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Publication numberUS306310 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1884
Publication numberUS 306310 A, US 306310A, US-A-306310, US306310 A, US306310A
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US 306310 A
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No. 306,310. Patented Oct. '7, 1884.

iUwiTnn STnTns liaTnNT Tirion..



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 306,310, dated October 7, 1884.

Application iilcd December le, 1883.

To @ZZ whom, it may concern: i'

Beit known that LVIRGIL H. YOUNG, o Platteville, in the county of Grant and State of Visconsin, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Bag-I-Iolders, of which the following, taken in connection with the drawings, is a specification.

The object of my invention is to provide a simple and economical bagliolder, which can be used in combination with a truck or with a cross-tree, stake, or wall, and which is capable of quickand rapid use, the construction being such that the bag can be very quickly attached and detached, as well as secured; and the invention consists in combinations and details of construction hereinafter described and claimed.

In the drawings, in which the same reference -letters designate the same or similar parts, Figure l is a front view of my invention applied to a common truck. Fig. 2 is a front view ofthe same detached from the support, the bag-securing hoop and attached parts being turned backward. Fig. 3 is a side view of the same. Fig. 4 is a view of my invention applied to the wall of a building. Fig. 5 is a front View of a cross adapted to support my bag-holder, shown in Fig. 4.

In Fig. l r/ denotes a truck, such as is shown in the Patent No. 246,667, September (i, 188i, to John F. Draper. This truck is shown as a convenient support for my platform, &c. A o, Fig. 4, and in n o p, Fig. 5, designate, respectively, a barn'or other wall, and a cross or crosstree, which is of my invention, and serves as a support for my platform, &c., to support my bag-holder when I do not wish to immediately transfer the filled bags from one place to another. The platformJL is made of a board or any suitable material, and, of the shape plainly shown in Figs. l and 2. It is cut away, as seen, in front, for a purpose hereinafter stated, and the central portion is also cut ont. To this platform or board the collar b, made, preferably, of metal, is securely attached by means of bolts, rivets, or thumb-screws Z, which pass through perforations or slots in lugs or earsf, and through the platform. The collar b is preferably made in one piece with these cars, though they may be soldered or other- 3, and et, is one entire hoop.

(No model.)

wise joined to the collar. They-therefore serve` the double purpose of giving strength to the collar and of furnishing means for securing it to the support. The collar is cut away in front to correspond with the ent-away platform and for the same purpose, and is made slightly tapering or diminishing in size from the bottom toward the top, conical in form, in order to betterretain the mouth of the sach, as will hereinafter appear, and it is also made, pref- 6o erably, oval or oblong, instead of round, to more readily permit person to empty grain into the bag from a measure or with a scoopshovel. The platform is secured tothe truck when I use atruek) by means of th umb-screws 6 5 or screw-bolts- It is readily removable, and may be used with any other support. The bagsecuring hoop a. is provided with the hopper, mouth, or tunnel a, and is also provided with shoulders d, between which is pivoted a caur 7o lever, c. This hoop is made ofsheetmetal or similar elastic, flexible material, so that when the cam-lever is turned forward into position to bring the cam part c to bear onA the hoop, the lever will press the hoop tightly upon the collar, and'hold itthereiirmly, securing thus the mouth of a bag that may be between them. The hoop is a complete elliptical band, (or round, if the collar is round,) and hence the trouble of securing the ends is dispensed with, So and a more secure holding of the bag is effected-that is, this hoop, as shown in Figs. l, 2, The cani may be dispensed with by making the hoop ct sufiiciently elastic. The collar b may be vertical S5 on the inside, but it tapers on the outside, and the inside surface of the bag-securing hoop c iiares or tapers to correspond with the taper of the outside surface of 'the collar, though a hoop with a straight or verticalinside surface 9o will bind when pressed down on the coneshaped colla-r. The bag in use is passed into the opening rwithin the colla-r and platform, the shoulders or corners h being rounded off in order to enlarge the opening h2, through which the bag is passed. The corners are thus out of the way of the person handling the bag. The hoop and hopper ct a are hinged by means oflug t' and ears 7l: l.' to the platform, both for convenience and to prevent the hoop,

