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Publication numberUS2958963 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1960
Filing dateMar 9, 1959
Priority dateMar 9, 1959
Publication numberUS 2958963 A, US 2958963A, US-A-2958963, US2958963 A, US2958963A
InventorsLeslie Lougheed James
Original AssigneeLeslie Lougheed James
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US 2958963 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 8, 1960 J. 1 LOUGHEED OVERSHOE v Filed March 9. 1959 United GVERSHOE Filed Mar. 9, 1959, Ser. No. 798,235

1 Claim. (Cl. 367.5)

My invention relates to new and useful improvements in overshoes, particularly `overshoes designed to be used on golt` shoes and the like.

It is Well known that golf shoes bearing the conventional spikes cannot be used with conventional overshoes, due to the fact that the spikes elevate the shoe with relation to the overshoe.

Attempts have been made in the past to provide various ribbing -in order to enable overshoes to be used with spiked golf shoes, but normally these do not provide sufcient support so that the ends of the spikes bear against the sole of the overshoe and finally penetrate same as such soles are relatively thin.

I have overcome these disadvantages by providing an overshoe having a plurality of spaced and p-arallel longitudinally extending ribs, so that the spikes engage between adjacent ribs and the upper surfaces of the ribs supply support to the sole and heel of the shoe.

The principal object and essence of my invention is, therefore, to provide a device of the character herewithin described which enables overshoes to be worn with spiked golf shoes and the like.

A further object of my invention is to provide a device f the character herewithin described in which the sole and heel of the shoe is supported over the majority of its surface by the sole and heel of the overshoe.

A further object of my invention is to provide a device of the character herewithin described in which the spikes of the golf shoes are prevented from piercing the sole and heel of the overshoe.

A yet further object of my invention is to provide a device of the character herewithin described which is simple in construction, economical in manufacture, and otherwise well suited for the purpose for which it is designed.

With the foregoing objects in View, yand such other objects and advantages as will become apparent to those skilled in the art to which this invention relates as this specification proceeds, my invention consists essentially in the arrangement and construction of parts all as hereinafter more particularly described, reference being had to the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a top plan view of my overshoe with the shoe engaging perimetrical upper surface removed.

Figure 2 is a view along the lines 2--2 of Figure 1 and showing a golf shoe in position.

Figure 3 is a cross sectional view substantially along the lines 3--3 of Figure l.

Figure 4 is a cross sectional view substantially along the lines 4 4 of Figure 1.

In the drawings like characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different gures.

rates Patent O ICC Proceeding therefore, to describe my invention in detail, reference should be made to the accompanying drawing, in which I have illustrated in Figure 2, a portion of a golf shoe 1 having a sole 2 and a heel 3, both of which are provided with downwardly depending spikes 4 in staggered array.

My overshoe collectively designated 5, consists of a shoe engaging perimetrical portion 6, generally made of rubber or plastic or synthetic material, and having a heel engaging portion 7 which extends to a greater degree that the perimetrical portion 6.

The portions 6 and 7 are secured to a sole portion 8 anda heel portion 9, said heel and sole portions being connected together by means of the arched portion 10, the whole overshoe being moulded in one operation in the normal manner.

The inner surface 11 of the sole portion and the inner surface 12 of the heel portion are provided with a plurality of spaced and parallel longitudinally extending integrally formed ribs 13 and 14 respectively, thus providing a corresponding number of spaced and parallel slots 14 therebetween. These ribs, which are relatively thin are flexible and permit the studs 4 to be inserted between adjacent ribs and into the spaces 15. By providing a relatively large number of such ribs and spaces, the spikes, which are usually in staggered array, easily are permitted to engage between adjacent ribs irrespective of the pattern of spikes on the shoe.

-It will be noted that the central ribs 16 and 17 of the sole and heel portions respectively, are relatively thick in order to supply additional support to the sole and )heel of the shoe. In order to accommodate the front central spike 4 normally provided, a relatively short slot 15 is provided at the front of the sole portion, so that the central rib of the sole portion terminates spaced rearwardly from the adjacent ribs upon either side thereof.

From the foregoing it will be appreciated that althoughl the studs or spikes engage between adjacent ribs, nevertheless the entire shoe is Well supported over most of its area by the plurality of ribs provided thereby preventing the spikes from engaging the sole or heel of the overshoe and thereby penetrating same.

Since various modifications can be made in my invention as hereinabove described, yand many apparently widely different embodiments of same made within the lspirit and scope of the claim without departing from such spirit and scope, it is intended that all matter contained in the accompanying specilication shall be interpreted as illustrative only and not in a limiting sense.

What I claim as my invention is:

An overshoe manufactured of flexible material and including a shoe engaging perimetrical upper portion and a sole heel engaging portion, and a plurality of spaced and parallel longitudinally extending ribs formed on the inner surface of said sole engaging portion and said heel engaging portion, said ribs being substantially equidistantly apart, and a central rib having a thickness greater than the remainder of the said ribs.

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U.S. Classification36/7.5, 36/127
International ClassificationA43B5/18, A43B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43B5/18
European ClassificationA43B5/18