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Publication numberUS3067903 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1962
Filing dateSep 7, 1960
Priority dateSep 7, 1960
Publication numberUS 3067903 A, US 3067903A, US-A-3067903, US3067903 A, US3067903A
InventorsJr Earl O Jones
Original AssigneeJr Earl O Jones
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US 3067903 A
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Dec. 11, 1962 E. o. JONES, JR 3,067,903

RECEPTACLE Filed Sept. 7, 1960 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 //v VENTOI? Earl 0. (Jones Jr.

HTTOP/VEY Dec. 11, 1962 E. O. JONES, JR

RECEPTACLE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Sept. 7. 1960 United States Patent 01 3,067,903 RECEPTACLE Earl 0. Jones, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa. (201 Twin Palms Court, 66th St. N., Clearwater, Fla.) Filed Sept. 7, 1960, Ser. No. 54,492 1 Claim. (Cl. 220-42) This invention relates to the receptacle art and has particular relationship to partitioned receptacles such as the drawer of a desk or the like. In its specific aspects this invention concerns itself with metal receptacles which have at least one magnetizeable Wall such as a drawer of a steel desk and this invention has important advantages in its application to such magnetizeable receptacles. In its broader aspects this invention is applicable to receptacles of non-magnetizeable materials.

Partitioned receptacles in accordance with the teachings of the prior art may be provided with permanent slots or knock outs with which the partitions are engaged. Such receptacles have the disadvantage that the partitioned spaces are of fixed dimensions frequently unsuitable for the users purposes. There are also prior-art partitioned receptacles in which the partitions are held by clamps frictionally secured to the side walls of the receptacle. Such receptacles have the disadvantage that the clamps are of complex structure and are difficult to manipulate. In addition such clamps do not lend themselves to the provision of sub-partitions requiring supports remote from the side walls of the receptacle.

It is accordingly an object of this invention to provide a partitioned receptacle which shall not suffer from the above-described disadvantages. Another object of this invention is to provide a partitioned receptacle having partitions and sub-partitions, the dimensions of which shall be capable of being readily set to suit the desires of the users. A specific object of this invention is to provide a novel stud particularly suitable for use in partitioning a receptacle such as a desk drawer and specifically a receptacle of steel furniture.

In accordance with the specific aspects of this invention a partitioned receptacle is provided for such furniture as a steel desk which is composed of magnetizeable material. This receptacle includes a plurality of studs each having a side, usually the base, through which a magnetic field may be impressed. The studs are disposed on the base of the receptacle in any desired manner and support dividing partitions. Each stud is held in any position in which it is placed by the magnetic force between its base and the base of the receptacle. The studs may be slotted to engage the dividing partitions. The partition may, in accordance with an aspect of this invention, be cut by the user from properly marked strips of plastic, wood or other material available to the user of the receptacle. In accordance with a further aspect of this invention studs to engage the side walls of the receptacle may also be provided.

In accordance with the broader aspects of this invention each stud may have a base of extended area and may be self-supporting. Such studs may be used with non-magnetizeable receptacles such as drawers of wooden desks and need not include facilities for producing a magnetic field.

The novel features considered characteristic of this invention are described above. This invention both as to its organization and as to its method of operation, together with its additional objects and advantages will be better understood from the following description of specific embodiments taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIGURE 1 is a view in perspective showing a receptacle in accordance with this invention;

3,967,903 Patented Dec. 11, 1962 ice FIG. 2 is a view partly in side elevation and partly in longitudinal section of a stud in accordance with this invention;

FIG. 3 is an exploded view in perspective showing the manner in which the partitions and studs are engaged in making a receptacle in accordance with this invention; and

FIG. 4 is a view in perspective with a section broken away of a stud in accordance with a modification of this invention.

The apparatus shown in FIG. 1 is a receptacle 11 such as the drawer of a steel desk. The drawer has a steel base 13 and side walls 15 which are magnetizeable. Within the drawer there are a plurality of studs 17.

Each stud 17 is composed of a materal such as plastic and has a magnet 19 embedded in its base. Opposite the base the stud 17 has cross slots 21 and 23, preferably at right angles. The studs 17 may be produced by molding with the magnet 19 as an inset. Each stud 17 is held in the position where it is set by the magnetic force exerted by the magnet 19.

The receptacle 11 is divided into compartments 25, 27, 29, 31 by partitions 33, 35, 37, 39 which engage the slots 21 and 23 of spaced studs 17. The spacing may be set in any desired manner because it is only necessary to overcome relatively small magnetic forces to move a stud 17 from one position to another.

The partitions may be cut from strips of plastic or other suitable material which may be made available to the user of the receptacle. Each such strip is of suitable heighth, for example one or two inches, and of convenient thickness to lend the strips the necessary stiffness. Each strip has uniformly spaced grooves 41. Each groove 41 is rectangular and is of such heighth that when a strip is engaged with a slot 21 or 23 in a stud 17 the top of the strip is flush with the top 43 of the stud. The grooves may be spaced with their centers a suitable distance, for example two inches, apart. Inscribed lines 45 extend from the inside side 47 ofeach groove 41 on both sides of the line perpendicular to the side 47 at its center. The spacing between the lines 45 is about equal to the thickness of a strip. The partitions 33, 35, 37, 39 may be formed from the strips by breaking the strips at the desired points along one or the other of the lines 45. So that the partitions may extend along one whole dimension of the receptacle 11, like the partition 39, the spacing between the centers of the grooves 41 must be a sub multiple of this dimension of the receptacle. In-the case of cross strips such as 35 only one-half the groove 41 engages the slot 21.

For mounting to the side wall of a receptacle a stud 51 as shown in FIG. 4 may serve, This stud has a magnet 53 in its side and a single slot 55.

In accordance with the broader aspects of this invention self-supporting studs like 17 may be provided. These studs may be used with non-magnetizeable receptacles and may be fastened to the base of a receptacle by an adhesive.

While preferred embodiments of this invention have been here disclosed, many modifications thereof are feasible. This invention then is not to be restricted except insofar as is necessitated by the spirit of the prior art.

I claim as my invention: 7

In combination with a container having a magnetizable surface and dividing partitions on said surface providing compartments having dimensions selectable at the will of the user, studs on said surface supporting said dividing partitions, each said stud having a magnet applying a magnetic field to magnetize said surface so that said stud rests on said magnetizable surface by reason of the magnetic force and including at least one 'slot in an end thereof, at least one of said partitions extending into said slot supported by said stud.

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