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Publication numberUS3055341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1962
Filing dateOct 4, 1960
Priority dateOct 4, 1960
Publication numberUS 3055341 A, US 3055341A, US-A-3055341, US3055341 A, US3055341A
InventorsHelmuth Ricpe
Original AssigneeL & C Hardtmuth Inc
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Adjustable writing implement
US 3055341 A
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Sept. 25, 1962 RIEPE 3,055,341

ADJUSTABLE WRITING IMPLEMENT Filed Oct. 4, 1960 INVENTO 62747072 i/z United States Patent 3,055,341 ADJUSTABLE WRITING IMPLEMENT Helmuth Riepe, Hamburg, Germany, assignor, by mesne As is Well known, lettering and similar writing with a suitable writing instrument and the use of templates requires that the writing instrument be held substantially vertically in respect to the surface upon which writing is to be done. This is particularly so when a writing instrument is equipped with either a tubular writing point or a ball. In either case it is advantageous and indeed essential that the writing instrument be disposed and held at substantially right angles to the writing surface.

In order to facilitate the holding of the writing instrument at substantially vertical position, the user of the instrument should be able to hold it at that position with ease, that is at a position he usually holds a pen or pencil for ordinary writing.

The principal object of the present invention is the provision of a writing implement having a writing unit, and which implement is equipped with positional adjusting means for the holder or barrel for the Writing unit to facilitate setting the holder or barrel to the best suitable writing position normally assumed by individual writers in connection with specific writing procedures, and which implement is adapted for use either with or without the aid of guide means, such as lettering guides, templates and the like, and which positional adjusting means are specially adapted for maintaining the writing unit of the implement, while in use, at a substantially vertical position in respect to the writing surface to be used.

Another important object of the present invention is the provision of a writing device composed of a writing unit and a holder or barrel for same for use either with or without suitable guide means such as templates or the like and which device is simple in construction and inexpensive in its manufacture and which will allow positioning of the holder or barrel of the device so that the writing unit will always remain at the required position vertical to the writing surface, when the device is used in connection with such guide means.

The foregoing and other objects and advantages of the present disclosure will be more fully understood from the following description in connection with the accompanying drawing.

The latter illustrates an elevational view, partly in section, of the presently preferred embodiment of the device, comprising a vertically disposed writing instrument or writing unit and its holder or barrel disposed at an angle thereto.

In the drawing, numeral 1 denotes what is to be known as the writing nib of the device, from the lower end of which extends a writing point 2 in the form of either a tube, illustrated, or a ball, not shown. The lower body end of nib 1 is provided with an external thread 3 adapted to be engaged by the internal thread of a removable cap 4, indicated in broken lines, for protecting writing point 2. The upper end of nib 1 terminates in a tubular, cylindrical extension 5 adapted for receiving an exchangeable, ink-holding cartridge 6. Engaging external thread 3 of the nib body, above protective cap 4, is an internally threaded ring 7 from which extends a connecting element '8, which joins ring 7 with ball 9. This ball is adjustably held within a semi-spherical socket 11 provided with a guide slot 10 for receiving and guiding connecting element 8. The cylindrical portion of socket 11 is internally threaded and engages the externally threaded ball adjusting member 12, which latter forms an extension of a barrel connector 13. Ball adjusting member 12 is provided with a spherical recess 14 forming a seat for ball 9. The upper end of connector 13 is threaded externally for engaging internal thread 16 of barrel or holder 15.

By the cooperation between the external thread of connector 13 and the internal thread of socket 11, an adjustment can be made of the two elements so that the required pressure can be exerted by spherical recess 14 against ball 9 to arrest movement of the ball within socket 11, thereby holding nib l at any desired angular position in respect to barrel or holder 15, that is a position at which nib 1 assumes a vertical position to the writing surface, while the barrel 15 is tilted at an angle most convenient for the user.

It will be noted that just below cylindrical portion 5 of nib 1 there is provided an external thread 17 which is adapted to serve for connecting the internally threaded end of barrel 15 with the nib, so that the latter can be used for handwriting, that is without a lettering guide or template. Obviously, internal thread 16 of barrel 15 matches external thread '17 of the nib.

While the positioning means between the nib and the barrel is shown and described as a ball, it is obvious that instead of a ball a cylindrical member can be used, in which case spherical recess 14 will become a cylindrical recess. Such modification being obvious, a drawing is omitted.

Having thus described the present invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. In an adjustable writing implement for use either with or without the aid of guide means, such as ternplates, lettering guides, and the like, the combination with a writing unit, of a holder, such as a barrel, for the unit, means adjustably connecting the unit with the holder and means for maintaining the holder in adjusted position relative to said unit, said writing unit comprising a nib body having a hollow cylindrical portion at one, its upper end, for receiving a cartridge, a cartridge removably associated with said cylindrical portion, a first externally threaded portion adjacent to said hollow cylindrical portion and serving for optional engagement by a barrel, a second externally threaded portion provided on the nib body, a Writing point extending from the other, lower end of the nib body, an internally threaded ring engaging the second externally threaded portion of the nib body, a connecting element extending from said ring, a ball secured to said connecting element, an internally threaded socket removably secured to said holder, said socket having a spherical portion for receiving the ball, and a slot in the spherical socket portion for receiving and guiding said connecting element between said ring and said ball.

2. In an adjustable writing implement as in claim 1, a barrel connector having thread formations at both ends, one of the thread formations adapted for engagement with the internal thread of said socket, a barrel having an internal thread, the other thread formation of said barrel connector engaging the internal thread of said 8,055,341 3 4 barrel, the internal thread of the barrel matching the first. hold said barrel at any adjusted position relative to the externally threaded portion of the nib located adjacent writing unit.

to Said hollow .Cylindrical Pq q References Cited in the file of this patent 3. In an ad ustable writing implement as in clalm 2,

and wherein said one thread formation of the barrel con- 5 UNITED STATES PATENTS nector has an extension with a spherical recess, the latter 1,409,037 Starkey et al, Mar. 7, 1922 engaging a portion of said ball, the adjustment between 1,528,142, Bourquin Mar. 3, 1925 said one thread formation of the barrel connector and said internal thread of said socket being adapted to FOREIGN PATENTS force said spherical recess against said ball and to thus 10 173,778 Switzerland Mar. 1, 1935

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