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Publication numberUS297396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 22, 1884
Publication numberUS 297396 A, US 297396A, US-A-297396, US297396 A, US297396A
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James hickissolsr akd william lee
US 297396 A
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('No Model.) 7



Patented Apr. 22, 1884.

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EJPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Application filed October 12, 1883.

To aZZ whom it 17mg concern.-

Be it known that we, JAMES HIOKISSON and WILLIAM LEE, both ofLondon, in the county of Middlesex, England, subjects of Her Majesty the Queen ofGreat Britain and Ireland,haveinvented a new and useful Combined Apparatus or Attachment for Pencils and such like Articles, of which the following is a specification.

Our invention relates to a combined apparo ratus or attachment consisting of a cigar cutter or nipper and a receptacle for a tape-measure, or for postage or revenue stamps, or for cigarette-paper, and adapted to be fitted to or combined with a pencil, pencil-case, pen- I 5 holder, lead or crayon h older, penknife, or the like, the whole forming a compact and useful article, which may be readily carried in the waistcoat-pocket. The said apparatus or attachment may, however, be used independently 20 of the pencil or like article.

In carrying out our invention we take a tube of metal or ebonite and divide it into two portions, into or over one of which portions we arrange the cigar cutter or nipper, and into the other portion we arrange a receptacle for stamps, or for atape-measure, or for cigarette paper. The lowermost end of the apparatus receives the end of a pencil or like article.

\Ve proceed, with reference to the drawings,

to describe our invention more particularly,in which Figures 1, 2, 3, and 4 represent, by way of example, our invention as applied to a leadpencil.

Fig. I is a front elevation of the combined apparatus or attachment, and Fig. 2 avertical section thereof. Fig. 3is aside elevation of the same, and Fig. 4 a vertical section thereof.

Fig. 5 is a detailed view of one form of blade or cutter.

In carrying out ourinvention we take a tube,

by preference of metal or ebonite, and we divide the same into two portions-an upper, a,

and a lower, 1). These portions are connected or united together by a screw-thread or by frictional contact; but the portions a and b may be formed in a single length of tube. In the lower portion, b, of the tube we fit or arrange the cigarcutter, which is passed into this tube through slots 12 b. c is the blade of this cutter. It is formed with a shank, d,

Patent NO. 297,396, dated April 22, 1884.

(No model.)

which is surmounted by a cross-bar.c,provided at its outer ends with buttons, knobs, or studs f, or with a ring, and which ring may be so arranged as to constitute the cutter. The crossbar 6 is capable of an upward and downward movement in the slots 9 9, formed in the lower portion of the tube b, and diametrically opposite to each other. Beneath the blade 0 is fitted a small block, h, of metal, wood, or'other material, on or against which the blade works, and on this block the end ofthe cigar to be out off rests when introduced through the orifice or aperture i in the tube 1).

j isa spiral spring which surrounds the shank of the cutter. It is placed between the crossbar eand the guide-plate k, which latter rests in a contraction or throat formed on the tube. The object of this spring is to restore the blade to its normal position after it has performed its function.

The lowermost end of the tube 22 is adapted to be fitted to the pencil, as shown in Figs. 1 and 3, or to any other like article.

In the upper portion,a, of the tube,which is destined to contain a tape-nieasure,or postage 7 or revenue stamps, or cigarette-paper, we mount a vertical rod or axis, Z, provided with a longitudinal slit, m, into which one end of the tape-measure Z, or the band or strip of stamps Z, or the cigarette-paper is passed or fitted. This rod or axis rotates in a plate or disk, n, and carries at its upper part, and on the outside of the tube a, a milled head or button,-0, for imparting the necessary movement for winding up the measure, stamps, or cigarette-paper. The measure or other article which is carried by the rod or axis passes through the aperture or slot 1) in the tube a.

"*A pin or a washer, z, fixed on the rod or axis,

prevents this rod or axis becoming detached from or leaving the tube.

To prevent the band or strip of stamps or the cigarette-paper retiring within the tube a, we provide at the upper part of the slot 9 (cr at the bottom thereof) a tongue, 1", which is 5 formed by cutting the metal in the form of a V, as shown in the drawings. This tongue acts as a spring, and serves to retain the outer end of the band or strip of stamps or the cigarette-paper appearing through the slot 1),- but instead of this tongue 1*, a metal or an indiarubber ring may be used.

Fig. 6 shows an arrangement in which the attachment or apparatus is combined with or formed in a piece with a pencil-case. In this. instance the cutter c is annular and surrounds the tube or body a. The spiral spring which returns the cutter to position is in this as in the preceding arrangement placed within the tube.

Having described our invention, we claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The improved attachment for pencils, C0111- posed of the tubular slotted holder a, spindle \Vitnesses:

G. WV. WVEs'rLnY, J. WATT, Both of 17 Gracechm'ch Street, London.

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