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Publication numberUS3046593 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1962
Filing dateJul 7, 1959
Priority dateJul 7, 1959
Publication numberUS 3046593 A, US 3046593A, US-A-3046593, US3046593 A, US3046593A
InventorsGoldman Norman L
Original AssigneeGoldman Norman L
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US 3046593 A
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y 1962 D. H. GOLDMAN ETAL 3,046,593

APPLICATOR Filed July 7, 1959 INVENTOR.$ 0AV/D H- 601.0MAN BY Mmnnnlfiaonmv ATTORNEY United States Patent Ofi ice 3,046,593 APPLICATOR David H. Goldman and Norman L. Goldman, Cleveland,

Ohio; Rose Goldman, executrix of said David H. Goldman, deceased, assignor of one-half to Norman L.

Goldman Filed July 7, 1959, Ser. No. 825,585

1 Claim. (Cl. 15-565) This invention relates to applicators for use with containers or receptacles containing a liquid to be dispensed, and more particularly the invention is a new and improved type of applicator or fitment for use inapplying liquid, such as cleaning fluids, spot removers and the like, to a fabric or similar material.

It is one of the important objects of thi invention to provide an applicator of the above type which will permit the application of a cleaning fluid or the like to clean and remove spots from a fabric and which will prevent redeposition of the foreign matter removed by the application of such fluid to the fabric.

Another object of this invention is an applicator fitment which eliminates the use of spouts in the application of the fluid to a surface to be cleaned and which is easily applied for use in connection with containers having a bead formed about the open end of the container, or with containers having screw threads formed about the opening. p

Another object of thi invention resides in an applicator fitment for containers of the type described which is readily detachable from small liquid containers whether the same be of metal, glass or plastic, thu permitting the fitment and applicator to be comfortably held in the hand of the user during the application of a cleaning fluid or the like to a surface to be cleaned.

A still further object of this invention resides in the provision of a removable and replaceable piece of cloth or fabric or other suitable material which is applied over the fitment and which is capable of being saturated by fluid passing out of the container to which the fitment is applied, thereby providing an applicator head which will be easy to use in removing spot or stains and. which after it has absorbed or adsorbed grease, pigment or other foreign matter, may be replaced with clean pieces of cloth or fabric and eliminating the redeposition of grease, stains or other foreign matter which have been removed from the surface to be cleaned and which have been absorbed or adsorbed in the removable piece of fabric or cloth which can be discarded.

Still another object of this invention is the provision of a fitment of the above defined character which is provided with a cap having storage space for additional pieces of clean cloth or fabric for subsequent use with the applicator head.

Another object of the invention resides in a fitment embodying our invention which may be applied to containers having a beaded neck or having a threaded neck, and which, when so applied, to either type of container, will provide an effective seal with the container, thus preventing leakage of the fluid from within the container through the fitment.

Another object of this invention is the provision of 9 means for removably clamping the piece of cloth or fabric onto the head of the fitment to hold the same securely in place during use in applying a cleaning fluid from the container to a surface to be cleaned.

Other objects and advantages of this invention will become more apparent as the following description of an embodiment thereof progresses, reference being made to the accompanying drawing in which like reference characters are employed to designate like parts throughout the same.

screw threads to receive the threaded end of a fitment.

The present invention i distinguished over the type of applicators wherein a spout is employed to dispense liquid from a can or container through a soiled surface such as cloth or fabric for the purpose of removing spots, stains or the like in that, by our invention, a better control of the flow of cleaning fluid is maintained, a more uniform distribution of the fluid to the head of the fitment is as sured, and the advantage of replaceable cloth or fabric coverings for the applicator head are all features which are not present in the nozzle type of dispenser or applicator. By these improved features, our applicator can eliminate the redeposition of grease orother foreign mat ter once removed by our applicator from a soiled surface to be cleaned. In our invention, this is easily and readily accomplished by means of a removable fabric cover securely held by the applicator head when in use which, when it has absorbed or picked up such grease or foreign matter from a surface which is being cleaned, can readily be removed and a clean cloth secured to the applicator head.

Referring to the drawing, we have disclosed a form of the invention which is adapted for use with containers having a threaded neck for receiving a thraded applicator head. In this form of the invention, the fluid container cream 1 is provided with a collar 25 which is provided with external screw threads 26 and which has a flat top portion 27, there being an aperture 28 extending through the top portion to communicate the interior of the can with the applicator head when it is assembled on the collar 25.

