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Publication numberUS3049227 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1962
Filing dateMar 17, 1959
Priority dateMar 17, 1959
Publication numberUS 3049227 A, US 3049227A, US-A-3049227, US3049227 A, US3049227A
InventorsReinemer Rno P
Original AssigneeReinemer Rno P
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Lost aid pack
US 3049227 A
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Aug. 14, 1962 R. P. REINEMER LosT AID PACK Filed March 17, 1959 INVENT OR.

3,049,227 LOST AID PACK Rno P. Reinemer, Circle, Mont. Filed Mar. 17, 1959, Ser. No. 800,023 2 Claims. (Cl. 20G-47) 'I'his invention relates to a device for use by persons who may become lost.

The object of the invention is to provide a lost aid pack which is especially suitable for use by persons who may become lost, so that there will be greater chance of the lost person being discovered by searchers or other persons.

Another object of the invention is to provide a lost aid pack which can be conveniently carried on a person so that in the event such a person becomes lost, the pack can ybe broken open whereby various useful articles can be removed from the pack in order to permit the person to survive, or better take care of himself, and wherein there is also provided items in the pack which can be used as guides for helping searchers or other persons locate the lost individual.

A further object of the invention is to provide a lost aid pack which is extremely simple and inexpensive to manufacture.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent during the course of the following description.

In the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this application, and in which like numerals are used to designate like parts throughout the same.

FIGURE l is a plan View of the lost `aid pack of the present invention, with parts broken away and in section.

FIGURE 2 is a vertical sectional view taken through the lost aid pack of the present invention.

FIGURE 3 -is a fragmentary elevational view showing the perforated tape or roll of strip material.

Referring in detail to the drawings, the numeral 10 indicates the lost aid pack of the present invention which is shown to comprise a container that includes spaced parallel upper and lower wall members 11 and 12 which may each have a circular formation. One of the wall members 11 or 12 is provided with a central opening 13, and a transparent sheet 14 extends across the opening 13 and is secured as for example by means of a suitable adhesive to the inner surface of the corresponding wall member 11 or 12.

Extending between the outer edges of the wall members 11 and 12 is a cylindrical transparent wall section 15. A circular wall portion 16 extends between the wall members 11 and 12 and is secured thereto, `and the wall portion 16 defines a spool or reel which has a hollow interior or compartment as indicated by the numeral 18. The numeral 17 indicates a roll of strip material which is trained over the spool 16.

The space 1S within the spool 16 is adapted to hold miscellaneous articles or items such as `a plastic container 19 which may have foodstuffs as indicated by the numeral 20, and such foodstuffs may consist of a wafer, pill or capsule or food concentrate which is arranged within the container 19. Other miscellaneous items may include balloons 21, matches 22, a pencil 23, string 24, and bandages 25.

As shown in FIGURE 3, the roll of strip material 17 includes a plurality of easily separable sections 26 which are adapted to have indicia or printed matter such as the matter 27 thereon, `and these sections 26 are joined by perforated lines or score lines 28.

From the foregoing, it is apparent that there has been provided `a lost aid pack which is especially suitable or adapted to be used by persons who may become lost in the woods or other area. According to the present invention a person is adapted to carry the pack such as the Patented Aug. 14, 1S62A pack 10 along with him or here, and in the event that the person becomes lost, the plastic sheet 14 which may be made of cellophane can be broken open and at the same time the plastic sheet 15 can be broken open. Thus, a person can readily remove the articles from the compartment 18 or else the roll of material 17 can be unwound. These articles will facilitate the iinding of a lost person and help to make such a lost person more cornfortable until aid arrives.

For example, a person may eat the articles 20 in the container 19 so as to prevent starvation, and the pencil 23 can be used for writing notes and such notes may be written on the section 26 of `the material 17. These sections 26 can 4be readily severed along the perforated line 28 so as to leave helpful instructions to persons who may be looking -for the lost individual. The string 24 as well as the balloons 21 provide a means of giving a signal since the balloons can be inflated and hung at advantageous locations on -trees or the like so that persons will be able to more readily try and locate the lost person. The matches 22 can be used for lighting a tire, and the bandages 25 can be used in the event that a person is injured .after being lost.

The parts can be made of any suitable material and in different shapes or sizes.

