsticks, comprising applicator, holder, and closure section, may be interchangeably inserted into each other. The single sleevelike closure sections of the containers enclose always one holder section and its applicator so as to form a pencil-shaped arrangement. The topmost applicator is covered by a separate closure cap. Preferably such Ia column of petty lipsticks fitted into one another is detachably joined together by means of a tape, eig. of paper. When only one lapplicator and one closure cap have to be combined, the cap may be secured by frictional resistance or by spot welding or gluing.

As joints may serve e.g. webs, which are so dimensioned that the single petty lipsticks may be easily broken away or separated in another manner. The combined petty-lipsticks preferably are provided with colour masses of diierent shades or of diierent compounds.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 shows on an enlarged scale partly in section and partly in elevation a single petty lipstick yand a closure cap therefor;

Fig. 2 is a top View of Fig. l; and

Fig. 3 is an elevation of a pencil-shaped combination of three petty lipsticks.

A single petty lipstick container comprises a closure section 15, a reduced holder section or stud 11, and a furtherly reduced pinlike extension or applicator 12 carrying the colour compound 13. Each closure ICC section 15 at the lower end of the respective petty lipstick container 10 has the form of a sleeve (Fig. 1) and is so dimensioned that it may receive the holder section 11 of the subsequent or, with regard to Fig. 3, of the next lower container 10. In this way any desired number of petty lipstick containers 10, comprising a closure section 15 and the parts 11 and 12, may be combined to a unit as shown in Fig. 3. The uppermost petty lipstick container 10 is closed by a separate closure cap 14.

For a single petty lipstick container the closure cap 14 may be a simple sleeve slidably encompassing the holder 11 and adapted to rest on the shoulder formed by the holder section 11 and the respective adjacent closure section 15. The petty lipstick container 10 as well as the closure cap 14 may be provided with radially extending projections or ears 16 and 17 respectively for joining the two parts by means of spot welding, sealing, or the like to prevent misuse. Likewise the parts may be detachably connected by an affixed sealing mark or several petty lipstick containers may be detachably joined together by a tape 18. Said tape covers only a small portion of the circumference of the petty lipstick containers 10 and can be made of paper, textiles, foils, or the like.

With the exception of the colour compound, all parts consist preferably of synthetic material, especially transparent or translucent synthetics. These parts may be press-cast or die-cast and therefore are interchangeable. However, it is likewise possible to make the parts of metal, glass, wood, or other suitable materials, or to use different materials for one petty lipstick container or a petty lipstick container arrangement.

The colour mass 13 may be produced in any shade of colour and in the known compounds. According to the invention there are attained important advantages in regard to application and economy in that the colour compound forming the lipstick proper lasts for about two or three days only and has the shape of a drop. The drop shape makes possible sharply to outline the areas to which the lipstick is applied without any need for a special pencil or brush. Due to the small thickness of the lipstick compound, a particular fine dosing is possible and the colour compound always has the same consistence. The fact that the quantity of lipstick on each applicator 12 represents merely the lipstick supply for two or three days, also guarantees a complete hygienic application. The small amount leads to low prices for the container-lipstick arrangement. When the colour compound has been used up, the petty lipstick is thrown away, so that always a fresh colour compound is available.

The petty lipstick container arrangement of the invention makes possible a very comfortable manipulation for sharply outlining the contours of the lips. The petty lipstick arrangement according to Fig. 3 also facilitates the application by its longer pencil-like handle. The `dimensions may be such, that even several interconnected petty lipstick containers are formed as a small bar, which may be easily stowed away in a' handbag.

The possibility of a quick exchange as well as the low price make it possible to have available at the same time a greater number of lipsticks in various shades or diiferent compounds. The colour shades may be combined in a pencil-shaped form according to Fig. 3, and any ydesired colour shade can be brought easily into efvfective position by interchanging the single petty lipstick containers 10. The petty lipstick containers may consist of die-cast synthetic parts tting into one another.

The shape of the lipstick compound 13 is not limited by the representation in the drawings. It is advantageous that the pin-like applicator 12 at its free end is surrounded substantially evenly from all sidesY by colour compound to assure an application and a sharply outlining of 'the respective areas to which the lipstick compound is to be applied as well as amore uniform consumption of nthe rpective small amount according to the invention ina mannerbeing not `attainable-with the cylindrical colour compounds of the heretofore Vknovvn lipsticks.

Wllat I claim is: 1. A cosmetic stick unit for avrcomposite cosmetic AStick container structure, which comprises: a substantially cylindrical stud havingconnected to one end thereof a coaxial pin-like extension, the diameter of said eXtension being considerably less thanthe outer diameter of said stud, a sleeve connected to the otherrend of said] stud and being closed at the endadjace'nt said stud and beingfopen at its other end, the outer diameter of said sleevev being greater than the outer diameter of said stud so as to form `a shoulder therewith, the inner diameter of said sleeve being slightly greater than the outer `diameter of said stud so as to slide fit a stud of the same A cylindrical stud having connected to one end thereof `a coaxial pin-like applicator, the diameter of said applicator Vbeing considerably less than the `outer diameter of said stud, Ya sleeve connected to the otherrend ofsaid stud and being closed at the end adjacent said stud and being open at its other end, the louter diameter of said sleevev being greater than the outer diameter of said stud so as to form Ya shoulder therewith, the inner diameter of said sleeve being slightly greater than the outer diameter of said stud so as to slide t a stud of the same outer diameter las said stud with said extension, ya cosmetic substancerarr-anged on the free end of said pin-like applicator, and a cap detachably mounted on said shoulder rand coniining a bore n of a diameter slide fitting said stud with said pin-like applicator.

3. A cosmetic stick unit according to claim 1, in which said sleeve is provided with an ear adjacent said shoulder for facilitating the handling of said costmetic stick unit.

4. A cosmetic stick unit according. to claim 1, in which said sleeve is of transparent material.

5. A composite cosmetic stick container structure which comprises: a plurality of coaxially arranged superimposed stick container units detachably connected to each other; each of said stick container units comprising a substantially cylindrical stud having connected to one end thereof a coaxial pin-like extension of a considerably less diameter than said stud, a sleeve connected to the other end of said stud and being closed latthe end adjacent said stud and being open at its other end, the outer diameter of said sleeve being greater than the outer diameter of said stud so as to form a shoulder therewith,'the inner diameter of saiclV sleeve beingslig'htly greater than the outer diameter of said stud so as to slide tit the stud ofthe respective adjacent stick unit; Yeach stick container unit having its sleeve resting on the Shoulder of the respective adjacent stick container unityand a plurality of cosmetic substances respectively arranged on the free ends of said extensions.A

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