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Publication numberUS2963969 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1960
Filing dateNov 10, 1959
Priority dateNov 13, 1958
Publication numberUS 2963969 A, US 2963969A, US-A-2963969, US2963969 A, US2963969A
InventorsWilly Sauberlich
Original AssigneeGoebel Gmbh Maschf
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Device for tensioning printing plates particularly steel engraved plates on printing presses
US 2963969 A
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United StateS Patoof DEvICE EoR TNSIoN-IG PRTnG LATES PABTICULARLY STEEL ENGRAvD LATS oN PRINTG PRESSEs vv SuherHch, l)afnlsfadbEhersadt, (;erman ass no to Maschinenfah!ik Goehel G.n1.bJ1., Dafmstadf, German E11ed 1`Iov. 10, 1959, Sof. No. 852,130 claimS riorit a caoon German Nov. 13, 1958 8 (ai111S. CL 101-415.1

TiS invention felates to devices fo1 fnonnting printing plates in tenSioned condition on oyli11deTS of fotaTy print ing f1ac11i11eS- In ofdef to secoTe Stee1 plates on cylinde1S it iS necesSaTy to secnfe one end of the plate i11 a Tigid secnfing nleans and the otheT end of the 1)late is secufed by a tensioning n1eanS in a gfoove i11 the cyliI1 de1, The foTceS 11ecessaTy to secure s11ch steel p1ates on itS oyli11de1 afe very high. In oTder to tenSion the p1ate and hold it i11 place, theTe iS a n1inifnun1 of space avai1 able to SecuTe the plate since so much of the Sufface of the plate iS taken up by the SUbiect fnatter fo be pTinted. It is thefefoIe an object of the invention to pfovide a do vice for a pfinting cyHndef in Which the tension )TodI1c i11g secofing n1eans iS as sn1a11 as poSSible and pfovideS tho high tenSion necesSaTy to secUTe the Stee1 plate in place. T11e gToove i11 the cylindef ITlust be quite naTTow not only in itS pefiphefy bot alSo in its interna1 diTleI1Sio11s.

Another obiect of the invention TeSides in the pfovision of a device in which one end of tho plate is Secufed afonnd a blunt edge in the Side vva11 of a tTansvefSe g1oove in the cy1indef and acting as a levef in vvhich one arn1 is act11ated by a Shaft affanged aTanol to the fotay axis of the cy1inder and the othe1 aftI1 tenSionS the plate. T11e fenSioning Inen1befS afe thefefofe n1ade of S Ting natefia1. A- fUTther obiect of the invention is to pTovide a shaft in the cylinder having a gToove theToin into Which the tenSioning 1= e vvith the plate end 1)ToiectS and engages one edge of the gfoove. The othe1- tenSioned ho1d ing nleanS iS i11 the forn1 of a block vvhich has eccentTic n1eans at both endS of the cylindef to hold the plato i1 place.

The invention is i11UStTated on the accoopanying dTavving in Which= Figufe 1 iS a cfoSS Section of a paft of the )rinting cy1in der at the paTt Whefe the late is Secufed, and

Figufe 2 is a Side vieW partly in section of the side of the cy1indef whefe the plate is Secl1fed iI1 place.

The cyEndef 1 is SnfTonnded by lthe plate 2 Which haS thereon the portions to be pfinted and is 111der tension aTound the cylioder. Adiacent one edge of the plate z thefe iS pfovided a shaTp bent edge 3, and a fnfthef Sharp bent edgo iS pfovided iomediate1y i11 ffoot of edge 3. ThuS the edge of the plate iS Secufed in the lock space 4 of the 1edge of block 5 and is acfuany secured by this ledge 5 When the lattef is in the position of Fig. 1. T he 1edge of 1ock membef of Wedge 5 is provided at both endS With aTnS 6 of vvhich one is shovvn in Fig. Z, These afo1S 6 afe affanged pafane1 to the tWo side Wans of the cylindef 1 a11d they afe provided vvith an eccentric 7 Which latteT by Totation, Wn1fofce the 1edge 5 against a Wan 8 of a space 9 in the cylinde1 1, This Wan is povided with a stop SuTface 10 Which cooperates With a sin1ilaf stop suTface on the block 5 and Which abutS against thiS Stop. The fofceS cfeated by the tenSion in the plate Win be taken up by the stop 10.

