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Publication numberUS2954898 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1960
Filing dateOct 19, 1959
Priority dateOct 19, 1959
Publication numberUS 2954898 A, US 2954898A, US-A-2954898, US2954898 A, US2954898A
InventorsFreeberg Lois R
Original AssigneeFreeberg Lois R
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Kit structure
US 2954898 A
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Oct. 4, 1960 L. R. FREEBERG KIT STRUCTURE Filed oct. 19, 1959 PIE E IIllllIIl' Illll" JNVENTOR. als l?. Fea-'85129 rf w s 2,954,898 KIT STRUCTURE Lois IR. Freeberg, South St. Paul, Minn. (1237 98th Lane NW., Coon Rapids, Minn.)

Filed Oct. 19, 1959, Ser. No. 847,379

2 Claims. (Cl. 220-102) This invention relates to a device comprising an all purpose kit and one particularly adapted for use as a cosmetic kit. f

It is desirable to have such a kit in which articles, such as cosmetic items, may be conveniently placed and kept ready for use, withsaid kit being provided with a cover adapted to be securely held in position when the kit is at rest and yet quickly and easily removable in its entirety to uncover the entire contents and the base area of the kit. Y

It is desirable to have such a kit which may be simply and inexpensively made and one in which the cover will require no separate fastening means for being held in position.

It is desirable to have such a kit which may be used by a person, as in a rooming house or in a hotel room, whereby preferably all cosmetic items are conveniently kept in a single container which may be' easily carried about for use. Also it is desirable to have such a kit which may be conveniently placed as in a train case for traveling purposes.

It is an object of this invention therefore to provide a kit particularly adapted for use in connection with cosmetic items which -Will handily contain all necessary cosmetic items normally used for a convenient storage of such items and to make them readily availale for use.

It is another object of this invention to provide a kit adapted for use in connection with containing cosmetic items adapted to have a base portion having certain recesses therein for holding in position containers of cosmetics, and other recesses adapted for containing somewhat loosely such items as eyebrow pencils, orange sticks, other finger implements, and the like.

It is a more speciiic object of'this invention to provide a cosmetic kit having a substantially rectangular base portion, an upstanding flange from said base portion spaced inwardly a short distance from the periphery of said base portion, a handle upstanding centrally of said base portion having at its free end a hand gripping portion, and a cover of some depth having a slot centrally arent l O thereof adapted to be disposed over said handle to have Y the hand gripping portion thereof extend through said slot and grippingly engage said cover at said slotted portion, with the bottom edges of said cover adapted to t snugly about the upstanding ange on said base portion, and whereby the ngers of a user when disposed through said hand gripping portion will engage said cover to hold the same snugly in position.

These and other objects and advantages of the invention will be fully set forth in the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawings in which like reference characters refer to similar parts -throughout the several views and in which:

Fig. 1 is a view of applicants device in side elevation;

Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1 in end elevation;

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of applicants device;

Fig. 4 is a view in vertical section taken on line 4-4 2,954,898 Patented oct. 4, 1960V ice of Fig. 3, as indicated by the arrows, with someitems in applicants device being indicated by dotted line;

l Fig. 5 is a view in side elevation similar to Fig. 4 with the cover of applicants device removed; and

Fig. 6 is a top plan view of applicants device on a. somewhat enlarged scale taken on line 6-6 of Fig. 5, as indicated by the arrows.

Referring to the drawings, applicants kit which may be variously formed is shown comprising a base portion 10 shown to be substantially rectangular in plan formed of a suitable sheet material having outer sides 11 and 12 and outer ends 13 and 14. Said base portion 10 has a substantial'thickness, as indicated in Figs. 4 and 5, with an offset portion adjacent said outer sides and edges and being spaced inwardly thereof `approximately the thickness of the cover to be described-and thus forming an endless upstanding ange 16.

Upstanding centrally of said base portion 10 is a handle 18 comprising a spindle 19 having a lower threaded end portion adapted to be threaded into a well 20 tapped into said base portion 10 and having a small cylindrical skirt 22 in the formof a washer secured just above said threaded portion to rest snugly against the upper surface of said base portion 10 to hold said handle 18 in rigid position. Formed at the upper free end of said handle 18 is a hand gripping portion 24 having a slot 25 transversely centrally therethrough through which the ngers of a user may be disposed for holding purposes. The base portion 27 of said hand gripping portion 24 is shown to be substantially parallelepiped in form having vertically extending sides and ends and having extending upwardly from said base portion inclined sides 29 and inclined ends 30 terminating in a ilat top 32.

