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Publication numberUS2995174 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 8, 1961
Filing dateJul 15, 1958
Priority dateJul 20, 1957
Publication numberUS 2995174 A, US 2995174A, US-A-2995174, US2995174 A, US2995174A
InventorsWang Herman
Original AssigneeWang Herman
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Machine for producing bags with at least one closing clip
US 2995174 A
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Aug. 8, 1961 H. WANG 2,995,174

MACHINE FOR PRODUCING BAGS WITH AT LEAST ONE CLOSING CLIP Filed July 15, 1958 United States Patent 2,995,174 MACHINE FOR PRODUCING BAGS WITH AT LEAST ONE CLOSING CLIP Herman Wang, Oscarsgate 74, Oslo, Norway Filed July -15, 1958, Ser. No. 748,644 Claims priority, application Norway July 20, 1957 1 Claim. (Cl. 1541.6)

The present invention relates to a method and means for producing bags with at least one clip preferably of metal, to keep the bag closed after being filled, the clip being attached by means of a binder.

It is known to attach such clips on already formed bags, in practice, however, it seems difficult to attach the clips on the inside of the bag or between the two bag foils, if the bag is lined, when the clips are to be attached in a machine at the highest possible speed.

The purpose of the invention is to produce such bags on the inside of which or between its two bag foils clips are attached in a machine without the speed of the production being reduced to a noticeable extent.

This is according to the invention achieved by attaching the clip to the bag material before being formed to a bag.

One embodiment of means for producing bags according to the invention will be described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawing which shows a part of a machine for production of lined bags with a clip. One of the bag foils 1 is fed from a supply roll 2 between two pressure rollers 3, one of which being driven. The second bag foil 4 is fed from a supply roll 5 together with the first bag foil 1 between two rollers 6 in such a way that the clip 7 lies between the two bag foils. The clip material 8 is fed from a supply roll 9 over binder application means 10 which is rotatable in a binder bath. Above the roller 10 is arranged an eccentric, driven roller 11 which intermittently presses the clip material 8 against the roller 10, in such a way that it is fed in between the pressure rollers 3 with the binder side facing the bag material 1, a cutting means 12 which is arranged between the pressure rollers 3 and the roller 11 cuts the clip 7 in desired lengths.

Patented Aug. 8, 1961 For the attachment of more clips side by side, further clip materials 8 may be arranged side by side, suitably spaced, a corresponding number of supply rolls 9 being arranged and the rollers 10 and '11 and the cutting means 12 are given the necessary width.

I claim:

In a machine for producing bags with at least one clip preferably of metal to keep the bag closed after being filled, in which the clip is attached by means of a binder to the bag material before the latter is formed into a bag, the machine comprising two cooperating pressure rollers one of which is driven and between which the bag-forming material from a supply roll is fed continuously, means for intermittently feeding a strip of clip material from a. supply roll toward and for delivering its leading end onto the bag material entering between the two pressure rollers, a binder bath located adjacent the strip of clip material on the intake side of the pressure rollers, a rotatable roller located in the binder bath engaging the strip of clip material for applying a binder to the face of the strip of clip material to be engaged with the bag material as it enters the two pressure rollers, the means for intermittently feeding the strip of clip material comprising a driven eccentric roller located opposite the binder-applying roller for intermittently pressing the strip of clip material thereagainst and advancing the strip of clip material toward the two pressure rollers, and clip-cutting means located between the binder bath and the two pressure rollers for cutting clips of desired length in succession from the leading end portion of the strip of clip material, whereby clips are cut and attached to the bag material at spaced intervals therealong as the bag material is continuously moved through the two pressure rollers.

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U.S. Classification156/519, 156/552
International ClassificationB31B19/90
Cooperative ClassificationB31B19/90, B31B2219/90
European ClassificationB31B19/90