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Publication numberUS3044499 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1962
Filing dateDec 17, 1959
Priority dateDec 17, 1959
Publication numberUS 3044499 A, US 3044499A, US-A-3044499, US3044499 A, US3044499A
InventorsRudolf Frerich
Original AssigneeStoecker & Kunz G M B H
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Refractory ceramic pipe for fusible material
US 3044499 A
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July 17, 1962 R. FRERICH 3,044,499

REFRACTORY CERAMIC PIPE FOR FUSIBLE MATERIAL Filed Dec. 17. 1959 INVENTOR Rudolph Frerich ATTORNEYS ilnited States 3,044,499 REFRACTGRY CERAIVHC FEE FGR FUSIBLE MATERlAL Rudolf Frerich, Dusseldorf Meererbnsch, Germany, as-

signor to Stoecker & Kuuz G.m.b.H., Krefeld lliun- Rheinhafen, Germany Filed Dec. 17, 1959, Ser. No. 860,226 1 Claim. (Cl. 138-143) The present invention relates to a refractory ceramic pipe through which molten metals, molten rock and the like may be passed without the danger of bursting the same due to the expansion and forces caused in the wall of the pipe by the heat.

By a proper selection of the initial materials used in constructing refractory ceramic products the resistance to temperature variations has been considerably improved. However, such materials have not been successful in ceramic pipes through which fusible material has been passed. When fusible material is initi lly Passed through a ceramic pipe there arises within the wall of the pipe from the interior towards the exterior thereof expansion forces which tend to break the pipe. It is an object of the present invention to provide a pipe which will considerably reduce the danger of bursting due to such forces.

A further object of the invention is to provide a ceramic pipe for molten materials which comprises concentric ceramic interior and exterior pipes between which there is positioned a metallic casing.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a ceramic pipe of the type indicated which is gas tight.

A still further object of the invention is to improve the resistance to temperature variations by providing a refractory material between the intermediate metallic casing and the interior and exterior ceramic pipes.

With the above and other objects in view, a preferred form of the invention which should be considered only as exemplary, is shown in the drawings in which;

FIGURE 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view through a pipe constructed in accordance with the present invention, and

FIGURE 2 is a cross-sectional view of such a pipe.

Referring to the drawings, 1 indicates the interior ceramic pipe and 2 the exterior ceramic pipe and in between is located the metallic casing 3. Between the exterior pipe 2 and the metal casing 3 there is provided a refractory material 4- such as putty, cement, or mortar and between the interior pipe 1 and the metallic casing 3 there is provided a layer 5 of similar material.

When a molten material is poured through such a pipe the heat expansion taking place in the interior pipe 1 is intercepted to a more or less extent by the metallic casing 3 and is then transmitted in diminished extent to the exterior pipe 2. The force of such heat expansion due to the metallic casing 3 and the refractory material 4 and 5 if such is used is not as a general rule suflicient to burst the exterior pipe 2. Furthermore, if the interior pipe 1 should burst this is of minor importance only since the parts of such pipe will be maintained together by the metallic casing 3.

Furthermore, any molten or fusible material which might penetrate through the broken interior pipe 1 to be intercepted by the metallic casing 3 and if in certain cases such metallic casing should be melted through then the molten material would be held by the exterior pipe 2. The metallic casing '3 makes such a pipe also gas tight.

As is known, basic bricks have been provided for the 3,044,400. Patented July 1?, 1962 lining of furnaces and such bricks are provided with a sheet iron lining. Additional metal sheets may be provided which would extend transversely through the bricks. In such case these bricks are not subject to the same forces and tensions as occur in ceramic pipes through which a fusible or molten material flows.

it is also known to provide sewer bricks, plugs and drains particularly for the pouring of steel and the surface of such bricks which contacts the molten steel is provided with a coating of high fire proof materials such as zirconium, oxide combined with graphite or materials containing a high alumina content such as bauxite, corundum, calcium, alumina, etc. Even with such a coating a bursting of the sewer bricks and plugs frequently takes place when molten steel is poured.

In the present invention the metallic casing 3 is advantageously manufactured from, a metal which has a higher melting point than the molten material which is to be passed through the pipe. In this way the metallic casing will have a strength which is suificient to restrain the heat expansion of the interior ceramic pipe 1.

The interspaces between the interior pipe 1 and the metallic casing 3 and between the exterior pipe 2 and the metallic casing 3 may be if desired filled with a refractory putty, cement or mortar as indicated at 4 and 5 in the drawings.

The interior pipe 1 and the exterior pipe 2 are manufactured from a suitable refractory material of which many are known. For instance, chamotte may be used and the particular ceramic material selected should be that which is least afiected by the fusible or molten material.

Furthermore, the refractory material used should be one having the least thermic expansion such as quartz material, zirconium silicate, silicone carbide and the like so that the danger of the interior and exterior pipes bursting in spite of the provision of the metallic casing is considerably diminished.

It is thought that the invention and its advantages will be understood from the foregoing description and it is apparent that various changes may be made in the form, construction and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention or sacrificing its material advantages, the form hereinbefore described and illustrated in the drawings being merely a preferred embodiment thereof.

I claim:

A refractory ceramicpipe for molten metals, molten rocks and the like comprising an interior sintered refractory ceramic pipe, a second sintered refractory ceramic pipe concentrically arranged around said first named pipe and spaced therefrom, a metal casing located between said two pipes and spaced therefrom and said spacings being filled with a refractory material.

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U.S. Classification138/143, 222/591, 138/149
International ClassificationF16L9/10, F16L9/00
Cooperative ClassificationF16L9/10
European ClassificationF16L9/10