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Publication numberUS2978110 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1961
Filing dateJan 7, 1960
Priority dateJan 7, 1960
Publication numberUS 2978110 A, US 2978110A, US-A-2978110, US2978110 A, US2978110A
InventorsHaskins Lewis S
Original AssigneeHaskins Lewis S
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Rack-like holder for small articles
US 2978110 A
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April 4, 1961 s. HAsKlNs RACK-LIKE HOLDER FOR SMALL ARTICLES Filed Jan. '7, 1960 1 lll illl.

lill"- INVEN TOR. Ewfs S. /fqsxz s a TToJeA/. Y.'

United States Patent O RACK-LIKE HOLDER FOR SMALL ARTICLES Lewis S. Haskins, P.O. Box 7164, B0. Obrero Station, Santurce, Puerto Rico Filed Jan. 7, 1960, Ser. No. 987

` s claims. (ci. 211-69) My invention relates to a rack-like holder for articles of a small nature such as dental drills, pencils, lipsticks, spools of thread, etc.

One object of my invention is to provide a holder of the character referred to wherein a flexible base member of rubber or other resilient material is provided with holding fingers of either tubular or rod-like form, that when not in use, is contained within a case and which may be liexed outwardly to bring the various yarticles to positions of ready accessibility.

Some of the forms which my invention may take are shown in the accompanying drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is a cross sectional view of a case and a holder that embodies my invention, with the holder in withdrawn or collapsed position in its case.

Fig. 2 shows the holder partly withdrawn from the case for more convenient accessibility to the articles held thereby.

Fig. 3 shows a modification of the arrangements shown in Figs. l and 2.

Fig. 4 is a view of the case cap.

Fig. 5 shows the holder of Fig. 3 mounted in a case.

Fig. 6 shows the holder of Figs. 1 and 2 disassembeld from the case.

Fig. 7 shows a modification of the holder of Fig. 6.

Fig. 8 shows a holder having recessed sockets or fingers for supporting vials of medicine or perfume, or lipsticks.

Fig. 9 shows fingers adapted for supporting small articles like dental drills and pencils.

Fig. 10 shows a holder with a rod-like extension for supporting spools of thread or other centrally apertured articles.

Fig. l1 shows a manner in which provision is made for supporting tablets of water colors.

Referring first to Figs. l and 2, the structure comprises a case 12 of metal, plastic or other suitable material having internal ribs 13 and 14 and a cover 15 that will have frictional fit with the body of the case. The case 12 serves as a container for a hemispherical holder body 16 of rubber or other suitable resilient material, whose rib or bead 17 will be placed between the ribs 13 and 14, so that when the member 16 is flexed inwardly or outwardly after the manner of a diaphragm, it will be held either in the position shown in Fig. l or that shown in Fig. 2.

After the cover has been removed, the articles contained in the fingers 18, for example, will be rendered more conveniently accessible by the user when he grips the handle or stem 19 and pulls the diaphragm-like member 16 from the position shown in Fig. l to that shown in Fig. 2. As stated above, the fingers 18 may be either of tubular or rod-like form or in the form of sockets, as indicated in Figs. 8, 9, l0 and ll for example. Whenthe user is finished with his work, he will depress the stem 19 to collapse the member 16 from position shown in Fig. 2 to that shown in Fig. 1.

The member 16 can, of course, be made of other lCe than semi-spherical shapes such as in oval or rectangular forms, the basic conception of the invention involving what might be termed a over-sized diaphragm whose edges are supported and which can be exed to either of oppositely disposed convex contours.

Referring now to Fig. 3, it will be seen that'I contemplate only partially collapsing the diaphragm member 16 from the position shown in Fig. 2. ln this case, the articles-will be held at a somewhat higher plane than they would be in Fig. l, rendering them somewhat more accessible but not exposing them to accidental dislodgement from the fingers 18, through contact of extraneous objects therewith or through tipping of the container 12..

An arrangement is shown in Fig. 5, wherein afcoil spring 21 is provided in position to exert some force against the diaphragm member 16 in those cases Where it would tend to sink to the position shown in Fig. 1, as through the weight of articles carried on the fingers 18. In Fig. 7, I show a diaphragm member 22 of hemispherical form which can be used with the case of Fig. 1, but which instead of having ngers, has a ring 23 formed thereon or secured thereto which can contain articlereceiving holes or fingers at 24. A plurality of these n rings can be provided if desired.

Referring further to Figs. 8 to 11, the fingers, whether tubular or rod-like, can be formed integrally with the diaphragm 16, or a holding stem such as that shown at 26 in Fig. 10 may be connected to the wall of the diaphragm, as by insertion therethrough and through a protuberance or boss 27 that is formed integrally with the diaphragm. In this case, the stem 26 serves to hold a spool of thread 28. The sockets 29 and 30 respectively shown in Figs. 8 and 1l, for supporting vials of color tablets can be molded integrally with the diaphragm-wall or connected thereto in any other suitable manner as by 'a screw or rivet 31. This renders the diaphragms adaptable to holder fingers or sockets of various sizes and forms. Also, it will be understood that the diaphragm 16, because of its elastic nature, can be removed from the case 12 and other diaphragms and lingers substituted therefor.

I claim as my invention:

1. A rack-like holder that comprises a resilientlyflexible diaphragm, an open end casing, connecting elements by which the peripheral edge of the diaphragm is supported against movement relative to the casing, the diaphragm being of larger width than the interior of the casing, whereby it will be supported in bowed form at either of two oppositely bowed positions, and the articleholding members on the outer face of the diaphragm.

2. A holder as recited in claim 1, wherein the connecting elements are in a horizontal plane and the casing is of such depth that when the diaphragm is bowed upwardly relatively to the connecting elements the articles carried thereby will be exposed and when bowed downwardly below the connecting elements, it will support the articles in lowered position, with at least their lower portions surrounded by the casing wall.

3. A holder as recited in claim 2, wherein the diaphragm is sustainable at a plane intermediate its upper and lower .bowed positions.

4. A holder as recited in claim 1, wherein the holding members are in the form of fingers disposed on the outer face of the diaphragm, and formed integrally therewith.

5. A holder as recited in claim l, wherein the holding members are in the form of sockets secured to the diaphragm.

6. A holder as recited in claim 3, wherein a spring is provided in the lower part of the casing, to yieldably engage the diaphragm at said intermediate plane.

7. A holder as recited in claim 1, wherein the dia- 3 phragm has a peripheral rib that serves as a connecting element and the casing haswa pocket at its inner wall in position to releasably holdlfhe rib.

8. A holder as recited` in clairnlkV wherein `the diaphragm has on its outer surface a coaxial rib that 'sup ports the article-holding members.

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