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Publication numberUS2955357 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1960
Filing dateMar 11, 1957
Priority dateMar 11, 1957
Publication numberUS 2955357 A, US 2955357A, US-A-2955357, US2955357 A, US2955357A
InventorsRoger Uebelhardt
Original AssigneeRoger Uebelhardt
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Wrist watch
US 2955357 A
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Oct. 11, 1960 R UEBELHARDT 2,955,357

WRIST WATCH Filed March ll, 1957 2 Sheets-Sheef 1 '2l 29 mw 'l 22 ,f'm "'n 1 2 W lo@ Kw 20 26 e ,IHF nl i Il' il R. UEBELHAR DT Oct. 11, 1960 R. UEBELHARDT 2,955,357

WRIST WATCH Filed March ll, 1957 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 R. UEBELHAQ DT IN VENTO R WMU-MMX Afm Patented Oct. 1l, 1960 United States Patent O me 2,955,557

case 1, that is on the face opposite to that carrying the hour dial, a recess 23 closed by a glass 24. -2 955 357 The bottorn of the recess 23 has therein a central pivot j, j 25 on which rotates la compass needle 26 as shown in WRIST WATCH 5 Fig. 2. 'Ihe dial 27 of the compass is formed by a disk fixed to the bottom of the recess 23. This dial could Roger Uebelliardt, Redernweg, Biel, Bern, Switzerland Y also be marked or drawn directly on the bottom of the Fl d v1 957 .5 4s 25a Said feSS- l e Mm"1 1 Iscr No 6 On its visible side the case band 7 carries an adjustable 2 Claims. (Cl. 3'3-72) 10 bezel 28 provided with sights 29 to be utilized in conjunction with the compass. This bezel 28 is milled at its periphery which, in the embodiment illustrated, protrudes beyond the edges of the case band 7. It would of course be possible to mount on the case band 7 a bezel The object of the present invention is to provide a wrist 15 28 the periphery of which would not extend beyond the watch comprising a case and lugs carried by a case band edges ofthe former. The arrangement of the adjustable in which the case is pivotable in order to enable it to bezel 28 on the case band 7 rather than on the pivoting be turned -in both directions on the wrist. case makes it possible to keep the total thickness of the This wrist watch is characterized in that it comprises wn'st watch, which is determined by the thickness of the an adjustable bezel carried by the case band to which pivoting case, to a On the other hand this the lugs are secured. bezel does not come into contact with the users wrist.

In a preferred embodiment, the wrist watch has on The sights 29, which enable the sighting direction to the tiace which is opposite to that carrying the hour dial, be seen by day and by night, can be phosphorescent or a recess closed by a kglass and containing a compass. not, and can be formed by hollow parts or by parts in The accompanying drawing illustrates, by way of an relief or by simple marks. example, an embodiment of the wrist watch constituting These sights could also be provided on a part other the object of the present invention. than the bezel.

Figure 1 is a plan view of this embodiment withthe In the variant illustrated in Figs. 4 and 5, the wrist hour dial visible. Watch has thereon diametrically opposed sights 31, fixed Figure 2 is a view similar to that shown in Fig. 1, the 30 to lugs 32 carried by the case band 7. These sights can case having been turned 180. either be integral with the lugs or removably mounted on Figure 3 is a side elevation view, on an enlarged scale, the same in order to permit adjustment thereof, for inof the embodiment of Fig. 1. stance by means of pins similar to the telescopic pins Figure 4 is a side elevation view of another embodiused to fix the extremities of the wrist band. The bezel ment of the wrist watch. 28 rotatably mounted on the case band 7 serves to indi- Figure 5 is a plan view of the embodiment of Fig. 4 cate the direction of the north and carries graduations,

The wrist watch illustrated comprises a oase 1 0f a either in degrees (360) or in artillery mils (6400 mils/ round shape containing the movement with the hour 360), dial 2 and hands 3 the whole being covered by a glass 4- As shown in Fig. 5, the ease band 7 has on its outside Diametrioally lopposed pivots- 20, one of which is the edge a graduation for the correction of the declination, stem, serve to mount the case 1 pivotally in a case band the positive and negative degrees of which are marked 7 having lugs 8. respectively to the left and to the right of a 0 point.

The case l, which instead of being round could be of This graduation allows the angular difference between the any other shape, can be turned 180 .around its pivots in magnetic pole and the geographical pole resulting from order to cause its bottom to appear on the wrist, the hour the geographical position in which one is located to be dial then being brought against the wrist. With an 6X- taken into Iaccount by turning the bezel 28 in one directeIlSble Wl'St band this PvOtlllg movement C3111 be tion or the other. In order to facilitate the readings, the effected Without the Watch having t0 be removed ffOm milling on the bezel could be such that the distance bethe wrist. tween the successive quoins of the gaps formed between Spring stop means are arranged between the case 1 50 the teeth of the milling is equal to one division of the and the case band 7 in order to retain the said case in a said graduation, the ridges of the teeth then corespondfixed position in relation to the case band, these means ing to the half divisions of this graduation. In addition, comprising aA ball 21 mounted in the case band 7 and the division in artillery mils, for instance, with which Urged by ta Spring (110t ShOWIl) IltO a Cavity 22 prO- the bezel 28 is provided, could be arranged in such a vided inthe case 1 when the latter is in the position shown 55 fashion on the latter that each division corresponds exin Fig. 1 in relation to the case band. When the case 1 actly to the quoins of the gaps of the milling.

is pivoted 180 around the pivots 20, a cavity 22 prO- In the variant described, the bottom of the recess convided in the said case and diametrically opposed t0 the taining the compass could have thereon indications relatcavity 22 comes opposite the stop ball 21, the case 1 ing to the determined angle of declination for different then being retained in the position illustrated in Fig. 2. geographical points.

The spherical faces on the exterior of the pivoting An advantage of this variant is that a sight can be case 1 and on the interior of the fixed case band 7 while taken in the marching direction by bringing the wrist to enabling the case to be displaced easily, also enable its eye level, the sights being arranged transversely of the two faces tobe brought just inside the adjustable bezel wrist.

without it being too evident that these two elements (face The compass could also comprise a casing which could of the case and bezel) are carried by diterent parts. be fixed in the recess 23 by screwing it in or by other The ball locking means 21 maintains the pivoting case appropriate means, the compass itself thus forming the in one of two positions which are such that the two bottom of the watch case. On the other hand, the reaces of this case are positioned just within the adjustable cess designed to contain the compass can be made iiuid bezel. 7 tight and filled with a liquid in order that sudden oscilla- The portion of Fig. 3 which is broken laway indicates o tions of the magnetic needle may be avoided.

`. that the described wrist watch has in the bottom of the The described wrist watch offers the advantage that circular logarithmic graduation would be provided on,

the bottom of the case and a similar graduation would 10 be provided on the bezel which together would constitute a circular slide-rule.

What I claim is: v

1. 1n a wristwatch having a case, a case band about the peripheral Iedge of the case, and lugs on the case band on which the case is pivotable, the improvement comprising providing a recess in the back of said case, a glass covering said recess, a compass mounted in the recess, a rotatable bezel mounted on the case band around the recess, and diametrically opposed sighting members bodily iixed to the lugs carried by the case band.

2. The improvement as claimed in claim 1 in which the case band bears on its outside edge a graduation for measuring the declination.

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