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Publication numberUS2997199 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1961
Filing dateMay 13, 1957
Priority dateMay 13, 1957
Publication numberUS 2997199 A, US 2997199A, US-A-2997199, US2997199 A, US2997199A
InventorsRamon Reachi
Original AssigneeRamon Reachi
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Table ornament and standard
US 2997199 A
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Aug. 22, 1961 R. REACH] TABLE ORNAMENT AND STANDARD Filed May 13, 1957 RAMON REACH! P U- 5 As n w N R 37 m A m H m United States Patent 1 i 2,997,199 TABLE ORNAMENT AND STANDARD Ramon Reachi, Los Angeles,'0alif. (7418-'N. Fulton Ave., North .Hollywood, Califi);

Filed May 13, 1957, Ser. No. 658,803 2 Claims. (Cl..22023.86)

This invention relates to a table ornament and standard, and more specifically to an ornamentalcombination of a container for holding a candle, flowers or the. like, and abase for supporting the container.

Table ornaments incorporating standards such as lamps and flower vases are becoming increasingly popular for use on dining tables. Soft lighting is particularly desirable at informal settings or restaurants where a quiet, intimate. atmosphere. is desired. In these instances, a soft candle light is preferred, for ornamental purposesandat locations where it is impracticalor unsafe to extend wires for electrical illumination. These ornamental devices must be sturdy in construction and stable in balance to avoid breakage and tipping. Attendants atv atable frequently find it necessary to lift such devices toservice the table, and much time is lost or breakage results if the component parts are not securely attachedto each other;

Itis therefore an object of this invention to'provideta new and improved table ornament and standard which includes. a container suitable for use as a candleholder, flower vase, or other, which is securely attachedto abase in a vertical nntipping position.

Another object of this invention is to provide a container and base of'the'character described-incorporating a new and improved securement means whereby the container is readily locked to the base yet is instantly removable as for replacing and/or refilling.

A further object of this invention isto provide a new and improved base in one of its embodiments which is capable of supporting a pair of semi-circular trays of conforming configuration for use as ashtrays, planters,- or thelike.

A still further object of this invention is to provide a new and improved table ornament and standard which is economical to manufacture and capable of interchangeability-of parts thereof.

a A generalobject of this invention is. to provide anew and improved table ornament and standard which overcomes disadvantages of prior devices. heretofore intended to-accomplish generally similar purposes.

These and other objects of this invention will be more readily apparent from the following detailed description of the drawings and appended claims.

In the drawing:

FIGURE 1 is an exploded perspective view, in elevation, illustrating an embodiment of this invention;

FIGURE 2 is a vertical cross-sectional view of the embodiment of FIGURE 1, showing the component parts in secured relationship;

FIGURE 3 is an exploded perspective view in elevation of another embodiment of this invention; wherein the base includes a pair of trays; and

FIGURE 4 is a fragmentary vertical cross-sectional view of the embodiment of FIGURE 3.

Referring to FIGURES l and 2 of the drawing, there is shown by way of illustration, but not of limitation, a first embodiment of this invention comprising a base adapted to receive a container 11. Container 11 may hold a candle 27, and is so illustrated in the drawing.

The base 10 of this form is stamped or otherwise formed of a sheet of metal, plastics, or other suitable material, and includes a downturned annular flange 12 and a substantially centrally located up-turned flange 13.

2,997,199 Patented Aug, 22,.1961

2" The flange 13'defines, an opening or collar 141in which the contai'nerll is. disposed.

Spaced downwardly from the upper edge 16 ofthe fiange13is a pair of opposed'projections or dimples 17; formed..-integrallyor. otherwise thereof, and extending inwardly into the opening 14.- The dimples 17operatively associate with a plurality of'angled grooves 18 formed in a lower end 19 of the container 11to releasably lock .theibase 10 to the container.

The. grooves 18 correspondinnumber to the dimples 17 and each is provided with a downwardly extending portion 21 open at the, receive a dimple. 17 when the. lower end -19-of the container 11 is inserted into the opening 14. A horizontal portion 22 of each groove 18 extends fromthe. portion 21 arounda portion of'the lower end 19, permitting rotation of the, container 11 relative to the base. 10 to move the dimples 17' out of register with the opengroove. portion 21, securingthe container. to the. base.

The: depth of the. groove portions 22 is preferably of such dimension that-the. dimples 17 for-man interference fitwithnthe. groove. and slightly distort the flange when said parts are rotated, to provide a tight securement. Such secures thebase to the container sulficientlythat. it may. be. carried. aboutor lifted by holding onto only onev part, suchas. the container ortliebase,

sired position suchas avertical position of the container, for a neater appearanceand to avoid spilling ofthecontents. thereof or. tilting of the candle 27 if'so used.

The flange 13 is preferably formed with, a.relative-ly thin wall, which is. sufficiently resilient to yieldwhendistortedibythe dimples17 as described, and returnto its original. shape whenthe container is removed. If preferred, the. flange 13. may be formed of a relatively rigid non-yieldable material and the bottom of. the grooveportion 22 slightly inclined to achieve. aclamping engagement with the dimples 17.