The othe1 end of the plato Z is oaTried afound tho fenSio11 stop 11. Fof this 1)ufpose the plato 2 assun1es z,963,969 Pofenfed peo. 13, 1960 a Sharp bend 12 and neaf its end edge it is bent into a half oifcle fofolation. In the wa11 opposite the Wan 8 of tho Space of open chan1bef 9 thefe iS an obtllse anglo edge 13. The tension stop 11 abutS againSt the edge 13 So that the Inembef 11 Win act aS a lever and When a fofce is applied on itS 1ovveI' aTn1, a considefably highe1 fofce is applied on the uppef afIn.

.The load on the loWef aTm of the 1evef 11 is achieved by the fotation of the shaft 14 vvhich iS applied and oxtends on the entife 1ength of the cylinde1 1 and vvhich at one of both endS iS pTovided th a quadrangular meInber 15. lever 16 is n1onnted on this qnadTangu laf e1ement adiacent the end side of the cyHndef and paTane1 thereto and Which Wi11 impaft a high fotary mo II1ent on the shaft. The shaft 14 is oTovided With a groove 17 into which the lovver odge of the tension 1evef 11 pToiectSl By shaft 14 theTe is pTovided a Sharp edge 18 by Which upon Totation of the shaft to the 1eft, Fig. 1, the plate 2 being againSt the levef 11, the plate Win be fensioned. It ITlay be necessaTy to pfovide a sn1all groove i11 the lovver sufface of the 1evef 11 oppoSite the edge 18. The plate 2 W1 be Slightly pfeSSed in at the point 18 and thus the 1)late Z vvi11 be held n1ofe securely against the leveI 11- 1t is peffectly clear that in view of the conlparatively long levof arm 16, it is poSSible to impaft a high force on the lovve1 aTn1 of the leve1 11. By T1eanS of the tTanSnisSion of the lever 11, the fo1ceS afe incfeased so that a, veTy high fofce can be attained at the nppef edge of the levef 11 iI1 ofdeT to place the plate 2 nndef fension. The Tequisite tenSion foTce is attained when the lever aTn1 16 iS in the position shown in Fig, 2, and this fo1ce n1ay be Inaintained by fleans of a Scfow bolt 19 Which latter is Secufed by a nut thefeoo vvhich vvhen To1eaSed, the bolt 19 may SWing afound the axiS 16 to fTee the leve1 afo1 16 to TeleaSe the tension in the 1ate. The shaft 14 need not only Serve to tension the lever 11 but alSo to Sin1111taneol1sly act as guide of Svving axlo for the block 5 vhen its aT111 6 iS pTovided vith eyeS Which suTfonnd the shaft 14.

When it iS deSifed to change plates it is vefy eaSy to Temove the tenSion elenlents. It iS only necesSafy to rotate the shaft 14 clockWiSe, Fig. 1, by n1eans of the levef 16 until the edge 18 Win free the tenSion leve1' 11. The end of the plate can then be pnHed out of the space 9 vithoI1t hindfance. When a new plate iS inSerted the oartS afe opefated in TeveTSe ofde1 f() Secufe the plate on the cy1indef under tension. A1so the block 5 Inay be eaSily loosened by opefating fhe eccentTic membeT 7 So that it Inay be TeIIloved ffon1 itS gTip on one end of the plate, Which Inay then be Temoved.

I claiII1 aS 111y inveI1fion= 1. A device fof tenSioning and secnTing 11exib1e print ing p1ateS, pafticulaTly engraved stee1 plates, on cy1in defs of printing preSSeS conlpTising a gToove i11 Said oylinder, Said gToove having oppoSfto sideS of vvhioh one side has a pToiecting edge which acts as a fo1cfuIn and the other side has a sto Surface, a Shaft in the cy1inde1 Iflounted to Totate in the botton1 of the groove and extending thonghout the vvidth of the cylindeT pafalle1 to the Totary axiS of the cylinder, a Wedge nTen1bof oo opefating With the stop s11Tface to Sec11fe one edge of the 1)1inting plate, a levef abntting againSt the fulcrum iI1 the gToove and ovef vvhich the pTinting plate iS Se cUed and bent afound the uppef and lovvel ends of the levef, Said Shaft coopefating with the levef to adiust the latter afound the fulcrun1 and thuS secufe the plate in tenSioned oondition on the cyliI1def.