from being misplaced. The hoop is of the saine general shape as the collar. l5, Fig. 4, is the inflexible, rigid bail with which my bag-holder is provided when I wish to dispense with the use of the truck and support it on a wall or a cross-tree, or a similar support. This bail is made as shown, and preferably of metal, being bent at right angles at B', the arms Bt extending` beneath the plat'- forin, to which they are attached, detaehably or removably, by means ot' thumb screws or screw-bolts, or any other suitable means. Preferably the same means Z secure the bail, platform, and lugs f together. The bail more securely supports the platform by reason of the arms B2 passing beneath it. They are detachably secured to the platform in order that the same platform, when required, may be applied to the truck..

In Figs. 4 and 5, o denotes a hook, spike, or anyA suitable pin driven into the wall or inserted into the cross-tree, as shown, upon which to support my bag-holder. p p denote staples in the cross-tree and wall, int-o which the hooks p p take, in order to keep the bagholder steady, to prevent it from swinging from side to side or tipping. Of course these staples might be on the holder, and the hooks on the cross or wall, or any equivalent inea-ns for steadying the holder might be used.

The operation is as follows: f he bag-holder being properly supported by means ofthe truck or otherwise, as described, the bag-securing hoop and hopper are tirst turned backward, as seen in Figs. 2 and 3. The bag is then passed between the corners h h, through the opening b into the central opening r, and then its mouth turned down over the collar l), when the hoop and hopper a a. are brought torward, the hoop securely catching the mouth of the bag between it and the collar, and hold ing it more securely the farther the hoop fis pressed down. A turn of the cam-lever locks the hoop in place, the Cam binding the bag firmly between it and the collar. \Vhen the bag has been iillcd, the cam-lever is turned back, as seen in Figs. l and 2, the spring of lease the bag a mere removal of this hoop is all that is necessary. Owing to the conical or tapering form of the collar and ofthe hoop,'it will be apparent that the 'farther down the l l 1 i l i hoop is pressed the tighter it will clamp the bag-mouth between itself and the collar.

Having thus described my invention, what I desire to secure by Letters Patent ofthe United States isl. Ina bag-holder, the combination of the platform and the collar, said collar being pro-l vided with lugs or ears for the double purpose of giving strength to the collar and furnishing means for attaching it to the platform, as set i'orth.

2. ,ihe conical oval bag-supporting collar cnt away in front, in combination with a similai-ly shaped and elastic bag-securing hoop made entire, whereby the bag may be more readily adjusted and securely held in place, as speciiied.

3. rihe conical oval bag-supporting collar cut away in front, in combination with a similarly-shaped elastic bag-securing hoop, and means for locking or securing the hoop upon the collar, substantially as specified.

4.. rihe hopper and hoop, the platform and bag-supporting collar,` said platform and collar being cut away in front, as shown and described, in combination with the hinge which unites the said hoop an d hopper with the platform, whereby the putting on and removal of the bag is facilitated, for the purposes specilied.

5. In a bag-holder, the cut-away collar, the elastic and entire securing-hoop, and the ea1nlever, all combined and arranged as set forth.

In a bag-holder, the combination of the platform 71, the rigid bail B, having arms B2, extending at right angles, as at B', to the main part of said bail, whereby said platform is supported and strengthened, as set forth.

7. The supporting means consisting of the cross-tree iny nn, provided with a supportinghooli, 0, in combination with the platform, the bag-sustaining collar, the bag-securing hoop, and the bail, substantially as described.

ihe supporting means, consisting of the cross-tree m n n, provided with the hook o, in combination with the platform, the bag-sustaining eollar, bag-supporting hoop, the bail, and the hooks and staple, to prevent the platform tilting or swinging, substantially as described.

In witness that I claim the above as my invention I hereunto set my hand in the pres ence of two witnesses. 4



Guo. M. (lUninNsnY, NV. l. SMrri-r.


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