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Publication numberUS2990213 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1961
Filing dateJun 23, 1959
Priority dateJun 23, 1959
Publication numberUS 2990213 A, US 2990213A, US-A-2990213, US2990213 A, US2990213A
InventorsWalter Kolacinski
Original AssigneeJohn J Kowalik
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Holding device
US 2990213 A
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June 27, 1961 w. KOLAClNSKl 2,990,213

HOLDING DEVICE Filed June 23, 1959 2 342 31 3 35* L34 a3 2 a? j IN V EN TOR.

United t s Patnrf 2,990,213 HOLDING DEVICE Walter Kolacinski, Chicago, 11]., assign'or of ten percent to John J. Kowalik, Glenview, Cook County, Illinois Filed June 23, 1959, Ser. No. 822,304 2 Claims. (Cl. 294-118) This invention relates to kitchen aids and more speci- =fically to a novel combination holder and jar opener.

A general object of the invention is to provide a novel tool which comprises a pair of pivotally interconnected members which develop a pair of jaws arranged in a novel manner to eifectively grasp, for example, a hot pan and at the same time provide good grasping characteristics for engaging a jar cover.

Another object of the invention is to provide jaw portions of novel form one of which is shorter than the other and provides an outwardly facing grasping area and the other of which overlaps the one jaw in the closed position of the jaws and wherein the other jaw is provided with a pivoting anvil with an elastomer covered face opposing the grasping area.

A different object is to form the jaws in such a manner as to provide a generous clearance between the ends of the jaws so as to fit pans and the like of different dimensions and also to develop a hook-like section on the longer jaw to prevent accidental escape of a jar cover or the upstanding wall of the pan being engaged.

A more specific object is to provide a plier type holder which comprises a pair of crowed levers providing handles at one end and jaws at the other end, one of the jaws being curved more severely than and overlapping the other jaw presenting grasping faces extending transversely of the aws.

A further object is to provide jaws of novel configuration with stepped toothed areas for use with jar covers of different sizes.

A further object is to provide jaws with novel grasping nodes which may function in closing or opening of the aws.

These and other objects and advantages inherent in and encompassed in the invention will become more readily apparent from the specification and the drawings, wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view of the novel holder shown applied to a jar cover;

FIGURE 2 is a side elevational view illustrating the holder applied to a pan; and,

FIGURE 3 is an edge view partially in section taken substantially on the line 3--3 of FIGURE 2.

Describing the invention in detail and having particular reference to the drawings, there is shown a holder or pliers generally designated 2 comprising a pair of lever members 3 and 4, the member 3 extending through an opening formed in member 4 intermediate its ends, the opening 5 being defined in part by the laterally spaced side portions 7 and 8 of member 4 and embrace an intermediate portion 9 of member 3 through which extends a pilot pin 10 which is secured to and extends through the side portions 7 and 8.

The handle portions 12 and 13 of members 3 and 4 are internally hollowed out at 1'4 and 15 and are scalloped at their outer sides at 16 and 17 respectively to provide convenient finger notches.

The members 4 and 3 respectively provide jaws 20 and 21 at the opposite side of the pivot from the handles. The jaw 20 is curved outwardly and is provided with a toothed concave inner side 22 having outer and inner groups of teeth 23, 24, the group 23 being offset inwardly of the group 24 whereby forming a stepped structure for a purpose hereinafter defined. It will be noted that the teeth 23 have their points 25 directed inwardly with respect to the ice- 2 open end of the holder and that each tooth has a lead face 26 and a trailing face 27 opposing the trailing and lead faces 27 and 26 of the adjacent teeth.

The jaw 20 terminates in an outer end portion 28 which is provided with an anvil or gripping ledge or node 29 extending transversely outwardly of the jaw member 20 and providing a flat outwardly facing seat 30 which in the closed position of the holder is adapted to engage the op posing outer face 31 of a pad of rubber-like elstomer material 32 which is suitably secured as by any well known adhesive to the flat plate portion 33' of a clamp or foot or node element 33 which is provided on its back side 34 with a centrally disposed lug '35 which enters into a slot 36 developed in the bifurcated end portion -37 between the side portions 39 and 40 of the jaw 21 and pivoted thereto at 35.

The jaw 21 is curved more sharply than jaw 20 and is provided with groups 41 and 42 of teeth. These teeth have their points 43, 44 directed outwardly. The group 42 is disposed opposite group 24 and provides a cavity 45 (FIG. 2) for reception of a small bottle cap or the like.

It will be noted from FIGURE 1 that the foot may be pivoted out of the jaws so as to permit them to be advanced closer for smaller covers or to engage a pot or pan between the anvil 28 and the overhanging end portion 37 of the jaw 21.

The node 33 when swung to its outer position cooperates with the back face 50 of the fixed node 29 upon spreading movement of the jaws for removing hot jars etc. from sterilizing water, the jaws being entered into the mouth of the jar.

The jaws 20 and 21 are provided with longitudinal V-shaped grooves 20a and 21a respectively -for admitting the rim of the jar cover as best seen in FIGURE 1.

Various other advantages and uses will become readily apparent to those skilled in the art within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. In a tool having a pair of lever elements pivotally interconnected intermediate their ends and providing handles at one side of the pivot and grasping jaws at the other side the improvement comprising a transverse anvil element on one of the jaws, a foot element connected to the other of the jaws, said other jaw having an end portion overlapping said anvil element and said foot element engaging said anvil element in the closed position of the jaws and said connection of the foot element with the other jaw comprising a single lug extending transversely outwardly from said foot element, said other jaw being bifurcated at its end portion and receiving said lug between the furcations thereof and a pin pivotally securing the lug to said furcations and said foot element swingable behind said end portion of the other jaw and exposing a portion of said other jaw to cooperative engagement with said anvil element and said other jaw having teeth at least on said end portion thereof projecting toward the anvil.

2. A holder comprising a pair of lever elements pivotally interconnected and providing opposed jaw members having opposing inner edges and remote outer edges, each jaw member having an outer end, a fixed holding anvil on the outer end of one jaw member and presenting an outwardly facing grasping surface extending transversely of the longitudinal axis of said one jaw member, a pivotal node on the outer end of the other jaw member, said node positionable in a first position facing the anvil for grasping association therewith and in a second position facing away from the anvil and opposing the outer edge of its related jaw member, said anvil extending away from the outer end of said one jaw member and away from the other jaw member beyond the outer edge of said one jaw member andfiroviding a back :face for engaging an article with'said n'o'de'in said second position thereof.

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