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Publication numberUS2989174 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1961
Filing dateApr 16, 1958
Priority dateApr 16, 1958
Publication numberUS 2989174 A, US 2989174A, US-A-2989174, US2989174 A, US2989174A
InventorsMorris L Wurman
Original AssigneeBayuk Cigars Inc
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Display container for cigars
US 2989174 A
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June 20, 1961 M. L. WURMAN DISPLAY CONTAINER FOR CIGARS Filed April 16, 1958 .N m T mm V W L 5 R w M ATTORNEYS United States Patent 2,989,174 DISPLAY CONTAINER FOR CIGARS Morris L. Wurman, Melrose Park, Pa., assignor to Bayuk Cigars Incorporated, Philadelphia, Pa., a corporation of Maryland Filed Apr. '16, 1958, Ser. No. 728,981 1 Claim. (Cl. 206-44) This invention relates to a display container for cigars The container of this invention is suitable for the shipment of cigars and can be employed :for their display for sale purposes.

In accordance with this invention there is provided a container for cigars which is advantageous in that it is adapted to contain individually wrapped cigars as Well as a plurality of cantons each containing a number of cigars. The container in accordance with this invention provides for the ready removal of individual cigars as well as the separate cartons when the container is placed on display.

Other objects of this invention will become apparent on reading the following description in conjunction with the accompanying drawing in which:

FIGURE 1 is a front perspective view of a container tor cigars in accordance with this invention;

FIGURE 2 is a vertical section taken on the plane indicated by the line 2-2 of FIGURE 1;

FIGURE 3 is a front perspective View of one of the individual cigar containing cartons in the container of FIGURE 1; and

FIGURE 4 is a front perspective view of the bin member of the container of FIGURE 1 which contains individual cigars.

As shown in the figures, a container 2 in accordance with this invention comprises a conventional cigar box 4 made, for example, of wood or fiberboard, and has a body portion 6 and a hinged lid 8. This portion of the structure being well known to the Mounted within the body portion 6 is a bin member 10 containing individually wrapped cigars 12. Bin member 10 has sides 14, 16, 1 8 and 20 and a bottom 22. Side 14 is provided with a V opening :24 extending downwardly from the top of side D4 to a point adjacent the bottom of side 14, the point of the V extending downwardly. Similarly, side 18 has a V opening 26 extending from the top of side 18 down to a point adjacent the bottom of side 18, the point of the V extending downwardly. Bin member 10 can be made of any suitable material such as cardboard, wood or metal.

Adjacent bin member '10 is a filler member 28. A second filler member 30 overlies a portion of filler member 28. Three cartons 32 overlie filler member 30 and three additional cartons 32 overlie the portion of filler member 28 which is adjacent bin member 10. Each carton 32 is adapted to contain a plurality of cigars. Filler member 28 supports the cartons 32 which are adjacent bin member 10 so that the top of the uppermost carton is below the top of bin member 10 providing access to the cigars in bin member 10 through V open- 2,989,174 Patented June 20, 1961 ing 24. Filler members 28 and 30 support the remaining three cartons 32 so that the uppermost carton 32 extends above the uppermost carton 32 in the adjacent stack of cartons. This permits the ready removal of the cartons alternately from the two stacks, first with the uppermost carton in the left-hand stack as viewed in FIGURE 2.

It is not desired to be limited except as set forth in the following claim.

What is claimed is:

In a shipping and display container for cigars, the combination comprising a cigar box having a horizontally extending rectangular bottom wall, front and rear and Opposite end walls extending upwardly from said bottom wall and defining a rectangular opening in the top of said box, and a lid hinged to said rear wall and extending upwardly therefrom, said lid being adapted for swinging down over said opening and closing the same, six rectangular cartons each adapted for enclosing a plurality of cigars positioned side by side in one layer thereof, three of said cartons being stacked one upon another adjacent one of said end walls and the other three being stacked one upon another adjacent the first mentioned stack of cartons on the side thereof remote from said one end wall, a cigar bin having a horizontally extending rectangular bottom wall resting directly upon the bottom Wall of said box, and side walls extending upwardly from the bottom wall of said bin and defining a rectangular opening in the top of said bin, said bin being adapted for containing several layers of cigars and being interposed between the last mentioned stack of cartons and said other end wall of the box, the side wall of said bin adjacent said last mentioned stack of cartons being provided with a V-shaped cut extending from the top of the bin to a point below the top of the lowermost layer of cigars in said bin to facilitate removal of cigars from said bin, at flat substantially thick filler member disposed in its entirety under said stacks of cartons with said second stack of cartons resting directly thereon, and a flat substantially thick filler member overlying said first mentioned filler member and disposed in its entirety under said first mentioned stack of car-tons with the latter resting directly thereon, said bin being of a depth corresponding to the depth internally of said box, and the depth of said first mentioned stack of cartons plus the thickness of both of said filler members corresponding to the depth internally of said box whereby to position the top of each carton in said first mentioned stack of cartons slightly higher than the top of the corresponding carton in said second mentioned stack of cartons to facilitate removal of said cartons from said box.

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U.S. Classification206/256, 206/804, 206/815
International ClassificationB65D85/12
Cooperative ClassificationY10S206/804, Y10S206/815, B65D85/12
European ClassificationB65D85/12