To further insure. the. stability of the container with the base, an annular bead or shoulder 23 is providedon the container. 11. superjacent the. grooves. 18. They shoulder 23 may rest on the top edge 16 of the flange. 1-3 andjkeep thecontainer erect if the fit between groove. 1.8, dimple 17 is loose because of. tolerance buildupduringmanufacture, or wear fromcontinual use. I i

The container 11 ispreferably formed of atra'nsparent relatively rigid material. such as glass, or the likeandj is preferably heat resistant to permit use of the. candle'27 if desired. The. container 11 includes an elongatecyliudn'calwall 24, an open top 25 andiaqclosed bottomj26, The candle 27 may be molded within the. interior ofjthe container or the container may be optionally supplied to the user in an empty form for use as a flower vase, or

for insertion of a preformed candle.

If desired, the flange 13 may comprise a rigid material, and the container 11 a yieldable material, resulting in a deformation of the container by the dimples of the flange.

Referring to FIGURES 3 and 4 another embodiment of this invention is illustrated, wherein like parts are referred to by like numbers.

The instant embodiment employs a base 30, which supports a pair of ash trays 3l1 nesting in the base. The base 30 is molded, or otherwise formed with an annular recess 31 in the upper surface thereof around an opening 33 defined by an upwardly extending flange 34. A pair of opposed pins 36 extend inwardly into the opening 36 from the flange 34-, and may be fixed in suitable apertures 37 or be formed integrally therewith. The pins 36 are similar to the dimples 17 of the first embodiment in their function, i.e. to engage the grooves 18 of the container 11 when the lower end 19 is inserted into the opeining 32 to secure the container to the base.

The trays 3 1 are semi-circular in configuration and identical to each other. Each has an inner wall 38 which rests against and around the flange 34. The lower surface or bottom 39 of the trays 3-1 conforms substantially to the configuration ofthe annular recess 3-2 to nest snuggly therein. A plurality of transverse grooves 41 may be provided in the outer wall 42 of the trays to support cigarettes or the like when used as an ashtray, or optionally omitted, if desired, for use as a planter or the like. End walls 43 are preferably provided to enclose the concavity of the trays; said end walls of one tray 31 abutting the like walls of the other tray when both trays are seated in the recess 32.

A V-shaped notch 45 is preferably provided in each wall 43, the notch at one wall coinciding with the notch of an adjacent wall 43 when the trays 31 are seated in the recess 32. The notches 45 may be used to receive bases of book matches therein, and are preferably of a size to accommodate such books in a snug fit, thereby tending to secure the trays 31 to each other.

The base 30 may be formed as by molding or casting a relatively rigid material. If the container 11 is likewise formed of a relatively rigid material, such as glass or the like, a fairly loose fit is preferably provided between the diametrical dimension of the opening 33 and the outer diameter of the lower end 19 of the container, and between the inner faces of the pins 36 and the bottom and side walls of the groove 18 to allow for manufacturing tolerances and avoid breakage of the glass. The shoulder 23 is particularly useful in this embodiment to provide means for preventing tipping or rattling of the container 11 resulting from such a loose fit. The shoulder may abut the flange 34 to support the container in an erect position.

If desired, the container 11 may be used in a flanged and/ or apertured base which is not provided with dimples or pins like 17, 36. The lower end 19 of the container in this instance, may be inserted into the base with the shoulder 23 forming a stop or support for the container 11 on the flange or edge of the aperture.

The trays 31 may be easily and readily removed from the recess for cleaning or other purposes, and quickly replaced.

The container 11 in either embodiment may be easily removed from the base or 30 for replacement, refilling and/or cleaning, by rotating the container in a counter-clockwise direction relative to the base.

While the instant invention has been shown and described herein in what is conceived to be the most practical and preferred embodiment, it is recognized that departures may be made therefrom within the scope of the invention, which is therefore not to be limited to the details disclosed herein, but is to be accorded the full scope of the claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A table ornament and container comprising: a base having an upstanding annular flange and an annular recess around said flange; a cylindrical opening extending through said base, so that said flange surrounds said opening; a plurality of projections on said flange and extending into said opening; a container having a cylindrical lower end detachably fitting into said opening, said container having an equal plurality of angled grooves in said lower end, each of said grooves having a circumferential portion and an axial entrance portion communicating between said circumferential portion and a bottom of said lower end and a pair of semi-circular trays removably residing in said recess, said trays including end walls each having a notch, the notch of one of said end walls of one of said trays matching the notch of one an adjacent end wall of the other of said trays, said matched notches being adapted to removably support a locking member inserted therein.

2. A table ornament and container comprising: a base having an upstanding annular flange and an annular recess around said flange; a cylindrical opening in said base means defined by said flange; diametrically opposite pin projections extending inwardly into said opening from said flange; a vitreous container having a cylindrical lower end adapted to be disposed in said opening, said lower end of said container having a plurality of bayonet-type angled grooves in said lower end for receiving said pin projections to secure the said bottom end in said flange; and a .pair of semi-circular trays seated in said recess, each said circular tray including end walls having vertical notches therein, said trays being adapted to be locked in abutting relationship when a wedged-shaped article is inserted .in said notches.

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U.S. Classification220/23.86, 220/630
International ClassificationA47G7/00, A47G7/06, A24F19/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F19/00, A47G7/06
European ClassificationA47G7/06, A24F19/00