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Publication numberUS303012 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1884
Publication numberUS 303012 A, US 303012A, US-A-303012, US303012 A, US303012A
InventorsPen Holder
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Pen holder and wiper combined
US 303012 A
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I PEN HOLDER. AND WIPER COMBINED. 'No; 303,012. Patented Aug. 5, 1884.




fiBE-CIPICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 303,012, dated August 5, 1884. Application filed November 21, 1883. (No model.)

back and the pen-wiper removed. Fig. 5 is a central longitudinal sectional view. Fig. 6 is a cross-section through the pen-reoeiving end of the wooden cylinder.

Similar letters of reference are used to indicate like parts throughout the several views.

A represents a wooden cylinder, upon which is placed a sliding tube, B, provided with a longitudinal slot, B, and upon one side of the slot is made notches B B Within this slot a pin, 0, is placed, which enters the wooden cylinder or stock, and limits the movement of the slide or tube 13. A rabbet or recess, D, is formed at the outer end of the stock to conform to the heel of the pen. This recess is made deep enough to permit the slide to pass over the inner end of the pen when it is in position and hold it firmly in place in the recess, and also to slide sufficiently to cover the entirepen and point, so that it will not project and catch in the garments of the user, or spoil the point of the pen when it is placed away for the day by scholars at school by coming in contact with hard substances.

In the rabbet or recess in the end of the cylinder or stock isplaced a pin, E.which enters a hole made in the pen at E. This pin does not project so far as to prevent the slide from passing over the pen, and when the slide extends over the heel of the pen on a line with the hole and pin the pen is held firmly and will not move in its receptacle, either to the right or left,when in use. Apermanent tube, F, is placed upon the opposite end of the wooden stock, the inner end of which forms a stop for the inner end of the sliding tube,while within the outer end of this stationary tube a 'chamber is formed to receive the pen-wiper, to be hereinafter more fully described. The pen-wiper consists of a roll of bibulous paper, G, or other suitable ink-absorbent, of sufficient diameter to fit into the chamber. end of the wiper is permanently fixed to a cap. H, by means of a threaded screw or stud, H, which enters the center of the wiper, passing through a short steadying-tube, I, and when the wiper is placed within the chamber, the cap and short tube I is shut down and a tight The inner joint is formed against the lower end of the cap H and the upper end of the stationary tube F.

Having thus described my invention, what Iclaim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent.

l. A pen-holder having awooden stock with a rabbet or recess in the lower end thereof, conforming to the heel of the pen, and a sliding tube adapted to slide over the heel of the. pen, and hold it in position within the recess, and also to entirely cover the pen when not in use, substantially in the manner as herein set forth and specified.

2. A pen-holder provided with a cap and chamber at its upper end, within which cap is placed a roll of bibulous paper as a pen wiper, and adapted to be shut within the chamber, substantially in the manner as herein set forth and specified.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand and seal.




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