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Publication numberUS3022786 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 27, 1962
Filing dateDec 24, 1954
Priority dateDec 24, 1954
Publication numberUS 3022786 A, US 3022786A, US-A-3022786, US3022786 A, US3022786A
InventorsCherie Nalon Mitzie
Original AssigneeCherie Nalon Mitzie
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Colostomy device
US 3022786 A
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Feb. 27, 1962 M. c. NALON COLOSTOMY DEVICE Filed Dec. 24, 1954 IN VEN TOR. 14/ 77/5 CHER/E IVfiLO/V United States Patent 3,022,786 CULOSTOMY DEVICE Mitzie Cherie Nalon, Los Angeles, Calif. (10518 Wiishire Blvd, West Los Angeles, Calif.) Filed Dec. 24, 195 5, Ser. No. 477,499 2 Claims. (Cl. 128-283) The present invention relates to a colostomy device of the type worn on the body around a surgically produced body opening, for the collection of any waste material that might be discharged through such opening, and is particularly directed to such colostomy device that is formed of a body contacting portion and of a waste sack removably held on such body contacting portion.

it is an object of the present invention to devise a colostomy device of the character described which may be secured directly to the body of the wearer and which will remain safely, securely and fixedly on the wearers body, unless deliberately removed, during the wearers normal activities, thereby relieving the wearers of any 1 mental strain or anxiety of mishaps.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a colostomy device of the character described in which the removable waste sack is safely and securely held on the body contacting portion, but may, nevertheless, be easily and conveniently removed for removal of the waste material and for cleaning, and replaced in position with out affecting the body contacting portion to loosen it or shift it from its fixed position on the body.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide a colostomy device of the character described which is neat and compact and may be worn under the clothing without showing therethrough to the exterior, to further compose and set at rest the wearers mind.

It is a still further object of the present invention to provide a colostomy device of the character described which is strong and durable and relatively economical.

The foregoing and other objects and advantages of the colostomy device of the present invention will become more readily apparent to those skilled in the art from the embodiment thereof shown in the accompanying drawing and from the description following. It is to be understood, however, that such embodiment is shown by way of illustration only, to make the principles and practice of the invention more readily comprehensible and without any intent of limiting the invention to the specific details therein shown.

In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a plan view of one embodiment of a colostomy device of the present invention, partly broken away and in section, to show details of construction and assembly; and

FIG. 2 is a section through the device taken on line 22 of FIG. 1.

Referring now more specifically to the accompanying drawing, the colostomy device therein illustrated comprises a body contacting member, generally designated as 1%, and a waste receiving sack member, generally designated as 12.

The body contacting member 16 comprises a stifiiy flexible, relatively thick annular or ring member, 14, which may preferably be made of a suitable synthetic rubber composition, such as neoprene, and is formed with a fiat body contacting face, 16, the surface of which is enlarged by an outwardly laterally extending, relatively thin, soft, annular flange, 18. The ring 14 is provided, externally of the flange 18, with an annular groove, 20.

The member may be secured directly to the body, around a surgically formed opening, by a suitable adhesive applied to its face 16. It has been found that when the member 10 is so attached to the skin, it will be safely, securely and fixedly held in place during all normal activities of the wearer, even bathing, and that it will not be loosened or shifted by the movement of the body or the contact of the wearers clothes thereagainst, or even by the removal and replacement of the sack member 12.

However, for further security, the flange 18 may be formed with car extensions, 22, in each of which may be set a separable fastener element such as a snap fastener element, 24, that may be engaged by a cooperating snap fastener element, 26, provided at each end of 21 preferably adjustable belt, 28.

The sack member 12 is preferably formed of thin elastic material such as natural or synthetic latex, and is preferably dome-shaped and provided with an elastic, thickened or beaded edge, 30, that is adapted to snap over the outer side of the groove 20 and fit snugly therewithin. The sack member 12 is washable and cleanable and may be repeatedly used.

Preferably, for greater strength and security, the beaded edge 30 is formed around a metallic wire coil, 32, which greatly strengthens such beaded edge against tearing and increases the security With which it is held within the groove 20.

This completes the description of the colostomy device of the present invention and the manner in which it may be safely, neatly and conveniently used. it will be apparent that numerous variations and modifications may be made in the colostomy device of the present invention by anyone skilled in the art, in accordance with the principles of the invention hereinbefore set forth, and without the exercise of any inventive ingenuity. I desire, therefore, to be protected for any and all such variations and modifications that may be made within the spirit of the invention and the scope of the claims hereto appended.

What I claim is:

l. A device of the character described adapted for afiixation to the body by means of an adhesive comprising annular member of a stiffiy flexible material, said annular member having a relatively thin flange of flexible material extending outwardly from one side thereof, said flange having its outer face co-extending with the annulus defined by said annular member and forming therewith a body contacting surface, said annular member having an annular groove formed therein externally thereof, and a cover member formed of thin flexible material and having a beaded elastic edge snugly engaged within said groove, said flange having opposed ears extending therefrom, each of said ears having a separable fastening means adapted for cooperative engagement With the ends of a belt having correlative fastening means, the beaded edge of said membrane being formed with elastic reinforcing means, which beaded edge includes an annular pocket within which is disposed a metallic coil spring.

2. A device of the character described adapted for atfixation to the body by means of adhesive comprising a relatively thick annular member of stiflly flexible material, said annular member having a fiat face adapted to rest flatly against the body, and an externally formed annular groove in said member, and a cover member of thin membraneous material having means for snug fitment within said groove, the membrane being thickened for such fitment within said groove, and wherein the cover member comprises a hollow tubular edge element, having a metallic coil spring disposed within said hollow portion.

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