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Publication numberUS3016168 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1962
Filing dateDec 29, 1958
Priority dateDec 29, 1958
Publication numberUS 3016168 A, US 3016168A, US-A-3016168, US3016168 A, US3016168A
InventorsDonald W Larson
Original AssigneeDonald W Larson
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Shaker and pouring dispenser
US 3016168 A
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Jan. 9, 1962 D. w. LARsoN 3,016,168

SHAKER AND POURING DISPENSER Filed Dec. 29, 1958 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 V2 E3 42 Z4, l


Jan. 9, 1962 D. w. LARsoN 3,016,168

SHAKER AND POURING DISPENSER Filed Dec. 29, 195e 2 sheets-sheet 2 /N VEN TOR.'


Unite States L This invention relates to a dispensing device for containers for soap, sugar, spices or other particulate materials. n

Th-e object of the invention is to provide a dispenser of this kind having a single opening therethrough and a pair of removable covers, one perforate and one imperforate, so that particulate material may be poured out in a stream or spooned out with both covers removed or shaken out with only the imperforate cover removed.

Another object is to provide such device wherein all of the assembled elements are formed lin a unitary molded body from flexible plastic, thus providing an inexpensive, unbreakable, sanitary unit.

Another object is to provide a dispensing closure construction wherein vthe perforate and imperforate lids r covers are conveniently hinged vto the frame member and equipped with -tabs to permit opening and closing both cover members without difficulty.

These and other objects of the invention will become apparent from the Yfollowing description when read in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a carton for particulate material having a dispensing device mounted in the top thereof;

FIGURE 2 is an enlarged plan view ofthe dispensing device shown in FIGURE l and constructed in accordance with the invention;

FIGURE 3 is a sectional view taken along the line 3'-3 of FIGURE 2;

FIGURE 4 is a sectional View through the dispensing device and the top o-f the container in which it is mounted showing the imperforate and perforate covers in closed position;

FIGURE 5 is a sectional View taken along the line 5-5 of FIGURE 4;

FIGURE 6 shows a modified form of the dispensing device ofthe invention integrally molded with a cap or top for a container such as the container of FIGURE l; and

FIGURE 7 is a sectional view taken along the line 7-7 of FIGURE 6. j

. 'Ilhedispensing device of the invention is suitable for use with a container such as that identified by the numeral 10 in FIGURE l, having ya cap or top 12 and abottom 14 atet secured tothejbody portion. The ydispenserl is also suit# able for use with other types of containers. Mounted in accordance with the invention'` and identified generally by the numeral 20. The device consists of a frame member 30 of substantial lthickness having a groove 26 in the outer peripheral wall thereof which is )adapted to receive the marginal edge of wal-l 12 surrounding an opening in the container top. The upper ange 30 of the frame member extends over the marginal edge of the wall 12 and maybe tapered toward the outer edge. The lower portion of the outside wall of frame member 22 is tapered inwardly as indicate-d `at 28 to facilitate pressing the dis pensing unit into the opening provided therefor in the top of the container. The inner peripheral face 29 of the frame 22 also slopes toward the centerof the opening to provide a seat on which the perforated cover or web 32 rests when in closed position. There is no shoulder or ange on which particulate material mayV rest and interfere with seating of the web. A ibead 31 is provided on the inner peripheral edge of the frame member near the ice or lid 48 in closed position. The Yframe member 22 may be elliptical, round, generally oblong with rounded cor ners, as illustrated in lthe drawing, or any other suitable shape. Y

Perforate web 32 containing holes 38-is hinged to the frame '22 bymean's of plastic strip hinges 34, 36 extending froml the left side of theV lframe as viewed in FIGURES l and 2. Web 32- has an upwardly projecting side wall 42 ilared outwardly towardl the top (when disposed'within the `fratrie) to provide a'press iit against the side wall land bead 3'1 of the frame. The outside cornerof the projection 42 is broken to conformwith the bead 31. It will be noted that the projecting side wall forms a well in webv 32. This provides a pocket for the imperforate cover 48, as indicated below. -A -tab 40 also rintegrally molded from plas-tic material extends from the side of ythe cover opposite the hinged side .and is provided to facilitate lifting the web or inserting the web in the frame. When the perforate web 32 is disposed within the frame and seated on its supporting flange 24, particulate material from the container may be sprinkled through the openings 38. In other words, the container may .be used as a shaker. When the web 32 is removed as `shown in FIGURE l, the frame 30 defines a pouring spout through which particulate material. may -freely flow. j

