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Publication numberUS3040449 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1962
Filing dateFeb 23, 1961
Priority dateFeb 23, 1961
Publication numberUS 3040449 A, US 3040449A, US-A-3040449, US3040449 A, US3040449A
InventorsPhillips Fred C
Original AssigneePhillips Fred C
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Fastening device for golf shoe spikes
US 3040449 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

June 26, 1962 F. c. PHILLIPS 3,040,449


Stoughtou, Mass. I Filed Feb. 23, 1961, Ser. No. 90,995 2 Claims. (Cl. 36-25) This invention relatesv to a device to be mounted in the outsole of a golf shoe to receive and anchor spikes such as are commonly used on golf shoes. It is an object of the invention to provide a thin steel plate to he embedded in the outsole of a golf shoe, the plate having a number of spike receptacles permanently secured thereto in such a way as to retain a maximum degree of flexibility of the plate. It is a further object of the invention to fasten the receptacles to the plate by means which are simple but effective. Other advantageous features will be apparent from the following description of the invention and from the drawing, of which- FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a golf shoe with the forward portion of the outsole torn away to show the device in place;

FIGURE 2 is a perspective view of the fastening device embodying the invention;

FIGURE 3 is a fragmentary sectional view of the device,'on alarger scale; r

FIGURE 4 is a perspective view of a receptacle shown in FIGURE 3; and 1 FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary plan view of the plate shown in FIGURES 1 and 2.

A thin metal plate 10, preferably of spring steel, is mounted between the outsole 12 and thernidsole orindicated in FIGURE 1, the rear edge 16 of the plate Ibeing curved inward to avoid a straight transverse edge which A United States Patent 0 ICC against the top face, the end portions of the tongues 32 are then hent over to engage the areas of the bottom face of the plate at the ends of the aperture. This simple structure firmly locks the receptacle in place and the engagement of the side edges of the tongues withthe side edges of the aperture prevents any turning of the recep tacle when a spike is screwed into or out of the stem 28 of the receptacle.

Perforations 36 are provided in the outsole 12 into,

which the stems 280f the receptacles can extend when the outsole is assembled on" the shoe.

I claimf I h 1. A fastening device for golf shoe spikes, comprising a thin plate of spring steel shaped to fit within the con tour of the fore part of a shoe sole, said plate having aplurality of oblong apertures therethrough, and a spikereceptacle mounted in each said aperture, each said receptacle comprising an interiorly threaded cylindrical tulbe extending through the middle of one of said apertures and a flange on an end of the tube hearing against the top face of the plate, sa id' flange having two tongues struck up from diametrically opposite points of the flange and extending through the aperture to overlap the under face of the plate at the ends of the aperture.

2. A fastening device for golf shoe spikes, compris-- I ing a thin plateof spring steel shaped to fit within the would tend to cut into the sole as the latter is flexed in v the process of walking. r

The plate 10 is provided with a number of oblong apertures 20, the midportions of which may he arcuately widened slightly as indicated at 22 in FIGURE 5. These apertures are designed to receive receptacles 24 for spikes 26. Each receptacle 24 comprises a tubular stem 28 which is interiorly screw-threaded. At one end of the stem is a radial flange 30 which is preferably but not necessarily circular. At diametrically opposite points of the periphery of the flange 30 two tongues 32 are struck up. These tongues are on either side of the stem 28 and'are in planes parallel to the axis of the stem and perpendicular to the plane of the flange 30.

The stem. 28 is adapted to extend through the mid portionof an aperture 20 and to fit snugly in the widened portion 22. The struck-up tongues '32 are of the same width as the apertures 20 and are so spaced apart that contour of the forepart of a shoe sole," said plate having a plurality of oblong apertures therethrough, each aper ture having a widened mid portion hounded by circular arcs, and a spike receptacle extending through each said' aperture, each said receptacle comprising an interiorly' threaded cylindrical tubular stem fitting the mid portion of the aperture through which it extends, and a circular flange at one end of the stem hearing against the top surface of the plate, said flange having two diametricallyopposite tongues struck up therefrom and extending down through said aperture near the respective ends thereof, the extremities of said tongues overlapping portions of theplate adjacent to the ends of said slot.

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U.S. Classification36/127, 36/67.00D, 36/59.00R
International ClassificationA43C15/00, A43C15/16
Cooperative ClassificationA43C15/161
European ClassificationA43C15/16A