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Publication numberUS2968272 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1961
Filing dateApr 10, 1958
Priority dateApr 11, 1957
Publication numberUS 2968272 A, US 2968272A, US-A-2968272, US2968272 A, US2968272A
InventorsAnders Berglund Ulf Erik
Original AssigneeAnders Berglund Ulf Erik
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Flexible barge
US 2968272 A
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Jan. 17, 1961 v u. E. A. BI-IIIQGLUND FLEXIBLE BARGE Filed April 10, 1958 ULF E A BERGLUND.

' I AWE/ 70R Br h/wlwd, a M

' Arrow/5V5 United States Patent FLEXIBLE BARGE Ulf Erik Anders Berglund, Almnas egendom, Hi0, Sweden Filed Apr. 10, 1958, Ser. No. 727,730

Claims priority, application Sweden Apr. 11, 1957 2 Claims. (Cl. 114-74) This invention relates to means for transporting liquids by sea, said means consisting of a collapsible container of liquid-impermeable material for accommodating the liquids. The principal object of the invention is to provide a container which is preferably essentially teardrop-shaped in expanded condition and which is adapted to be rotated during transport to brace the container or make it more rigid. The rotation makes the container more rigid by reason of the centrifugal force of the liquid so that a bracing of the container is dispensed with, it is ensured that even at heavy sea the container will bore itself through the waves. The containers should be so large that considerable quantities of liquid, e.g. oil, can be towed at low cost across the sea at the normal speed of tankers. The oil-filled containers may even be towed under water by submarine.

Further features of the invention and the advantages gained thereby will become apparent from the following description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, which diagrammatically illustrates an embodiment of the means according to the invention.

In the expanded condition said means consists of a modified teardrop-shaped collapsible bag 1 having a pointed front and rear end and of plastic material for accommodating the liquid, e.g. oil. The bag 1 which is intended to be towed by a ship is provided at its front end 2 with a towing hawser 3 which is secured to the container 1 by a swivel connection 2' so as not to partake in the rotation of the container 1.

2,968,272 Patented Jan. 17, 1961 The rotation of the collapsible bag 1 of plastic material in the surrounding water 4 can be, brought about in many different ways. According to the preferred embodiment illustrated in the drawing, the bag 1 of plastic material is provided with helically extending fins 5 or the like which are adapted to make the container rotate during transport. The fins 5 which may preferably consist of plastic material suitably extend from the front end 2 of the container to the rear end 6 thereof. The fins 5 also serve as protection for the container 1 proper when it collides with other floating objects.

As will appear from the drawing the relatively exposed front end 2 of the plastic bag 1 is made from a stronger material than the remaining container 1.

The wall of the container is provided with a closable opening (not shown) and the container is loaded and unloaded by pumping liquid into and out of the container through a hose or pipe inserted into the container through said opening.

While the invention has been described in a preferred embodiment in the foregoing, it is understood that it is not limited thereto, for many modifications may be re sorted to within the scope of the appendant claims.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1. For transporting liquids by sea, a cargo container consisting essentially of a collapsible bag which in the expanded position has a modified teardrop-shape and is pointed on both ends, and fins on said b-ag extending helically along the surface of said bag for causing it to rotate when it is moved through the sea.

2. A cargo container as claimed in claim 1 in which said fins extend from the front to the rear of said bag.

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U.S. Classification114/74.00R, D12/308, 114/74.00T
International ClassificationB63B35/28, B63B35/00
Cooperative ClassificationB63B35/285
European ClassificationB63B35/28F