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Publication numberUS302104 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1884
Filing dateMar 1, 1884
Publication numberUS 302104 A, US 302104A, US-A-302104, US302104 A, US302104A
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Means for mounting photographic cards
US 302104 A
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Patented Jul 15,1884. Z? Y j Zj? I fil iitesses; QC) 0 Inventor Ear 71.8% 2", al l rcedzhstj M v c N FIJERS. FhuluLitlvcgnphan wuhin lm n. c.

'Be it known that I, BARNETT'M. DINsT, acitizen of the United States, residing PATENT F CE BAnNETT'Mf oLINEDiN'sr, or BALTIMORE, MaiarLA npAssieNon To" THOMAS H. MOGOLLIN, oFrH LAnELrHIA, PENNSYLVANIA.


' SPECIFICATION forming part of'Letters Patent 1705302104; dated July 15, 1884 Application filed March 19, 1884; (No model.)

To all whomrit m ay concerrn G INE- 1 at Baltimore, in the'countypf Baltimore and *Stateof Maryland,have'invented certain new and useful Improvements inMeans for Mounting Photographs, -C2LI(1S, &O,;Y and I do hereby declare the following to-be apfull, clear,

and exact description of the inventiomsuch as will enableothers skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

- The principal object ofv my invention is to increase the capacity of sheets or leaves for photographic albums; and it consists in a sheet of card or other paper board provided with fiexiblemetallic earsor clips, arranged I with definite relation toeach other, sothat they may embrace and clamp the edges of one or more cards, I

It also consists in a body or base of paperboard provided with a raised border and flexible clips to clampsuperp'osed cards.

It also consists in the combination, with a sheet of straw or other board, of clips of flexible material extending through said board and adapted to be bent over the edges of cards placed onl'oppo'site' faces of said sheet. In the drawings, Figure '1 is a View representing ashe'et' or boardof straw-paper or other-material havingpictures mounted thereon accordingto my invention. Fig. 2 is a section of the board, the pictures, and the clips inposition. Figs. 3, '4, and 5 illustrate different ways of connecting the clipswith the board. Fig. 6 shows different forms of clips.

A is a base, of card or other paper board, which is provided or armed with flexible clips or clamps a. These clips are preferably made from sheet metal kin the form of a disk, the double ones, however being formed for convenience in handling of two disks joinedby a shortweb, as shownin Fig. 6. Theboard A is provided with small slots for the reception of the clips, cut at the proper points,

' according to the size and shape of the picture or card to be mounted. These slots are made so that when the clips'or disks are inserted they will fitclosely. '-A board having been thus fitted with the slots and clips ordisks, I the cards I) are placed in the proper spaces,


article of trade for use in, mounting cards be doublefas shown.

and that part of the clipprojecting above the face of the board is turned or bent down over the same, thus securely fastening it to the To remove the picture or card, it is. only necessary to raise a part of the clips, when thefpicture may be removed and another put in its place; r

'In the group of figures marked 6, I have shown simply a straight, fiat strip, a, whichmay be used asa clip in place of thedisk. The clips. arecut from thin sheet metal, preferablyain the form of, disks joined together in pairs, and may be ornamented with figures of 1 any desired pattern, and'gui-lded, and may be put up in boxes and soldseparately'as an upon any suitable base. The marginsshould be raised to an extent equal tdthe thickness of the cards or pictures to be mounted,so that the sheet may operate in the nature of a frame to guard the face of the pictures from injury by chafing when either face of the sheet is 'in contact with another sheet or with a plane surface.

For photographic albums the sheets may be made with "decorative margins, and should be them together in book form. :The sheets, when so bound, are to be interleaved with firm paper, which may be laid off in squares or rectangles, within which a sketch or explana' tion of the print opposite the same may be.

inserted, and serves as a cushion to protect thefaces of the prints. The clips nearest the outside of thesheet will. ordinarily be single, while those between the edges of the card will Where cards are to be mounted only on one side of av sheet--as, for example, theinside of the coverof an album the board or cover should be built up of two or more thicknesses of material, the clips passed through one of them, and the heads covered by the other. will be prepared and the clips inserted and bent down in the proper position for cards of Ordinarily, the sheets a given size, and albums will have some leaves or sheets for each of the sizes of cards generally adopted by photographers; but it is obvious that arrangement may be made for cards of different sizes on the same sheet.

of such sizeas to afford means of binding what I claim as new is-- 1. The combination of a sheet or base of card or other paper board, and flexible ears or clips, substantially such as described, adapted to be bent to clamp the edges of cards and hold them against the face of the sheet, as specified.

2. The combination, with a sheet of paperboard, of a number of flexible ears or clips arranged with relation to the sheet and with each other, as shown and described, whereby a number of cards may be' clamped and held with their edges adjacent to eaeh'other for simultaneous display, substantially as de- 25 I seribed.

3. The combination, with a sheet of straw or other board, of clips of flexible material extending through said boards, adapted to be bent over the edges of cards on opposite sides 0 of the sheet, substantially as described.

4. The combination, with a sheet of paperboard provided with a raised border, of flexible clips adapted to be bent over and to clamp the edges of cards or pictures, substantially 35 as described.

In testimony that I claim. the foregoing, I hereunto affix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.

BARNETT in. omnnnmsr.


WM. A. ROSENBAUM, V. D. Srocnnnrnen.

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