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Publication numberUS2966770 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1961
Filing dateMar 17, 1958
Priority dateMar 17, 1958
Publication numberUS 2966770 A, US 2966770A, US-A-2966770, US2966770 A, US2966770A
InventorsRalsten Lewis
Original AssigneeRalsten Lewis
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Packaging device
US 2966770 A
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R. LEWIS PACKAGING DEVICE Jan. 3, 1961 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed March 17, 1958 INVENTOR RALSTEN' LEWIS ATTYS.

Jan. 3, 1961 R. LEWIS PACKAGING DEVICE 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 .Filed March 17. 1958 mvamoa: RALSTEN LEWIS AT TYS.

x mm Jan. 3, 1961 R. LEWIS 2,966,770

I PACKAGING DEVICE Filed March 17. 1958 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 INVE N'I'ORZ RALSTEN LEWIS,

PACKAGING DEVICE Ralsten Lewis, 104 Charles Drive, Apt. D-l, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Filed Mar. 17, 1958, Ser. No. 721,868

4 Claims. (Cl. 53--255) The present invention relates broadly to packaging devices, and more specifically to packaging devices adapted for use in connection with check-out counters for supermarkets and the like.

Heretofore, various types of packers or packaging devices have been utilized in which purchases could be placed in a container which thereafter were discharged into a paper bag or the like of the usual type, which the customer takes home with the purchases.

Such devices, however, have not been entirely satisfactory from the standpoint of operation, initial costs, upkeep and because of undesirable characteristics from the standpoint of the checker or cashier in a market.

It is an object of the present device to provide a packaging device which is simple in nature and which is susceptible of a high degree of efficiency in operation.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a packaging device adapted for mounting on the top of a check-out counter in a supermarket or the like, including a basket or receptacle into which checked articles are placed and, following packing, a paper bag can be placed thereover and the packed articles then remain packaged in the bag when the receptacle is withdrawn from the bag.

Another object of the present invention is to provide, in such a packaging device, a basket or container of a simple and sturdy design which facilitates the storage or packing therein of purchased articles and which is thereafter easily detached from a mount or support. 1

An additional object of the present invention is to provide a packaging device in combination with a checkout counter, and which check-out counter and packaging device are so arranged and constructed as to facilitate placement of a bag over the packaging container, and easy placement of a filled bag in a grocery cart, while at the same time permitting the operator easy accessibility for topping off of the bag in a known manner.

A still further object of thepresent invention is to provide in such a packaging device a mount for detachably holding a packing container or basket in spaced relationship to the top of the check-out counter and which mount is movably mounted with respect to the counter top, and which is rotatably carried whereby the position of the container can be varied for easy operation and removal from a possible interfering position with respect to the checker or operator.

A still further object of the present inventionis to provide a mount or support for such a packaging device wherein the packaging container is tilted rearwardly and sidewardly to prevent rolling of objects placed therein, and to prevent articles from falling from the packaging container.

An additional object of this invention is to provide a mount for a packaging container which is associated with lever mechanism for retracting or moving the position of the mount and container so as to permit easy placement of a bag over the container in an easily accessible position for the checker.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will 'be more readily apparent from the following description of embodiments thereof when taken together with the accompanying drawings in which:

Fig. 1 is a top plan view of a portion of a check-out counter with thepackaging device installed thereon;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2---2 of Fig. 1, showing the packaging container in operative position with respect to the counter;

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of one form of a packaging container having a hinged side to facilitate packing;

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary enlarged view of a mounting platform or support for the packaging container adapted for rotation of the position of the container; and

Fig. 6 is a plan view of the mounting member of Fig. 5 on a slightly reduced scale.

For the purpose of explaining the structure of the present invention, it is shown as applied to a known type of check-out counter such as used in supermarkets and the like. This includes broadly an elongated counter 10, having a movable belt 12, on which a customer places the articles purchased, and which is operable by the checker for moving the articles into checking position and subsequent packaging. A transverse portion 14 is provided for support of a cash register, and behind which the checker stands during the operation. A second offset area or portion 16 is utilized for bag storage, and in the absence of a packaging device such as disclosed herein, is used for packaging the articles by either the checker or a person delegated to such packaging. As is usual, a cart 18 is propelled by the customer in the aisle adjacent to the counter 10, and from which the articles are placed on the movable belt 12.

