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Publication numberUS2974694 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1961
Filing dateJul 3, 1959
Publication numberUS 2974694 A, US 2974694A, US-A-2974694, US2974694 A, US2974694A
InventorsAlvin J. Mattila
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Combination saw holder and guide
US 2974694 A
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March 1961 A. J. MATTILA ETAL 2,974,694


United States Patent COMBINATIBN SAW HOLDER AND GUIDE Alvin J. Mattila, 2 Beaver St., San Francisco, Calif., and John E. Shapansky, 1412 Sweetwood Drive, Daly City, Calif.

Filed July 3, 1959, Ser. No. 824,801

2 Claims. (Cl. 143-68) This invention relates to an improved saw holder and guide for use in transversely cutting upright standards such as poles, piles, trees, and the like.

The present invention provides a novel saw holder and guide of simple and novel construction which is adapted to be easily mounted in an operative position on an upright standard, the top portion of which is to be cut off. The saw holder and guide when once applied in an operative position on an upright standard or the like may be easily manipulated by an operator to cut oil the upper portion of such standard.

The primary object of our invention is to provide an improved and novel combination saw holder and guide of the kind characterized, one which may be easily applied to an upright pole, pile, or other standard, and one which is capable of being easily and safely manipulated by a single operator.

Other and further objects of our invention will be pointed out hereinafter or will be indicated in the appended claims or will be obvious to one skilled in the art upon an understanding of the present disclosure. For the purpose of this application, we have elected to show herein certain forms and details of an armature embodying our invention; it is to be understood, however, that the embodiment of our invention herein shown and described is for purposes of illustration only and that therefore it is not to be regarded as exhaustive of the variations of the invention in the art.

In the accompanying drawing:

Fig. l is a perspective view of a combination saw holder and guide embodying our invention, showing the same mounted in an operative position on a pole which is to be topped;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the combination saw holder and guide, as viewed from above; and

Fig. 3 is an enlarged horizontal sectional view of a portion of the pole, showing mounted thereon the channelled supporting member on which the saw holder and guide are supported.

Referring to the drawing, the numeral l'designates an elongated supporting member preferably of somewhat U-shape in cross-section, whis is adapted to be positioned vertically with its longitudinal parallel legs 1a, 1a in engagement with the sides of a pole A or other upright standard which is to be topped by cutting off its upper portion. Secured, as by a bolt or other means to the supporting member 1, is a horizontally positioned elongated channel member 3 of substantially U-shape in crosssection which has outwardly extending upper and lower parallel sides 30, 3a between the rear ends of which is pivotally mounted an upright bar 4 having a transverse threaded opening therein. An elongated screw 5 adjustably extends through the opening in the bar 4, and the rear end thereof carries an apertured member 6 to which an end of a chain 7 is attached. The forward end of such screw has a suitable handle member 8 for rotatively adjusting it. The forward end of the channel member 3 is formed with a bifurcated flanged construction, as at ice 9, capable of receiving a link of the chain and holding the latter against detachment. The supporting member 1 is easily mounted in a vertical position against the side of the pole A by extending the chain 7 around the pole, attaching it to the channel member 3 and then tightening the chain by suitably adjusting the screw 5.

Mounted for swinging movement on a vertical pivot pin or bolt 10 carried by a U-shaped bracket 11 secured as by a bolt 1a to the upper end of the channelled supporting member 1 is a substantially horizontal arm 13 which is braced at its outer end by means of an inclined brace member or bar 14, the upper end of which is rigidly secured to the arm and the lower end of which is pivotally supported as at 15 on an L-shaped bracket 16 secured as by a bolt 17 to the lower end of the supporting member 1.

Slidably mounted for inward and outward adjustment on the horizontal arm 13 is an adjustable sleeve or member 18 which carries a suitable element such as a bolt 19 to which a saw operating mechanism 20 of any appropriate make and construction is secured as by a plate 19a, nuts, and bolts. It is to be noted that the saw mechanism, which includes the usual powered means, such as a gasoline engine, for reciprocating the saw blade 21, may be secured to the sleeve 18 by any suitable means other than that shown herein. It is also to be noted that the present invention is adapted for use with various kinds and makes of powered saws.

Preferably, the inner ends of the bolts 12 and 17 are provided with pointed ends as at 12a, which are adapted to be projected into the sides of the pole when the chain is tightened to anchor the channelled supporting member 1 firmly in place and prevent it from turning or displacement.

In operation, after the saw holder and guide are mounted on the side of the pole, pile, tree, or other standard to be topped, the cutting edge of the saw blade is brought into engagement with such standard by adjusting the saw mechanism 20 and sleeve 18 along the arm 13 and by swinging the arm to a suitable position permitting such engagement. As the saw mechanism is operated and the saw blade commences to cut through the standard, the operator may easily control the device and continue the cutting operation by manually exerting a pressure on the saw mechanism by means of a handle 20a in a direction toward the pole. The sleeve 18 sliding along the arm 13 as the hand pressure of the operator is applied to the saw mechanism makes it possible to advance the saw blade through the pole as the cutting operation progresses.

What we claim is:

1. In a combination saw holder and guide, an elongated supporting member adapted to be secured in a substantially vertical position against the side of a pole, upper and lower spaced brackets secured to the supporting member, a structurally rigid arm mounted at one end on the upper bracket for swinging movement in a substantially horizontal plane, an inclined brace member pivotally mounted at its lower end on the lower bracket and secured at its upper end to the other end of the arm, an adjustable member Slidably mounted on the arm, and a saw mechanism includes a saw blade and means for actuating the blade carried by the slidable member.

2. In a combination saw holder and guide, an elongated supporting member of substantially U-shape in crosssection adapted to be secured in a substantially vertical position against the side of a pole, the supporting member having parallel spaced side flanges adapted to engage with the side of such pole, a rigid chain securing member attached to the supporting member and having means for securing an end portion of a chain adapted to extend around the pole and also having means for connection to the other end portion of such chain for tightening the chain, a substantially horizontal arm mounted at one of its ends for horizontal swinging movement on the supporting member, a slidable sleeve mounted for lengthwise adjustment on the arm, an inclined brace member pivotally mounted at its lower end on the supporting member and rigidly secured at its upper end to the other end of the arm, and a saw mechanism including a saw blade and means for actuating the blade carried by the slidabile sleeve.

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