- While we have shown the threaded type of container as being provided with the collar 25 attached to the neck of a can which is provided with an annular bead 29 over which'the collar is held in place, it is within the purpose of this invention to utilize. a container having a neck in which screw threads may be formed in the'material of the neck of the container to receive an internally threaded applicator head.

The applicator head is indicated at 30 and is threaded internally as at 31, there being an annular recess or seat 32 around the side wall of the head for receiving the peripheral portion of a fabric disk 33, applied as shown in the figure, and which is removably held in place by means of a resilient band or ring 34. The head 30 is provided with a plurality of openings 35 extending through the body of the head and communicating with the fabric disk 33 and with the interior of the head.

Interposed between the head 30 and the fiat upper surface of the member 25 i a sealing disk 36 and between the sealing disk 36 and the head 30 is interposed a baflie disk 37 having a central opening 38 which is in axial alignment with the opening 28. This bafile-disk may be made of cork or other suitable material. 7

On the head 30 is an annular outwardly extending n'b 39 located in the base of the head and this is utilized for the purpose of receiving and removably retaining the side walls of a cap 40, as indicated in the drawing when the cap is assembled over the head. The internal lower wall of the cap 40 is grooved as at 41, this groove being preferably annular and is adapted to permit the cap 40 to be snapped over the annular ring 39. We have also provided means in this form of the invention for storing a plurality of fabric disks 33 in nested position, such means consisting of a storage chamber 42 formed above the cap cap and having an annular rib 45 formed in this annular 7 3,046,593 Patented July31, 1962 Y wall to receive a cover 46 grooved annularly at 47 whereby the cover may be snapped over the rib 45 to enclose the extra fabric disks 33 within the space 42.

In order that cleaning fluid or the like may be dispensed from the can 1, and assuming that the Parts are fully assembled in the relation one to another, as shown in the drawing, the sealing disk 36 may be removed by unscrewing the head 30 from the container after which the head is replaced on the container and the cork bafile disk 36 is then located between the flat surface of the member 25 and the flat annular surface 48 within the head 30. With the parts in this position, it will be seen that fluid will flow through the openings 28 and 38 and will be lodged in the domed space 49 with which the openings 35 communicate, thus permitting the fluid to be fed to the absorbent fabric cleaning disk 33 and to be uniformly distributed over its entire surface to such an extent that the cleaning disk will become substantially saturated upon a tilting of the assembled can and applicator head, the cap and cover 40, 46 having first been removed to expose the head and applicator fabric disk.

From the above, it will readily be seen that our invention provides an applicator for dispensing cleaning fluid or the like in controlled amounts through an applicator head and a cleaning disk removably attached thereto whereby the user is enabled to remove spots and stains from surfaces to be cleaned by simple and easily operated means. Furthermore, our invention is characterized by means for preventing the redeposition of grease and other foreign matter which has been removed from a surface to be cleaned by removing the soiled cleaning disk which has absorbed such foreign matter after it has been removed from the surface to be cleaned and replacing it with a clean fabric cleaning disk, such as those stored in the container for the head. A new fabric cleaning disk may be easily substituted by merely spreading the resilient ring, sufficiently to remove the soiled cloth and substituting a clean cloth over the head, after which the resilient band or ring may be allowed to resume its normal contracted position to clamp the new cleaning disk in place on the head.

Various changes may be made in the details of construction and arrangement of parts of the invention without departing from the spirit thereof or the scope of the appended claim.

We claim:

In an applicator of the class described, a container having a neck with an opening in its top, means surrounding th opening for receiving an applicator head assembly in sealed relation thereto, an applicator head assembly removably mounted on the container and over the opening therein, said head assembly comprising a body formed with a central convex surface having an opening therethrough, an outer rim portion adapted to overlie and embrace the neck of the container and having an annular seat formed between the convex surface and the outer rim portion, an applicator disk of porous material secured to lie over said convex surface and said seat, and a resilient annular retainer member engageable with that portion of the disk disposed in the seat to retain the same on the body, said body comprising a pair of complementary sections releasably secured together, one of said sections including said central convex portion, said other section having a flat top surface adjacent the inner surface of the convex wall and spaced from the central portion thereof when the sections are secured together, said second complementary section having a central opening therein and communicating with the interior of the container, a bafile plate having an opening therethrough and in substantial alignment with the opening in the said other complementary section of the body, and a sealing disk interposed between said other complementary section and said baffle plate, said baffle plate and sealing disk being disposed between the two complementary sections when they are secured together.

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European ClassificationD06F43/00B