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Publication numberUS304418 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1884
Publication numberUS 304418 A, US 304418A, US-A-304418, US304418 A, US304418A
InventorsMooee E. Fletchee
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US 304418 A
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Patented Spt Fig .1.



srnczrrcnrron forming part of Letters Patent No. 304,418, dated September 2, 1884.

Application filed December 19.1883. (Specimens) To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, MOORE R. FLETCHER, a citizen of the .United States,- residing at Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of 5 Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Double -Embossed Fabrics; and I do hereby declare .that the same are fully described in the following specification and illustrated in the accompanying 1O drawings.

My invention is a new article of manufacture-a double-embossed sheet or roll of paper or paper-pulp, or of equivalent material, formed with broken corrugations or alternate l 5 elevations and depressions both lengthwise and crosswise, and extending both above and below an intermediate fulled, shirred, or wrinkled portion, into which they become merged.

In the drawings, Figure 1 represents a roll 20 of my improved fabric; Fig. 2, an edgewise or sectional view thereof yand Fig. 3 is a plan of a piece of m y fabric enlarged for clearness.

My fabric is peculiar, in that it is embossed in both directions, with short corrugations ar- 2 5 ranged alternately above and below the intermediate plane, which is fulled or Shirred by reason of and to correspond with the lessening in length which the entire sheet under-' goes in the treatment which corrugates it.

My article is to be distinguished from ordinary embossed fabrics whiclr have one flat side, and from the well-known quilled or fluted bottle-packing paper, which is commonly re- .enforced on one or. both sides by a'plain pasted sheet to prevent the flutes from flattening out.

The short broken corrugations which charac terize my article have sufiicient stiffness to retain their shape in use, and require no re-enforcing sheet- The heavier grades form an 4.0 admirable carpet-lining, and the various qualities are adapted for many ornamental and useful purposes. I design it particularly for the packing of bottles and other fragile articles. The elevations and depressions occur alter-- 5 nately in regular order, lengthwise, crosswise, and obliquely on both sides of the sheet,whicli is thus not only strengthened and adapted mechanically for the special purposes forwhieh it is designed, but is rendered novel and attractive in appearance, fitting it for the pro- 0 duct-ion of a great variety of fancy articlesl In the manufacture of my improved fabric I propose to employ any material or combination of materials adapted to the production i of such an-article, and especially the various grades-of paper and straw-board of suitable tenacity. I prefer, however, to make it from wood-pulp, sheets of which, sized if required, are corrugated, as described, while in a moist unfinished condition, and are snbsequentlym .described a fluted paper having flutes running I in azigzag course across the sheet. I disclaim everything set forth in said patent.

. .I claim as my present invention 1. Asa new article of manuthcture,a doubleembossed fabric formed with independent hollovwbosses extending above and below the plane of intermediate fnlled, shirred, or wrinkled material, substantially as set forth.

2. As a new article of manufacture,a doubleembossed fabric of homogeneous material, formed with alternate hollow bosses or elevations and depressions, arranged in oblique lines on both its surfaces, and put up in sheets or rolls, substantially as set forth.

In testimony whereof I hereto affix my sig-. nature in presence of "two witnesses.


Witnesses: I A. H. SPENCER,


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