To seal the opening completely I have provided an imperforate lid or .cover 48 which maybe hinged to the other side of the frame 30 by means ofplastic strip hinges 50, 52 similar to the hinges 34, 36.v 'Ihe cover 48 has a central depression in the underside thereof which results in a marginal base 54 which `seals against vthe surface of the perforated web 32 when both `are in closed position, as `best shown in FIGURE 4. The cover 48 has -a tab 56 similar to the tab 40 to facilitate insertion and removal thereof in the well provided in the top of perforated web 32. In order to provide a good seal between the cover '48 and the web 32, a bead 43 is provided around the inner'edge of the vertical flange 42 projecting, from the surface of the cover 32 as shown in FIGURE 3.

In FIGURES 6 and 7 I h-ave shown a'modied form of my invention wherein boththe perforated vweb and the imperforate cover are hinged together from one side of the frame member. Alsojin this modification the frame member is integrally molded with a cap 15 having a downwardly turned ange 16 4adapted to fit over the body 10 of the container (FIGURE 7). By integrallymolding the dispenser in the wall of the container, the labor required for mounting the dispensing'unit is eliminated.- Furthermore, the integrally molded assembly is not likely tobecome disassembled. j InFIGIlR-ES 6 and vf7 the frame member isv identified by-the numeral 60 and has an inner face 62- inclined.,inwardlyA toward the container iwhich provides a seat for the perforate lweb 66 which yhas a complementary inclined outer surface 73. The web 66 contains sprinkler holes or openings 67 and is hinged to the s-ide of the frame by means of plastic strip hinges 70, 71. A marginal projection 68 extends above the plane of the perforated web 66 and provides a well for the imperforate cover 74, hinged to the other side of the perforated web 66.V Projection 68 carries an internal bead 69 under which the cover is seated in closed position. The cover 74 is secured 'by means of hin-ges 76, 77 which are similar to hinges 70 and 71. The underside of the cover 74 is cen trally depressed so that a marginal base 80 is formed around the outside thereof. The marginal base in closed position is slightly -spaced above the top of the web 66 so a granular material that might lodge thereon does not interfere with the sealing of the web 66 beneath the bead 64.' A tab 78'is provided to facilitate insertion and removal of the cover 74 in the well provided therefor in the top of the perforated web 66. Similarly, a tab 72 is provided ,to permitrinsertion; and removal olf-the perforated weby withinuthe frame 60. The upstanding projection 68 on the perforated web is slightly iiared so that it forms a tight seal against the inner wall of the -frarne 60 as therweb is pushedinto. place below Vthe bead 64 near the top of theffrarne it willbefappreciatedythatthe containerA as shown in FIGURES 6.; and maybe ,used to .pour particulate material through the opening in the -frame member 60. When th'eperforated web 66 -is snapped into place within the frarne, -the container maybeused asa shaker. When the containeris ,.not `in-usethe imperforate cover 74 is pressed..downgiutoA the/well `provided therefor in the, top of vthe `perforated web. The bead, 69 serves to hold the imperforate; coyer 7 4, securely inv position. When the containerfis being used as a shaker the-imperforatecover 74 will, of course, ybe disposed'ontheright side of the framesince itis-hingedto thevperforated web rather than to the frame member:v

Fromv theforegoingdescription, it will be appreciatedV that the;dis'pensingpunit;of` the invention, is1 designed to be rnoldedrinV one, piece,y frame,` perforatedgweb, cover, hingesgtabs andal1. Polyethylene is'the preferred` plastic but otherrexibleimaterialssuch-,asplasticized vinylresins and rubbersareisuitable;

