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Publication numberUS2998511 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1961
Filing dateOct 31, 1958
Priority dateOct 31, 1958
Publication numberUS 2998511 A, US 2998511A, US-A-2998511, US2998511 A, US2998511A
InventorsKingsley Chan
Original AssigneeLightolier Inc
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Ceiling lighting fixture
US 2998511 A
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Aug. 29, 1961 cH 2,998,511

CEILING LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed Oct. 31, 1958 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 IN V EN TOR. ff/A/GSLE) C/Y/J/V BY Dad/a W EW Aug. 29, 1961 K. CHAN 2,998,511

. CEILING LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed Oct. 31. 1958 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IN VEN TOR. /f//1 6 5L 6) C/vAA/ BY p W M ATTORNEYS Patented Aug.'29, IQGI 2,998,511 CEILING LIGHTING FIXTURE Kingsley Chan, New York, N.Y., assignor to Lightolier, Incorporated, a corporation of New York Filed Oct. 31, 1958, Ser. No. 771,137

4 Claims. (Cl. 240-78) The present invention relates to flush mounted ceiling lighting fixtures I It is among the objects of the invention to provide for a flush mounted ceiling lighting fixture a plaster ring which in correlation with the lighting fixture frame assures accurate alignment of the face annulus thereof with a wet or plaster ceiling for a substantially uninterrupted flush surface with the absence of the usual objectionable shadow eflects, overlaps or exposure to view of fastening devices. v

Another object is to provide a plaster ring constituting a simple unitary sheet metal hoop which shall be useful not only for the installation of a fixture in a wet or plaster ceiling with the advantages above noted, but shall be useful as well as the plaster ring for a dry or plasterboard ceiling and this without impairing the conventional positioning of the face annulus of the lighting fixture relative to such dry or plaster-board ceiling.

In the accompanying drawings in which are shown one or more of various possible embodiments of the several features of the invention,

FIG. 1 is a view in longitudinal cross section showing the installationin a wet or plaster ceiling'of a lighting fixture involving the features of the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a view similar to FIG. 1, showing another embodiment of lighting fixture with the identical plaster ring, as installed in a dry or plaster-board ceiling, and

FIG. 3 is a perspective of the plaster ring.

Referring now to the drawings, FIG. 1 shows a flush type ceiling lighting fixture which comprises an inverted yoke strap to which is secured by screws 11 the usual socket cover 12 which houses the socket 13 for the lamp 14 and from which protrudes. downwardly the lower'part of the cylindrical socket collar 15. Adjustably afixed byvscrews16 to the yoke '10 is a cylindrical bracket 17. The yoke andjbracket in combination may be designated the frame of the fixture.

A conventional sheet metal reflector 18 rests on the flange 19 of the cylindrical socket collar 15.

The face annulus 25 of the fixture may have cemented thereto an annular gasket 29 of rubber or other resilient material near its outer periphery about which may extend the upstanding narrow peripheral rim 30 of said annulus. A stud 28 is welded to the face of annulus 25 and protrudes through a hole (not shown) in the outstanding peripheral flange 26 of the reflector. A press-nut 27 retains the flange 26 securely in contact with face annulus 25.

The plaster ring R is shown in perspective in FIG. 3. It consists of a sheet metal hoop or cylinder 20 with an outstanding peripheral flange 21 shown at the lower end thereof with a downwardly extending lip or rim 22. The hoop, or upstanding wall 20, of the plaster ring is preferably provided with three or more screw holes 32 therein, desirably equally spaced from each other near the unflanged rim 50 and another set of screw holes 23 near the flange 2-1 for purposes that will appear hereinafter.

The ring R is first secured in position with respect to a joist (not shown) or other structure above the ceiling.

The fixture frame consisting of yoke 10, bracket 17 and plaster ring R pre-assembled to the bracket by screws 31 is put in place with the bracket 17 adjusted to the desired ceiling level. Thereupon the wet plaster ceiling C is applied in relation encompassing the plaster ring R below the screws 31 and flush rim 22.

The plaster ring as installed encompasses the lower end of the fixture frame at the adjustable bracket 17, to which it is secured by screws 31 extending into the screw holes with the lower edge of 32. Plaster ring R rests with its outstanding flange 21 upon the upstanding peripheral rim of the face annulus 25 and the downwardly protruding rim 22 of the plaster ring engages and encompasses said rim 30. By this arrangement the face of the face annulus 25 of the fixture will come flush with the rim edge 22 of the plaster ring R and therefore also with the wet or plaster ceiling.

The reflector 18 with its shield collar 35 and its face annulus 25 pie-assembled in place are now introduced, the upper end of the reflector being threaded upon the socket collar 15, the rim 30 of the face annulus engaging the base of the rim 22 of the plaster ring R, so that the rim annulus comes flush with the wet plaster ceiling, a result not accomplished with conventional plaster rings. The annular gasket 29 affords a dust and light seal and serves also for resilient engagement with respect to the flange 21 of the plaster ring. 7

In the embodiment of FIG. 2 there is illustratively shown a diflferent type of flush mounted ceiling lighting fixture. Here'the fixture frame consists of a unitary inverted sheet metal cup 40. The lamp socket 41 is mounted on cover plate 42, closing an opening in the top of the cup for the socket cover 43 mounted on the cup. The reflector '44, coaxial with the cup 40 is aifixed by screws 44' to the cover plate 42. The fixture is of type comprising a light control element, illustratively shown as a'le-ns'45 carried by an annular bracket 46 whichis channel-shaped in cross section. The bracket is welded at its annular base to that portion of face annulus 47 which is of diameter smaller than that of the cup 40.

