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Publication numberUS3060546 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1962
Filing dateMar 27, 1959
Priority dateMar 27, 1959
Publication numberUS 3060546 A, US 3060546A, US-A-3060546, US3060546 A, US3060546A
InventorsNelson Walter K
Original AssigneeNat Casket Company
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Cover supports for burial caskets
US 3060546 A
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Oct. 30, 1962 w. K. NELSON 3,060,546

COVER SUPPORTS FOR BURIAL GASKETS Filed March 27, 1959 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR. 214% A4 ma BY 24%.... 6M

Oct. 30, 1962 w. K. NELSON COVER SUPPORTS FOR BURIAL GASKETS Filed March 27, 1959 United States Patent Otiice 3,060,546 Patented Oct. 30, 1962 3,060,546 COVER SUPPORTS FUR BURIAL GASKETS Walter K. Nelson, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to National Casket Company, Boston, Mass, a corporation of New York Filed Mar. 27, 1959, Ser. No. 802,432 1 Claim. (Cl. 27-18) This invention relates to new and useful improvements in cover supports for burial caskets and it is among the objects thereof to provide a combined mounting bracket and slide for a supporting arm hinged to the cover or casket top which shall be of simple and compact construction and will shield the casket interior cloth lining from contact with the operating parts of the support.

Heretofore, the casket top support consisted of two arms that were hinged to the casket body and to the casket lid or cover at the ends of the casket, the arms collapse in the center at a hinge connection to permit closing the cover. The hinged portions of the support would catch the interior cloth materials of the casket and would mar and soil them and such hinge arms further required two persons to close the casket lid, since they were attached to opposite ends of the casket and could not both be reached at the same time.

In accordance with the present invention, the cover or top support consists of a curved arm secured at one end to the casket lid by a pivot connection and movable at its other end in the slide of a metal bracket attached to the casket body to elrninate contact of the arm with the casket interior.

The invention will become more apparent from aconsideration of the accompanying drawings constituting a part hereof in which like reference characters designate like parts and in which:

FIGURE 1 is an isometric view of a burial casket embodying a casket top support and slide in accordance with the principles of this invention;

FIGURE 2 is a similar view of the metal bracket or slide and a portion of the cover supporting arm;

FIGURE 3 is an enlarged front elevational view of the slide bracket and arm of FIGURE 2, partially cut away;

FIGURE 4 is a side elevational view, partially in crosssection, of the slide and arm taken on the line 44, FIGURE 3;

FIGURE 5, a cross-section, partially in elevation, taken on the line 55, FIGURE 3;

FIGURE 6, a front elevation of a roller disc and a portion of the cover support arm; and,

FIGURE 7, a cross-section through the slide taken on the line 77, FIGURE 3.

In the several figures of the drawing, the numeral 1 designates a casket body having a top flange 2 and a cover 3 hinged to the body at 4. In accordance with the present invention, the cover 3 is supported in its raised or open position by an arm 5 that is hinged to the cover at 6 and is slidingly mounted in a sheet metal bracket 7.

As shown in FIGURES 3, 4 and 7, the sheet metal bracket 7 is provided with a dovetail slide 8 in which is disposed a roller 9 journaled by a rivet 9a to the arm 5. The roller 9 may be a non-metallic disc that rolls in the dovetail shaped slide 8 which functions as a guide for the arm in its up and down movement.

As shown in FIGURES 1 and 3, the arm 5 is curved at 11 to provide clearance as it moves in the dovetail slide 8 when the casket cover 3 is raised or lowered. The arm 5 is provided with inturned flanges '12 and 13, FIGURES 3 and 4, which abut the edge 14 of the peripheral flange 2 of the casket 1. The slide bracket 7 is provided with flanges 15 and '16 which pass through slots 17 provided in the top body flange 2 and are folded back on themselves, as shown at 18, FIGURE 5, and are secured by screws 19. This firmly holds the sheet metal brackets 7 along the edge of the casket in the manner shown in FIGURE 1.

With reference to FIGURES 3 and 4, it will be seen that the flanges 12 and 13 abut the edge 14 of the top body flange 2 when the cover 3 is in its raised position and this view also shows how the roller 9 of the arm 5 slides in the dovetail guide 8.

After the sheet metal brackets 7 and arms 5 are assembled at each end of the casket and cover, as shown in FIGURE 1, the interior finish is applied which consists of the fancy cloth material that is attached to the casket in the conventional manner. This cloth material covers the metal bracket 7 entirely, no part thereof remaining visible.

It is evident that in opening and closing the cover 3, the rollers 9 of arms 5 alone contact the metal bracket '7 and rollers 9 move freely in the dovetail slides 8 and when the cover 3 is in its raised position, the flanges 12 and 13 of the arms 5 abut the edge 14 of the top body flanges 2 and hold the .cover in that position. The center of gravity of the cover is such that in its raised position there is no tendency for it to drop to the closed position and the weight of the cover more or less rests, to some degree, against the abutting flanges '12 and 13 of the arms 5.

As shown in FIGURES 3 and 6, the top of the rivet 9a that journals wheel 9 is level with the flanges 12 and 13 to allow abutting contact of these flanges with the edge 14 of flange 2.

Although one embodiment of the invention has been herein illustrated and described, it will be evident to those skilled in the art that various modifications may be made in the details of construction without departing from the principles herein set forth.

I claim:

A plurality of cover supports for a burial casket, said casket having a peripheral flange extending inwardly, said supports comprising curved arms and straight vertically disposed dovetail shaped roller slides, said arms being pivotally connected at one end on the inside of the casket cover and said arms having a roller mounted at their other ends for movement in said dovetail shaped slides to guide said arms in their cover opening and closing movements, and said arms having inturned flanges at the roller supporting end to act as a stop against the casket peripheral flange when the cover is in raised position.

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U.S. Classification27/18
International ClassificationA61G17/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61G17/00
European ClassificationA61G17/00