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Publication numberUS306503 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1884
Publication numberUS 306503 A, US 306503A, US-A-306503, US306503 A, US306503A
InventorsWilliam Maybuby
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US 306503 A
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(No Model.)



No. 306,503. Patented Oct. 14






EJPECIPICA'I'ION forming part of Letters Patent No. 306,503, dated October 14%, 188%.

Application filed December 13, 1883.

To all 2071/0721, it may (JOILGEFIL:

Be it known that 1, WI LLIAM hLLYBURY, of Garnerville, in the county of Rockland and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Faucet, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention consists of a faucet having a spring-pressed spindle for closing the faucet, the spindle being adapted to be forced inward by hand with each draft of liquid, or held pressed inward by a cap or other device for holding the faucet open, when the faueetis to be used with ahose and pump or auxiliary cock or faucet.

The invention also consists of the construction, arrangement, and combination of the parts of the faucet, all as hereinafter fully de scribed and claimed.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, in which similar letters of reference indicate cor responding parts in all the figures.

Figure 1 a longitudinalsectional. elevation of my new and improved faucet, showing the s )i11dle-eap ready to be applied for pressin the spindle inward for opening the faucet. Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the cap detached, and Fig. 3 is a detached front elevation of the portplug through which the liquid passes, and which is adapted to be closed by the rubber disk H and flanged nut I on the inner end of the spindle 0.

A designates the main hollow casti u g or shell of the faucet.

B is a cupped head-piece. This is formed with the partition a, centrally apertured at I), and also with the screw-tl'ireaded collar 0, surrounding aperture b, and is screw-threaded at c, adapting it to be screwed into the outer end of the shell 'A, so that it serves, primarily, to protect the outer end of the spindle G, which reaches through aperture Z), and also cap 1), (when used,) from being struck with the mallet while the faucet is being driven into a keg or cask for use. The head-piece B serves second arily to grasp and hold fast the outer edge of the flexible annular diaphragm E between the inner edge of the headpiece and the shoulder f, formed in the shell A.

The main casting A, besides being formed with the said shoulder f, is formed with the shoulder 9 near the center of its length upon (No model.)

the i nside, and is tapered and screw-threaded at 71/17 upon the outside, for proper entrance to and attachment within the spigot-hole of the keg or cask. auditisscrew-threaded at upon the inside to receive the port-plug F, and is formed about midway between the shoulders fg with the outlet-spout G, which is screw-threaded at 7: for coupling with a hose-pipe when the faucet is to be used with a pump or auxiliary fau cet or cook. The inner edge of the flexible diaphragm E is held tightly between the clamp nuts I m, screwed upon the spindle 0, so that the said diaphragm forms a liquid-tight partition near the outer end of the faucet, and, be ing flexible, permits the spindle O to be moved longitudinally for causing the rubber stopper or disk H (which is held to the inner end of the spindle by the screw-nut I) to open and close the passages f f through the port-plug F, through the central aperture, f of which the inner end of the spindle 6 passes. The spindle (J isheld normally pressed outward by the spring J acting between the inner surface of the port-plug F, and the pin in the spindle causing disk 1[ to close the openingsf in the said plug, and thus cut off the flow of the liquid.

1; is a screen placed in the shell A between the shouldersf and g, so as to cover the out let-spout G, forcatching and retaining any foreign substance that may be in the liquid drawn through the faucet.

in use, the faucet being driven in the keg or cask,- if the faucet is to be operated by hand, with each draft of liquid, to open the faucet, it is only necessary to place the thumb or linger upon the outer end of the spindle (J and press it int and, which will uneoverthepassages ff in plug F and permit the liquid to flow. The spindle (I will of course he held pressed inward until the desired quantity of liquid has been drawn, and then the spindle will be re leased, whereupon the spring J will automatically close the faucet.

'When the faucet is to be used with a hosepipe, the pipe will first be coupled upon the outlet-spout G, and then the nut D will be screwed upon the screw threaded collar 0, which will cause the closed end of the nut to force the spindle O inward and hold the faucet continually open, so that the liquid'inay be drawn from the keg or cask with a pump, or

the faucet used with an auxiliary cook or l'aupartition a, through which the spindle pro- Oct acting at the end of the hose.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1. In a faucet, the coinbination,with the shell A, provided with the spout G,of the portplug F, held in the inner end of the shell, the'flext l ble diaphragm E, held in the outer end of the shell, the spindle G, secured to the diaphragm and provided with the disk H on its inner end, and the spring J, interposed between the portplug and apin in the spindle, substantially as herein shown and described.

2. In a faucet, the combination, with the shell A, having an internally-serew-threaded outer end, and provided with the shoulder f, the spindle O,and the diaphragniE. of the cupped head-piece B, provided with the externallyscrew-threaded portion 0, and the apertured jects into the cupped portion thereof, substan tlally as herein shown and described, whereby I the head-piece serves the double purpose of protecting the end of the spindle and a means for holding the diaphragm in place, as set forth.

3. In a faucet, the combination, with the spindle O and the head-piece B of the shell, provided with the externallythreaded collar 0, of the internally-threaded cap D, substantially as herein shown and described. v

4. I11 a faucet, the combination,with the shell A, provided with the shoulders f g, and the outlet-spout G between said shoulders, and the screen K, arranged in the shell between said shoulders and over the outlet-spout, of the port-plug F, the flexible diaphragm E, and the spring-pressed spindle 0, provided with the disk H on its inner end, substantially as herein shown and described.



H. A. lVEs'r, HENRY L. GooDwIN.

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