In practicing the present invention, the elongated counter 10 is provided with a cut-out portion 20 in proximity to the position of the checker in front of the portion 14 on which the cash register is mounted. The counter includes a horizontal counter portion 22. An

elongated vertical slot 24 is cut in the counter 22. A-

support member, designated 26, is provided for the packaging structure 28, for detachably mounting the same. This support 26 includes a base plate 30 having mounted thereon a Z-shaped angle member 32 with a downwardly depending lip 34 on the leading edge,

adapted for engagement with a fitting on the packaging container. The base plate 30 has fixed on its bottom surface a plurality of ball bearings 36, adapted for rolling engagement with the counter top 38, for rolling movement of the support 26.

A vertical web of a Z-shaped support member 40 is connected to the undersurface of base plate 30 and extends through the slot 24. An angle-iron 42 is mounted on the underside of counter 22 and extends adjacent to the slot 24. A trolley roller track 44 is mounted on the vertical portion of angle-iron 42 as shown in Fig. 3, and rollers 46, having stub shafts 48, are rotatably mounted in the track 44. The stub shafts 48 extend through openings in the vertical web. These rollers 46, being confined in the track 44, prevent a twisting action. when the support member 26, with particular reference to base plate 30 is moved along the counter top.

The support member 26 also includes an angle-iron 50 mounted on. the base plate 30 in spaced relation to the Z-shaped angle member 32, and the vertical portion thereof is adapted for maintaining the packaging container in a position raised from the counter top. The packaging container 52 includes a bottom 54, a fixed side member 56, and a hinged side member 58. A rear wall 60 interconnects the fixed wall 56 and bottom 54 as shown-in. Fig. 4, and has an opening 62 adapted for coaction with' spring clamp 64, carried by hinged side 58 to lock this side in the position shown in dotted lines at 66, which is the closed position after loading of purchased articles therein. A bracket 68 is secured to the rear wall 6% which lends rigidity to the wall 61 and additionally serves as mounting means for the packaging container on the support member 26. A handle 70 is also secured to this rear wall to permit lifting from the support, and for tilting of the container and bag to deposit articles in the bag. When a hinged side member such as 58 is used, the upper edge of the vertical portion of angle 54?, and the lower edge of depending lip 34 are transversely slanted so that when the packaging container 52 engages, by means of upturned lip '72 under downturned lip 34 and the bottom of bracket 68 engages on the top of angle Stir, the packaging container is maintained in a transversely tilted position, as shown in Fig. 3 of the the drawings, to prevent articles from falling out of the open side, when the side 58 is in lowered or packaging position. Additionally, the height of the vertical portion of angle so is so arranged with respect to the lips 34 and 72 that the outer open end 74 of the packaging container is raised with respect to the rear wall fill to prevent articles from spilling out of this open front end. Under some circumstances, however, both side walls of the packaging container will be fixed in their upright position with respect to the rear end wall, and under such circumstances only the front end will be open. It is not necessary when utilizing this construction of the packaging container to have it transversely tilted into the position shown in Fig. 3. Preferably, however, the forward end will be tilted slightly upward as shown for example in Fig. 2 of the drawings. The packaging container is shown in full lines in Fig. 2 as being seated and engaged on support member 26, which is the proper position for packing of articles therein. In the dotted line position shown in this figure, the container has been tilted whereby the engaging lips 34 and 72 can be disengaged to remove the packaging device or container from the support 26.

When using the packaging device of the present invention, the checker standing in front of the oif-set portion 14, where the cash register is located, will check each article as it is brought forward into checking position by movement of the endless belt 12, and following checking will place the articles in the bottom of packaging container 52. When the packaging container is substantially filled, it is then necessary to place a bag around the container for ultimate discharge of the articles thereinto. In order to facilitate the placing of the bag around the packaging container the cut-out recess 24} is provided, in conjunction with means for retracting or moving the packaging container together with its base in a movement toward the free end of the counter toward the transverse off-set portion 16. This provides adequate space for thechecker to place the bag over the packaging container. The means for moving the packaging container on its base can assume different forms. One operable form is disclosed in the drawings with particular reference to Figs. 2 and 3. An angle-iron 76 is affixed to the underside of platform 22 by means of bolts such as at 78. A vertical elongated angle so has a horizontal foot portion 82 mounted on the floor below the counter, and at the upper end is secured to angle 76 by bolts and nuts 84-. A vertical plate 36 is secured to the inner face of the toe space portion of the counter front 88. The vertical angle 8% and vertical plate 86 have openings through which shafts 9G and 92 extend. They are rotatably journalled by means of hearings or bearing blocks 94 carried by the members 311 and 86.

