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Publication numberUS295712 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1884
Publication numberUS 295712 A, US 295712A, US-A-295712, US295712 A, US295712A
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US 295712 A
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'(No Mdel.)

`J. HQANDERSON/ HORSE ARMOR. l No. 295,712. Patented Man-25. 1884.

' {MORSE-ARMOR@ `SPnoir-IczA'rIoN forming larfof Letters Patent No. 295,712, dated March 25, 1384. Application tiled August 1G, 1883. (No model.)

Zo all toll/omit 17cm/concern:

` l Be it known that I, JnMEs` H. ANDEE'soN, of Newton, in the county of Harvey andSt-ate of Kansas, have invented certain new and use- `ful Improvenlents inHorse-Armor; andI do` `hereby declare `that the'following is a full, `1 clear, and exact description thereof,refer- @encebeing had to the accompanying `drawings, and t'o1theslettersof,reference marked thereon, whichlformpart of this specification,

in which` s l,

` Figure l isa view of a section ofabarbedwire fence, showing a horse with theprotect` ing-armor. Fig. 2 shows lthe breast-armor and its several straps. l Fig. 3isa view ofthe surcingle witlrits straps. Figs. 4 and 5` are similar views of the leg-armor. Fig. `6 is a View ofthe neck-armor and its straps. Fig. 7` shows a mode of interlacing the wires `which constitute the body of thearmor.` Fig. 8 is an edge view ofthe armor, and a section of barbed fenccwire, showing thatthe barbs do not penetrate the armor.

This invention is designed for the protec` tion of horses in inclosures where `barbed-` wire fences are used; and it consists in an armor, the peculiar constructionot' `which will be 'fully understood from the following description,` Awhen taken in connection with the annexed drawings. s

A designates a surcingle, which is strapped about the body of a horse, asillustrated in Fig. l. To` this surcingle or band I permanently attach straps au b b c, and the `usual well-known straps and buckle, d d.

D designates a throat and neck armor, which is provided with a strap, D, anda buckle, D2, also with straps D3. are used for fastening the upper portion of the armor D around the neck of the animal, and the straps Dattach the lower portion of the said armor to the straps Dt (Shown clearly s thearmor.

The strap and buckle' by straps b b and a a. The leg-armors E E `are provided with side straps, f, and top constitutes thearmor is shownin Figs. 7 and 8. It consists of interlocking Wires woven or knitted together so that the mesh-Work apin Fig. 2.7) `The breastfarmor is attached lto J thehorse by a strap, C, and tothe surcingle s 45 s straps, g, which latter are attached to the f l breast-armorby means ofthe buckles g. s `The construction of the wire-nettingwhich pears in an edge View like rings, the diameterk of which is greater than the length ofthe `barbs or spurs on the wire fence G, as illustrated by Fig. 8 of the drawings. i l

Itis obvious that any other form of exible armor may be adopted, provided the Ameshes will notV allow fence-wire barbs to penetrate The coat 'of mail which I have shown is specially designed for the most valuable aniJ mals which itis desired to protectgfrorn injury by fence-wire barbs. l Having thus fully described my invention,

what I claim as`new, and desire to secure by` Letters Patent, is- .i

In an armor for animals, the combination of the neck-piece D, formed wider at one end than the other, the breast-piece H, cut to it the neck or throat of the horse, and the legpieces E E, all constructed of wire fabric, and

each part being provided with suitable fast-y enings, straps, and means substantially as described for securing the said parts to the animal, all substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

In testimony that VI claim the foregoing as my own` invention I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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