2. A device fof secufing a 11exible printing plate undet tension on a cy1indef of printing Inachines of Which tho cylindof is pTovided With a gToove con1pfiSing al shaft the pfoviSion of the gfoove 17 in tho fotatably nonnted in tho botton1 of the gfoove and having an edge arfanged longitudinally on the Shaft vvith the latter aTfanged afalle1 to the longitudinal axis of the oylinder, one side of said groove having a p oiecting fulcfnn1 edge, a lever i11 tho groove ab11tting againSt fhe fu1cTU1 edge, and a block IneInber on the' othe1 side of the gToove to SecUfe one edge end of tho plate vith the otheI edge end of the plate extending on one Side of the levef and bent aronnd the bottoo1 end of the lever, Said edge oo the shaft contactin the late on the- Side of the levef so that when the Shaft iS Totated the lever vfl1 bear on the flllcruTI1 edge to teI1Sion the plate on the cylinder.

3. A devico accofding to c1ain 2, iI1 Which the levef is compoSed of a S fing mateiaL 4. A device accofding to daim Z in which the Shaft^ iS pfovided With a groove extending paTallel thefeto aod havng the edge of the shaft on one side of the lastn1en tioI1ed groove, Said end of the lever With the plate bent thefeaTound extending i11to the groove io the Shaft.

S. A device foI SecnTing a exible 1)riI1ti11g plate llnder tension on a cylinder of printing nlachineS of Which the cylinder iS pTovided With a groove, conlpTising a Shaft rotatably Inounted in the bottonl of the gToove and hav ing an edge affanged longitudinally on the shaft With the latter arfanged paTaHe1 to the longitndinal axis of the cyHndef, one side of said gToove having a pfoiecting fI11cTuIT1 edge, and the othe1 Side 1aving a vva11 poftion vvith a Stop Surface, a levef in the gfoove abI1tting against the fnlcTun1 edge, a block Inen1ber on the othe1 side of the gToove and having a pfoiecting poftion contacting 4 the vvan portion and tho stop surface fo securo ono edgo ond of the plate vvith the othef edge end of the plate ex tending on one Side of the lever and bent around the bot toII1 end of the lever, Said edge on the shaft contacting the plate oo the side of the lever So that When the shaft is fotated the leveI WiH beaf on the fulcrum edge to ten sion fhe plate on the cylinder, aTn1S fo1 the block seoured thefeto and pfovided pafanel to the sido of the cylindof, and a11 eccenffic i11 tho cylinde1 cooperating vvith an open ing in the arn1s to tighten the block against its side of the groove.

6. A device accofding to clain1 in which a levoI is provided oloUnted on the Shaft, and in Which IIeanS ae pfovided to SecUTo the leveT i11 adiuSted poSition.

7. A device accofding to claim S, i1 vvhich a lovef is pTovided 1onnted on the Shaft and having an eXtended end poftion, and iI1. vvhich an oyo bolt is provided con nected to the extended end of the 1aStn1entioned leve1 and having a n11t thereo11 and also connected by IneanS of an eye of the bolt to the cylinder, Said shaft being ad iuSted by fotation of the nI1t.

8. A device accofding to c1ainI in Which thefe is a Shafp bent edge on each end of the plate vv11efe the lattef enteTs the groove in the cylinder.

lefefenoes cifed in the file of this 1)atoof UNITED STATES PATENTS L27S,877 DTange Ang. 13, 1918 Z,0S6,991 TomHn ()ct. 13, 1936 Z 768 .78 Pafk et al ()ct. 30, 19So

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U.S. Classification101/415.1
International ClassificationB41F27/12
Cooperative ClassificationB41F27/1243
European ClassificationB41F27/12C2D