The container for the lost aid pack is compact and convenient and can be made and assembled conveniently and at a low cost. The ribbon or -tape 17 is perforated as at 28 for ease of tearing oi the sections 26 and each of the sections 26 is numbered as at 27 so that the searchers can readily determine in what direction the lost person is traveling. The pencil 23 is included so that lthe lost person may write information on the sections 26. The balloons 21 are adapted to be blown up by mouth and hand tied by means of the string 24 which may be torn on in `small pieces. The safety matches 22, concentrated food 20, bandages 25, antiseptic and the like can be carried in the lost aid pack for comfort of the lost person. It is believed that the present invention will help save the Ilives of many lost persons. The materials or miscellaneous items are adapted to be made of a material which is not readily affected by adverse weather conditions. The ribbon sections 26 as well as the ballons are adapted to be tied or arranged in such a manner that they will ilutter in the breeze or storm to attract the eyes of the searchers.

The space on the outside of the reel or spool 16 is adapted to accommodate or receive the spool of ribbon 17. The parts may be made of lightweight material.

The present invention is designed to give aid and relief to a person who has become lost and it will provide such a person with relief in case of injury, and if the weather is cold the matches permit a tire to be started and also the concentrated nourishment will help preserve the persons strength and there is also provided material for providing signs or signals or markers to aid the searchers whether they be on land or in the air. The container may be round or oval shaped. The ribbon 17 is adapted to be made of a bright -colored material such as yellow or red and the perforations 28 permit the sections to be readily torn otf so that by using each section in numerical order and placing these sections in conspicuous places, it will be easier for searchers to locate the individual after finding one sign or marker and it will also be easier to determine what direction the lost person is traveling in in order to get to .the lost person in a much quicker or easier time or manner. The sections 26, after being `torn olf can be placed apart at a suitable distance and the pencil 23 can be used for writing on the sections 26. A plurality of the balloons may be provided so that these balloons can be conveniently inflated and carried above the head of the 4lost person while traveling or else such balloons can be placed in a conspicuous place when resting or bedding down for the night. The rest of the balloons can be ina-ted and tied -to tops of Weeds, bushes, sticks or the like at conspicuous places to aid the searchers. The string can be used yfor tying the balloons and it is believed that a person equipped with the present invention will be less likely to become panicky rand after each lost person is found, all of the signs and markers should be gathered up so as not to confuse searchers in case another person becomes lost in the same area. The present invention is especially suitable for campers, hikers, hunters, fishermen and the like and they can be carried in vehicles so that a driver can mark .a trail he took to ind shelter in oase of getting stalled in a snow storm or blizzard and they can also be carried in airplanes in case of a crash or forced landing in mountains or other areas.

Additional contents may be provided as desired.

Only one of the walls 11 or 12 has an opening 13 therein and thismakes the container stronger than if both of the walls had openings, and also provides a smooth side upon which the lost person can lay the ribbon on while Writing information.

In certain instances a ribbon marker may be tied to a limb, or an inilated balloon can be carried with the string in the persons hand, and if thel balloon were tied to a stick, it could be carried above the head while in open areas.

Minor changes in shape, size Iand rearrangement of details coming wi-thin the eld of invention claimed may be resorted to in actual practice, if desired.

I claim:

1. In a lost `aid pack, `a container including spaced parallel circular wall members only one of which is provided with a central opening, a transparent sheet eXte-nd- 35 ing across said opening and secured to the inner surface of the contiguous wall member, a cylindrical transparent wall section extending between the outer edges of said Wall members and secured thereto, a circular wall portion extending between said wall members, said wall portion having its interior hollow and dening a space for holding miscellaneous items to be used by a person who becomes lost, a roll of strip material trained over said wall portion, said strip material being brightly colored, said strip material including a plurality of perforated sections having indicia thereon, said sections being easily manually separated, the indicia on said sections consisting of numerals that are arranged in chronological order in order to permit the sections to be readily torn olf so that by using each section in numerical order and placing these sections in conspicuous places, searchers can more readily locate an individual after finding one section, and wherein the numerical sections also make it easier to determine what direction the lost person is traveling in order to get to the lost person in a quicker and easier manner.

2. The structure as defined in claim 1, wherein the miscellaneous items in the interior of lthe wall portion of the lost aid pack include string, foodstuffs, a pencil, balloons, bandages and matches.

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