Brackets 96 and 98 are secured on the ends of shafts Ml and 92 respectively, and extend forwardly of the angle 80. parallel lever system, including transverse lever arms 101B, 1il2 are rotatably mounted by being fixed to shafts 9i and 92 respectively. These arms carry at their outer ends a foot treadle 104 interconnecting the ends of the arms. A second set of lever arms 106, 108 are secured on shafts and 92, and carry at their ends a foot treadle 110. A bracket 112 is secured to shaft 90 and has connected at its upper end a lever arm 114-. The upper end of lever arm 114 is interconnected with depending portion 116 of z-shaped support as through a link 118.

A dashpot device 121} interconnects shaft 92 and a pin 122 on lever arm 114. This dashpot device includes a spring mounted under compression in tube 124 coacting with the end of shaft 12s which, in combination, act as an overcenter spring arrangement for maintaining the support 26 and packaging container 52 in either forward or retracted position, depending upon actuation of the treadles 164 or 1111 to swing arm 114 through the are indicated by arrow 12%. The tube is also provided with a bleed hole, not shown, which together with a washer inserted in the tube on the end of shaft 126 acts as a dashpot in a well-known manner. Bumper stops, broadly indicated 13% are provided for limiting the movement of the lever mechanism, and accordingly the packaging container and support, by engagement with the lever arm 114 as shown in Fig. 2 of the drawings.

From the foregoing description the operation of the lever system should be apparent. Briefly, however, when the operator has substantially filled the packaging container 52 then, by depressing treadle 1%, the support 26 and package container are moved from the position shown to the right in Fig. 2 to the retracted position 26a, carrying with it the container 52. The overcenter spring arrangement in the dashpot device 121 will hold the members in retracted position so that the checker can place a bag over the container 52, facilitated by the cut-out 20, the container being in elevated position with respect to the counter. Thereupon, if desired, the checker by stepping on treadle 116 will return the support 26 and the packaging container toward the position shown in Fig. 2. The container 52 can then be lifted by placing one hand under the bottom 54 at the open end of the container, and the other hand on the handle 71 When the rear end of the packaging container is elevated and then removed the articles contained therein are left in the bag which can be placed in the cart 18, and which is easily accomplished due to the proximity of the checker in the cutout area 20 to the cart.

For some purposes, it is desirable that the packaging container can be swung into the position shown in dotted lines at 52a in Fig. 1. Mechanism for accomplishing this purpose consists in a turntable type of support shown in Fig. 5. This includes a base member 132 having ball bearing rollers 134 secured in its undersurface. An upper plate 136 is rotatably mounted on base plate 132 by means of a hearing or pivot mechanism 138. A spring housing 140 has a spring 142 therein engaging a ball 144 adapted for engagement in circular recesses 14 6, spaced at positions defining limits of movement of plate 136 with respect toplate 132, either aligned with the counter top or at right angles thereto as shown in dotted lines at 52a in Fig. 1. Additionally, a circular are 148 is provided in plate 132 into which a head 150 of pin 152 extends. This circular arc is of such a length and position that, by cooperating with the head 150, the limits of movement of plate 136 with respect to plate 132 is positively determined.

This latter arrangement provides for easier access of the checker to remove the packaging container after having placed a bag 154 thereover, or placing of a filled bag in the cart shown at 18. The cut-out area 20 also permits the checker to stand close to the cart 18 for placing articles in the various bags deposited therein for topping-off purposes.

Manifestly minor changes in details of construction can be effected in individual portions of the device without departing from the teachings of the invention. As one example, the mechanismfor retracting thepackaging container could include only a single treadle to move the container and its support to a retracted position, with a spring interconnected therewith and the counter, which would permit, upon release of the foot treadle, return of the support and packaging container toward the checker. The scope of this invention is to be limited solely by the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A packaging device for mounting on a check-out counter comprising a support, a packaging container including a bottom and upstanding sides, coacting means on said support and an end of said container for detachably mounting said container on said support in vertically spaced relationship from said counter, said container having an open end opposite the end thereof having the mounting means, said coacting mounting means positioning. said container in an inclined relationship with respect to said counter with said open end elevated a greater distance above said counter than the other said end, means movably mounting said support including a depending plate secured to the underside of said support extending below the top of said counter, and means operatively connected with said plate for positively moving said plate longitudinally of said counter together with said support and said container.

2. A packaging device as claimed in claim 1, said means for moving said plate together with said support and said container including a lever system having a foot treadle connected thereto and operable by a foot of a checker.

3. A packaging device as claimed in claim 2, and a spring attached to said lever system for return movement of the container upon release of said foot treadle to return said container to its initial position.

4. A packaging device as claimed in claim 3, said counter having a cut-out therein, said container extending over said cut-out in normal position and being movable away from said cut-out whereby a checker can place a bag over said container facilitated by said cut-out, and place the bag in a cart adjacent the counter.

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