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Publication numberUS304661 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1884
Filing dateOct 24, 1883
Publication numberUS 304661 A, US 304661A, US-A-304661, US304661 A, US304661A
InventorsKnott H. Pedbick
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US 304661 A
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N0. 304,661. Patented Sept. 2, 1884.



SPEC'IE'ICATION forming part of Letters Patent N0. 304,661, dated September 2, 1884-.

Applicaon filed October 24, 1883. (Model.)

T mZZ wh0m i15 may c0n0ern;

Be it known that I, KNOTT H. PEDRICK, of Lynn, in the county 0f Essex, State of Massachusetns, have invented a certain new and use- 5 ful Improvemenb in Envelopes, of which the following is a description sufficiently ful], clear, and exact t0 enable any person skilled in the art 0r s cience t0 which said invention appertains to make and use the san1e, refer- 1o ence being had t0 the accompanying draw- .ings, forming a pa1b 0f this speoifieat-ion, in which- Figure l is a front elevation representing the envelope open and 1she letter-sheeb in'- serted; Fig. 2, a front elevation representzing 1't open wit;h the lettser-sheet withdrawn; and Fig. 3, a perspective view representing the letter-sheefiinserted, a portion of the body of the envelope beingremoved t0 show the po- 2o sition of the sheet therein.

Like letters of reference indieate corresponding parts in the different figures of the drawings.

My invention relates t0 that dass of en- 2 5 velopes which are provided with a 1ettersheet; und 1't consists in a nove1 construction and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter more fully set forth and claimed, by whieh a more desirable article of this character is produeed than is 110W in ordinary use.

'Ihe natura and operation 0f the improvement will be readily understood by all 0011- versant with such mafters from the following explanation, its-extrenne sirnp1icity rendering 5 an elaborate description unnecessary.

In the drawings, A represents the front 0f the enve1ope, B the rea-r, and 0 the letztersheet-. Ihe rear is elongated to forn1 the fiap f, und is provided on either side With a fiap,

0 x, which is folded inwardly and cemented to the inner face of -1she front, which is also e1ongated t0 form the fiap d. 'Ihe letter-sheet O is cut slightly narrower than the 1ength of the body 0f the envelope, so that when folded it may be readily inserted therein. A series of perforat-ions g, are formed along the base 0f the flap d, above the body proper 0f the"en- -velope, a corresponding series of perforations, being also formed along the base 0f the flap f. Anot-her series of perforations m, are

rows 01 series 0f perf0rations 13 g m will be on nhe szune plane, or exactly oppo'site each other. The flap d is provided wibh a coating 0f adhesive eement, z, on its innerface,and in sealing the envelope this flap 1s cemented t0 the rear portion,r, 0f the letter-sheeb, between the o perforations m and the folding-line l, as best Seen in Fig. 3. In opening the envelope the flaps d f are torn off on the line 0f the perforations z g, the letter-she'eb being also 110m off at the s2une t-in1e 0n the '1ine 0f perforations m, thereby opening the envelope and detaching the sheet therefrom at one operation.

Having t-hus explained my invention, whnt In an envelope having a 1etter-sheet iutegra1 with the body there'of, the parts A B, sheet C, provided With the perfomtions m, fiap d, provided With the perforations g, anti fiap f, provided with the perforations i, coustructed, combined, and arranged to operate substantially as specified.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto sei; 1ny band in Ehe presence of two subscribing witnesses.

KNOTT H. PEDRICK. Vitnesses:


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