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Publication numberUS3019443 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1962
Filing dateMay 20, 1959
Priority dateMay 20, 1959
Publication numberUS 3019443 A, US 3019443A, US-A-3019443, US3019443 A, US3019443A
InventorsRose Marie Lewis
Original AssigneeRose Marie Lewis
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Perspiration shield
US 3019443 A
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Feb. 6, 1962 v M. L. R585. 3,019,443

' PERSPIRATION SHIELD Filed May 20, 1959 IN VENTOR Unite 3,019,443 Patented Feb. 6, 1962 3,019,443 PERSPWATPION SHELD Marie Lewis Rose, 5 Tudor City Place, Apt. 3-8, New York, N.Y. Filed May 20, 1959, Ser. No. 814,648 1 Claim. (til. 2-55) My invention consists of a thin, flexible, transparent, moisture-proof, one-piece, single-part adhesive shield which may be applied directly to the underarm, without the need for attachment to garments, and which will incorporate means of absorption, neutralization and reduction of perspiration, also perfume and emollient, and flesh-tints as desired, and leaving free adhesive areas throughout the shield to hold the shield to the armpit.

Although shields of some similarity are known, they are mostly of the pad-type and such as to be rather bulky and conspicuous, especially for use with sheer blouses and the like, and they also provide limited adhesive area to hold them to the underarm.

One of the principal objects of my invention, therefore, is to provide a one-piece, single-part shield, as stated, having minimum bulk and visibility, and maxi mum adhesive area.

Another object is to simplify the form and manufacture to keep the cost low so that it might allow one-time use.

Other objects are to provide in such a shield simple and direct means of absorption, neutralization and reduction of perspiration, also perfume and emollient, and flesh-tints as desired, and leaving free adhesive area throughout the shield to hold it to the armpit.

To accomplish my objectives I would use thin, flexible, transparent, elastic, moisture-proof material, such as plastic-film, probably polyethylene type, preferably without gloss, and over the entire surface of one side of this material would be spread suitable type adhesive. By means of this adhesive I would apply, in various ways, of which several examples are hereinafter set forth, powder-like substance prepared to contain ingredients to provide for absorption, neutralization and reduction of perspiration, also emollient and perfume, and flesh-tints as desired, and leaving free adhesive area throughout the shield to hold it to the armpit.

Formulas for the powder-like substance, to be used as outlined above, would be obtained from qualified suppliers, and my purpose is not to list any specific formula but to remain free to keep up-to-date with improvements along these lines as they may develop.

The powder-like substance would be applied in various ways to bring about the different types of prepared plastic-film material from which shields would be made and several species of which are explained herein and pointed out in the accompanying drawing, in which the same reference characters have been used to designate the same parts throughout as follows:

FIGURE 1, a plan view, illustrates the stippled type shield.

FIGURE 2, a plan view, illustrates the spotted type shield.

FIGURE 3, a plan view, illustrates the striped type shield.

The shield in FIGURE 1 shows one form made in accordance with my invention, in which the plastic-film material foundation described herein'is indicated by reference numeral 8, and the adhesive coating fully covering one side of the plastic-film is indicated by reference numeral 9, and applied by means of this adhesive is powder-like substance-stippling indicated by numeral 10, and leaving free adhesive areas throughout the shield. The broken-lines indicated by reference numeral 11 show the approximate fold-line when the shield is worn.

In FIGURE 2 is shown another form made in accordanee with my invention showing plastic-film foundation 8, and adhesive coating 9, and powder-like substance-spotting indicated by reference numeral 12, leaving free adhesive area throughout the shield. Approximate foldline is numeral 11.

Shown in FIGURE 3 is still another form made in accordance with my invention, showing plastic-film foundation 8, and adhesive coating 9, and powder-like substance striping, crosswise on shield, indicated by reference numeral 13, and leaving free adhesive areas throughout the shield. Approximate fold-line numeral 11.

In the particular forms of my invention shown in the drawing, shields are made from plastic-film material prepared with an adhesive surface on one side, to which the powder-like substance is applied in certain areas, and leaving certain free areas of adhesive surface, as set forth herein, but I would have it understood that other forms of these areas-combinations might be made in the preparation of plastic-film material for use in embodiment of my invention without departing from the spirit and scope thereof.

Preferably these shields would be approximately oval in shape, as shown in the drawing, and sized to cover the armpit.

Having described my improvement, what I wish to claim, as an article of manufacture, is as follows:

A self-adhering underarm perspiration shield, substantially as described herein, comprising in combination: a sheet of thin, elastic, flexible, transparent and moistureproof plastic material formed in a generally oval configuration and which may be folded upon a transverse fold-line between two approximately similar portions; an adhesive material coated upon the entire surface of one side of said plastic-film material; a flesh-tinted, emollient and perfumed powder-like substance providing ingredients for the absorption, neutralization and reduction of perspiration; said powder-like substance being arranged in spaced areas upon the outer surface of said adhesive material and held thereto by means of the inherent adhesive properties of said adhesive material to provide the entire outer surface of said one side of said plastic material with said spaced areas of powder-like substance and adjacent areas of free adhesive; whereby said perspiration shield is adapted to be placed upon the under arm portion of the body of a wearer and held to the body of the wearer by means of said free adhesive areas.

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U.S. Classification2/55
International ClassificationA41D27/13
Cooperative ClassificationA41D27/133
European ClassificationA41D27/13A