Formed in said base portion 10 and spaced thereon are a certain number of recesses here indicated by the characters 35--42 and being adapted to contain various cosmetic items, with some of said recesses being adapted to have snugly fitted therein containers, such as are indicated by characters 45, 46 and 47. Items may be placed in said recesses as may be desired by the user.

Adapted to be disposed over said base portion 10 is an open bottomed shell-like cover 50 substantially parallelepiped in form having a slot 51 in the top thereof and being of sufficient height to be positioned over said base portion 10 and have said hand gripping portion 24 extend through said slot whereby said cover tits nicely about said ange 16 and said slot 51 therein snugly engages said base portion 27 of said hand gripping portion 24 as indicated in Fig. 4. Said cover is adapted to fit over said hand gripping portion so that the upper surface of said cover is ush with the bottom of the slot 25 whereby the fingers of a user are disposed through said hand gripping portion 24. The fingers will bear against the cover to hold the same securely in position, as indicated in Figs. 1 and 2.

In use, the cover 50 is easily removed from the base portion 10 by gripping the sides thereof and lifting the same upwardly. The bottom of the cover 50 its snugly about the flange 16 so that there is no rattling at this point. The base portion 27 of the hand gripping portion 24 is substantially of the same thickness as the thickness of said cover 50. Said cover 50 at its slotted portion 51 very snugly its about the hand gripping portion 27 so that there is no rattling at this point. The pressure of fingers as indicated by the hand and ngers 52 with reference to Figs. l and 2, against the top of said cover 50 is sufficient to hold it securely in place while being moved about. Thus said cover 50 is designed to form an ample enclosure for the base portion 10, is adapted to be readily removable and yet is held snugly in position without the use of any separate hold- I.; ing means such as locks, hinges, or clips. The base portion 10 may be loaded as desired by the user and suitable recesses may be provided as desired to hold the normal number of cosmetic yitems commonly used.

Thus it is Seen that I have provided. e of very sii-gole construction adapted for co t'ain'ng the normal Bombero@ cosmetic items commonly used and having a novel construction therefor'whieh is easily removed by simply lifting the same, and when overlying the hase portionA is held very` snugly in position. I Y

` It will of course be understood that various changes'4 may be made in the lform, details', arrangem proportions of the parts, without departing fronti l f epplieants invention vvliieii, gerierelly stated, eonsists in a device capable of eglffyirig e tihe @bissle above Sei forth, in tire o 'is' elif! eefribi of parte. disclosed and defined in the appended claims.

What is claimed is: i l. A carrying device forming eosnjietie kit hvirig in combination, a'base portion substantially rectangular in plan adapted to receive and support therein a certain number 0f Cosmetic items, a vertical. lienge extending' about said base portion spaced inwardly. of the periphery thereof, a spindle upstanding centrally of said base portion, a hand gripping portion at the upper free end,` of said spindle, said hand gripping portion being substan-A tielly rectangular in horizontal Seetion having e ,Substantially perellelepiped. bottom portion and .an upperk portieri of, decreasing transverse, flirliensionvr end having a slot transversely therethrough, 'a shell-like open bottom cover, having a slot centrally through the, top thereof to have Seid han@ gripping portion disposed ilieremroiigh and the, bottom. Portion 'et seid helio gripping Portieri frieiienellv engaged therein and` the bottom of Seid., eover being disposed about said flange to frictionally engage the same whereby Said cover is. securely held position and by frictional engagement with the bottom of said hand gripping portion at itstop.

2. A carrying device forming a cosmetic kit having in combination, a base portion substantially rectangular in plan having a certain number of depressions spaced therein for receiving certain cosmetic items, an oiset portion forming a vertical flange and a. horizontal shoulder extending about said base portion, a handle in the form of a spindle upstanding centrally of said base portion, a hand gripping portion at the. upperfree end yof said handle, said hand gripping portion being substantially rectangular in horizontal section and having a bottom portion substantially. parallelepiped in yfor-rn and an upper portion taperingrnpwardly from said bottom portion and having a transversely disposed slot through said tapered portion for receiving the hand of a user, a shell-1ike open bottom cover to be supported on said base portion in frieiional. engagement with Said lignee thereabout and havingk e Slot `elerrtrglly of the. teg thereof to have Seid hand gripping portion disposed 'therethrough and the bottom Portion ot Seid head. gripping Pionieri -frieiionelly engaged. therein when raid geveris Supported onsaid base portieri and saisi handV gripping portion having Seid slot therein positioned. to be in close proximity to the iep of seid cover whereby `the hand of a user iS being disposed through Seid Slet will normally engage the iop of said cover to hold the same securely in position.

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