Other modicationsfiofi thisv invention willv occur to those. skilledxinfthe art. ltis'zmy intention to cover by the appended claims elementsi- Whchareequivalent to thosey shown-rin the drawing as wellas other modifications which may reasonably be included 'withinv their scope vWhat I: claimas new and'desireto secureby Letters Patent of the IUnited :States is:

l. Armolded'plastic dispensing-device for a'coutainer comprisingaatramemember having afcentral opening therethrough, a-perforatedweb:having-fa marginal edge adapted tozseatfwithi-n the-opening in saidfrarne andl hinged thereto, an outwardly directed rim alongthe man ginal-edgeofsaidwebandforminga seat, and, avrernovable irnnerforate` cover hinged to the dispensing device andseatahle-Jindhe rim :of the perforated web,

2. A unitary-molded' plastic dispensing device for a containercomprising; a iatframe having an openingL therethrough, afperforated webadaptedy toseat in theopening -of""said frarneeande hinged toone side thereof, a

peripheral 'rim kon-the-outside'ofsaid perforated web,` andanimperforate cover hinged l to i the other`v side ofsaid frame and seatable-within) the peripheral ofsaidweb;

3. A unitary molded plastic dispensing device for a containercomprisingafiat frame having an opening therethroughi, aperforated-'webadapted to seat-in said opening `of-saidfframe--andihingedto one sidepthereof, a tab extending from'the^sid'e ofr'said web opposite said hinged side, a-perip-l1eralV rim around ,the outside ofsaid web, and an i'mperforatecover-hinged;-` to the otherside of`said frame--and-'seatable within the rim of"said1web.

i 4. Av unitary moldedplastic dispensing device-for-a container comprising a flat frame member of substantial thickness having a groove in the outer peripheral' side wall thereof for receiving the` container wall in which it is mounted, a through opening said frame having an inner peripheral face inclined inwardly toward the container, a perforatedweb havingra marginal projection extending upwardly therefrom andv deninga Well, said web being hinged yto one'side` ofsa'idframe and adapted to seat on said inner face,l av tab extending from the side of said web opposite said hinged side for removing the web from the frame, a removable imperforate, cover hinged to the device and adapted totitwithin saidv -well to seal oif said perforated web.

5, The. device of clairn4 :wherein said marginalprojection and said frame each carry ay bead on its inner per ripheral wall near the top thereof, to removably secure their respective closures.

6. The device of claim 4 wherein said iniperforate cover has a central depression in theunderside thereof and a marginal base'adaptedy to seatagainstthe top of said web when the dispenser is closed.

v7. A unitary moldedplastic dispensing l.device forl a, container comprising a at framemember of substantial.

thicknessmountablefin,one Iwall of acontainer, a through opening in said ,frame/havinggan inner face-inclined in-, wardly toward said container, aA 'beadVv on Isaid inner, face nearthe -top of` said, openingga perforated web hayingla, marginal projection extending'upiwardly therefrom and defining a well, abead at theytop of said wel-Llsaidweb being hinged'nto one Vside of saidframeand,havingyaninf` clinedfouter side wall complementingsaid inner facerand-A adapted to be removably seated on said innerifacebeneath thebead -onV said frame, a tabextendingfromthe, side of said web opposite said hinged side forrernoving.

the webv from the lframe, andl a removable imperforate cover,l adapted to fitV withinsaidgwell beneath its ,bead to i seal off said perforated web andhinged,toonefsideofe theweb.V

8. A multiple dispensing closure yfor the V,wall of @com tainer comprising` a flat frameL having a central opening therethrough and,

frame ,adjacent;the plane oflthegroove,V there beingan outwardly directed recess in the foraminous; member, and:

an imperforate closure memberhinged to. the-foregoing assembly and seatable in the. recess voi theforaminous member insubstantially the plane of the. groove.

- References :Cited vin the file -of ,this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS" A1biani. lune 16,19760 an outwardlyl directed'4 p eripht-:ralf`Y` groove onV said frame, a forarnincnlsy closure;l memberhinged to the frame and seatable in saidV openingV in the,

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