Desirably, the fixture has one or more spring assemblies 48 arranged to facilitate pulling the face annulus 47 and the light control element 45 downwardly as a unit, without disassembly from the fixture, for facility in relamping, cleansing or repair. This spring feature is shown as substantially that of the prior Patent No. 2,7 01,- 299,granted Feb. 1, 1955, to Lightolier, Incorporated.

-The present embodiment is shown installed in a dry or plaster-board ceiling C Identically the same plaster ring R, as is shown in the embodiment of FIG. 1, is here preferably used. As shown, it is installed with its unflanged edge 50 substantially engaged by the gasket 51 cemented to the face annulus 47 and its flanged upper portion 52 is above and free from the ceiling and extends outwardly from the fixture frame 40.

For installation of this embodiment the plaster ring R is first secured in position with respect to a joist (not shown) or other structure above the ceiling. Thereupon the entire preassembled fixture frame with the various components therein is put in place, with the face annulus 47 and attached light control element 45 pulled downward or removed for access, to permit introduction and tightening of the screws 53 through screw holes 23 for attaching the fixture frame or cup 40 to the plaster ring R. Thereupon the face plate 47 may be reengaged and pushed upward to seated position against the ceiling as shown.

In the embodiment shown in FIG. 1 the face annulus comes flush with the plaster ceiling, and the slight V- shaped notch between rim 30 of the face annulus and rim 22 of the plaster ring serves as a reveal to enhance the decorative appearance of the ceiling surface.

It will be seen that the plaster ring structure has special utility for installation, with the face annulus of the fixture, as shown in the embodiment of FIG. 1, coming flush with a wet or plaster ceiling, an advantage absent from conventional installations. ring structure is however also useful for a dry or plasterboard ceiling installation in the manner shown in the embodiment of FIG. 2. Thus there is no need to carry in stock alternative plaster rings, one for the wet ceiling and another for the dry ceiling installation. The plaster ring of the present construction thus has interchangeable utility, as above described, for flush mounted ceiling fixtures, whether installed in wet or plaster ceilings or in dry orplaster-board ceilings.

While the embodiment of FIG. 1 is shown in a wet or plaster type ceiling and that of FIG. 2 in a dry or plasterboard type ceiling, it will of course be understood that either of the embodiments shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 may be installed according to the teachings above set forth as desired, in a wet or plaster ceiling or in a dry or plaster board ceiling.

The two types of fixtures disclosed in FIGS. 1 and 2 are conventional, except for the construction of the plaster ring of the present invention and its correlation with its associated parts.

The invention will of course be applicable to any of various types of constructions of flush mounted ceiling fixtures, of which the particular embodiments shown in the drawings are more or less typical.

As many changes could be made in the above construction and many apparently widely different embodiments of this invention could be made without departing from the scope of the claims, it is intended that all matter contained in the above description, or shown in the accompanying drawings, shall be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim. as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:

1. In fiush mounted ceiling fixture of the type com prising a fixture frame having a lamp socket holder-coaxial therewith near the upper end thereof, a reflector coaxial with said lamp socket, a face annulus having an upwardly extending peripheral rim, a plaster ring. distinct from the face annulus and encompassing. the fixture frame and affixed thereto, said ring having an outwardly extending peripheral flange unitary therewith at its lower end, and a downwardly extending rim peripherally of said flange, the rim of said face annulus being encompassed by said downwardly extending rim and abutted thereby, said plaster ring being countersunk in said plaster ceiling, thereby to assure a flush relation of theface annulus with a wet plaster ceiling.

Identically the same plaster I 2. In a flush mounted ceiling fixture of the type comprising a fixture frame, a lamp socket near its upper end, and coaxial therewith, means securing the same to the frame, a reflector coaxial with said lamp socket, a face annulus having a narrow peripheral, upstanding rim, a dry or plaster board ceiling directly engaged thereby, a plaster ring of sheet metal adjacent the face annulus, said ringcomprising a hoop encompassing the frame, an outstanding peripheral flange at its upper n'm, means above the plaster board ceiling securing the hoop to the frame, the lower free edge of the hoop being substantially engaged by the face annulus.

3. For ceiling lighting fiixtures, a plaster ring for adaptation, alternatively to wet or plaster ceilings and to dry or plaster board ceilings, said plaster ring consisting of a unitary sheet metal cylindrical hoop, having at right angles thereto an outwardly extending peripheral flange at one edge thereof and integral therewith, with a rim extending peripherally out of the plane of the flange, beyond the end of the cylindrical hoop and unitary therewith, the other edge of the plaster ring being of substantially the thickness of the stock of said hoop, the said hoop having a plurality of mounting screw holes spaced about its periphery near the flange and having a similar set of screw holes spaced about its periphery near the unflanged end thereof.

4. The combination recited in claim 1 in which the downwardly extending rim peripherally of the flange extends in an inverted V-relation to the upwardly extending peripheral rim of the face annulus, thereby to afford a reveal to enhance the decorative appearance of the fixture as installed.

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