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Publication numberUS2972346 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1961
Filing dateOct 25, 1956
Priority dateOct 25, 1956
Publication numberUS 2972346 A, US 2972346A, US-A-2972346, US2972346 A, US2972346A
InventorsRubel Eddings James
Original AssigneeRubel Eddings James
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Vacuum massager
US 2972346 A
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Feb- 21, 1961 J. R. EDDlNGs VACUUM MASSAGER Filed ont. 25, 195e INVENTOR.

)fili/@Yti /g ATTD R N EYB United. Se@ Pete-nf `cavalier.

MtiSSfAGER` James Ruhelnddings, I104 5.33m s`amory, Miss.

Fneaocezs, 19s6,ser.N0.619,1o1 I ruina-85 i This invention relates to massaging; devices particularlyof. thepulsating type, and 1n particular a hoodhaving.

a' sealing ring' open edge whereby with the hood positioned over the head, or other part of the body and connected to vacuum means, such as a vacuum cleaner the scalp is massaged with a pulsating action loosening the scalp and allowing the blood to circulate freely whereby the head is thoroughly massaged with a smooth, easy, and comfortable action.

The purpose of this invention is to provide an improved massaging device for vthe scalp and otherV parts of the body in which the skin may be massaged without a rubbing or beating action. i

Various types of massaging have been provided for use on the scalp and other parts of the body, however, such devices require a motor or other vibrating means current is required which, in some instances causes an electric shock or burn. For this reason electrically operated massage devices are not used universally. vWith this thought in mind this invention contemplates a massage device that operates with a pulsating action and in which the massaging action is accomplished by vacuum or suction.

The object of this invention is, therefore, to provide means for applying vacuum, such as the suction of a vacuum cleaner to a hood adapted to be placed over the head or other part of the body wherein the suction of a vacuum cleaner may be used for massaging purposes.

l Another object of the invention is to provide a vacuum 1 and with such devices the electric of elastic material extended around; the

devices and applicators actuated massaging device in which means is provided for regulating the suction of the vacuum.

A further object of the invention 1s to tion operated massaging device in which all electrical connections are dispensed with and in which the device is of a simple and economical construction.

With these and other objects and advantages'in view the invention embodies a hood having a substantially at upper surface with a continuous wall depending therefrom and having a ring of elastic material positioned on the edge of the wall and having a tube adapted to 'extend to a vacuum cleaner or the like with regulating means in the tube and hood for controlling the pull of the vacuum.

Other features and advantages of the invention will appear from the following description taken in connection with the drawing, wherein:

Figure l is a side elevational view yillustrating the use of the improved vacuum massager showing the hood of the device positioned on the head of an individual and in which part of the hood is broken away showing the sealing means thereof.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal section through the hood and tube extended therefrom illustrating the relative positions of the parts and with the parts shown on an enlarged scale. 't

Figure 3 is a cross section through a valve in the tube provide a sucperforations and spring hinge 21 mounted by a sleeve 22 on the tube 17,

tioned in a nipple Figure 6 is a vertical section through a control valve positioned onthe hoodshowing the valve with the parts on an enlarged-scale. V' t A Referring` now to the ldrawing wherein like reference characters denote corresponding parts:` 'the improved van'c rn 'massager fofthisinve'ntin'includes a hood 1'0v connected to the branch connection 15 with a sleeve 18y of resilient material, the` tube 17 having perforations 19 therein with an arcuate cover 20 positioned to close the retained in the open position by a providing a valve in said tube, and a relief valve 23 'posi- 10, and provided with a screw 25 for setting the valve to open at a predetermined vacuum.

The hood 10, which may be made of metal, plastic,

or other suitable material, is provided indifferent sizes so that diierent hoods may be used to correspond with i the size of the head andr with the tube 14 yconnected by the branch connection 15 and tube 17 to a vacuum cleaner hose 26 with a coupling sleeve 27 vacuum may be applied to the hood and the force of the vacuum may be controlled by the valves.

The perforations 19 in the tube 17 are manually opened and closed bythe cover 20 which is secured by the spring hinge 21 to the sleeve 22 slidably mounted on the tube 17 and the cover 20 is retained in the closed position by a latch 28.

By the same means the valve 16 which is controlled by a handle 29 on a stem 30 is adapted to be set to control the pull of the vacuum; and the pull of the vacuum is also regulated by therelief valve 23 which is mounted in the nipple 24 and set to open when the vacuum` reaches a predetermined pressure.

The hood 10 is retained in position by a strap 32 which is attached to the side of the hood with fasteners 31 and which is held in adjusted positions with a buckle 33 that may be located under a chin 34, of a head 35.

The ring or cushion 13 on the lower edge of the wall 12 of the hood 10 is provided with a continuous slot 36 in which the edge of the wall 12 is positioned, however, it will be understood that the ring or cushioning element may be secured to the hood by other suitable means and may be of any suitable s'ize.

In the design shown the hose 26 extends from a hood or head 37 of a conventional vacuum cleaner 38 and the head 37 may be provided with a handle or loop 39. The

head 37 may be of any othertype or design to correspond with the type of vacuumcleanrused.

With the tube secured to the hood as disclosedand described and also connected to a vacuum cleaner or other source of suction the hood may be placed over a head, as

Paienred rf-eb. 2,1, 1961 24 extended upwardly from the hood further con- 19V are positioned provides ahandlegand with the handle held in the hand of an operator the thumb of the hand may actuate the cover 20 to provide the pulsating action.

4It will be'understood that modifications, within-the scope of the appended claimsr,j rnay be made inthe design and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What is claimed is:. v y f In a vacuum massager, the combinationv which comprises a hood having Va substantially semicircular wall, a

sponge rubber sealing riugextended around the edge of.

the wall of the hood, a suction tube mounted in the wall of the hood and extended therefrom, a buttery valve positioned in the upper lend of the suction tube, the suction tube having a branch connection extended from one side, a tube of rigid .material extended from the branch connection, a tube of` resilient material connecting -the r1 A l A L tube of rigidl material to the branch connection, a hose for connecting the tube of rigid material to a suction nozzle of a vacuum cleaner, the tube of resilient material having perforations therein, an arcuate cover hinged to the tube of rigid material and positioned to cover the perforations therein, a spring in the hinge connecting the cover to the tube of rigid material for urging the cover to an extended position whereby the perforations are open, a release valve postioned'inl the hood to control the suction of vacuum therein,4 and a strap extended from the hood for retaining the hood in'po'sition on the head of a patient.'l l

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