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Publication numberUS3068868 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1962
Filing dateJun 8, 1960
Priority dateJun 8, 1960
Publication numberUS 3068868 A, US 3068868A, US-A-3068868, US3068868 A, US3068868A
InventorsJoseph Skopyk
Original AssigneeJoseph Skopyk
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Poison extractor
US 3068868 A
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Dec. 18, 1962 J. SKOPYK POISON EXTRACTOR Filed June 8, 1960 !NVENTOR Ult This invention relates to improvements in poison extracting apparatus adapted :to be utilized in extracting poison from large and small surfaces of a living body.

It is conventional practice to extract poison from Snake bites and the like by direct oral suction usually performed by another person. This method has the disadvantage that poison may enter sores or cuts in the mouth of the person sucking out the poison and thereby create a hazard for him.

Other methods of extracting poison are, by squeezing the wound which has the disadvantage that it is extremely difliioult' in this manner, to extract all the poison therefrom.

It is normally possible for the person, that has been bitten, to suck out the wound himself on some parts of his body, whereas other parts may not be orally reached by the bitten person, such cases plaoing him at considerable disadvantage.

Other methods of poison extraction have been practiced that utilize hand-operated pumps to create suction on a wound, such systems having the disadvantage, that the apparatus is somewhat cumbersome and requires the use of both hands to operate the pumping apparatus, whereas a third hand is sometimes needed to hold the `suction device thereof sealably onto the wound. Another disadvantage related to such methods is, that the agitation caused by the pumping action is conveyed to the wound through the suction device, causing painful irritation to the patient.

Other methods of poison extraction require positioning of extraction apparatus in such a manner, that pressu re is exerted through the apparatus directly against the wound, causing added disconfort to the patient.

It is an object of this invention to provide an extraotor for the removal of poison from Snake and inset bites, in the following called Poison Extractor," which may be used by the bitten person on =any part of his body.

It is another object of this invention to provide a poison extract-or that is extremely compact, requiring no outside power source such as electricity to produce suction required for extracton of poison.

I-t is a further object of this invention to provide a poison extractor adapted to be operated entirely with one hand.

It is still another object of this invention to provide a poison extractor adapted to be operated, without any Operating pressnre being transferred to the surface of the wonnd and thereby causing extra discomfort to the bitten person.

It is another object of this invention to provide a poison extractor composed of three simple units, adapted to be easily attached to each other for the poison ex traction operation, yet easily detached from each other for cleaning purposes etc.

It is -a further object of this invention to provide a poison extractor of extreme simple eonfiguration, that is self-sufiicient Without requiring appendages in the form of tubes and the like for its operation.

-I-t is another object of this invention to provide a poison extractor utilizing a double set of poison extracting vacuum seals of general suction cup configuration these vacuum seals being located concentric with each other, one of these vacuum seals being adapted to provide a States Patent O "ice comparatively large area for suction, the other `vacuum seal being adapted to provide suction on a comparatively small area, such as, for instance -on the end of the finger.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a poison extractor having two concentric mouthpieces made of flexible material perm itting the larger mouthpiece of the -two to be selectively retracted and inverted into a convex cup configuration, thereby allowing a comparatively small suction cup, located in the centre of the larger suction cup, to protrude 'and be utilized on any part of the body.

These and other objects and features of this invention will become apparent when taken in conjunction with the accompanyng -drawngs in which:

FIG. 1 is an enlarged, nud-vertical, exploded, sectional, side elevation of a poison extraotor emhodying this invention.

FIG. 2 is a mid-vertical, part sectional side elevation showing the poison extractor illustrated in FIG. 1, in the process of being compre'ssed, to expel air therefrocn.

FIG. 3 is a mid-vertical part sectional side elevation of 'the poison extractor illustrated in FIG. 2, shown in suction position, upon bulb portion having been released to provide vacuum within the poison extractor.

Referring to FIG. 1, the illustrated poison extractor comprises -an assemblage incorporating a substantially spherical resilient bulb 10, containing a subs-tantially spherical, helical, :internal compression spring 12, an opening 11 in bulb -10 being adapted to contractably encompass a collar 13 of a cylindrical body 14, having an upper end 13A and a lower end 15A, comprsing two -cylindrical bores 24 and 24A which include spring-loaded ball check valves 22 and 22A. A collar 15 of body 14 is adapted to be pressurably inserted into cavi ty 19 of dual -suction cups 16 and 33.

More particularly the said poison extractor comprises a resilient bulb 10 of substantially spherical configuration, having an opening 11 and an axis extending from the centre of a neck opening 11 through the centre of the bulb 10. A spring 12, for instance, of a substantially spherical, helical configuration is located within bulb 10, spring 12 having an axis parallel with direction of compression of spring 12, :axis of helical spring 12 being located in perpendicular relation to axis of bulb 10 and maintained in such perpendicular relation by means of a circumferential rib 10A moul'ded internally within bulb 16, adapted to engage, for instance, between central coils of helical spring 12.

Opening 11'of bulb 10 is extended in an elongated neck 11A adapted to be detachably attached to a collar portion 13 of body 14, collar portion 13 having a larger diameter than internal diameter of neck opening 11 of bulb 10 'and a substantially smaller diameter than main portion of body 14 requiring neck opening 11 to be expanded before inse'tion of collar 13, providing a contracting fit during operation of the poison extractor, to frictionally retain neck opening 11 on collar 13 during operation of this invention. v

In body 14 two cylindrical bores 24 and 24A are located, one on each side of, and parallel with axs of body 14, in inverse relationship to each other, bore 24 providing an intake means and bore 24A providing an exhaust means. Upper end of bore 24 at upper end 13A of body 14 oomprises a tubular outlet passage 30 axially located within a press fitted sleeve 27, adapted to retain a compression spring 26, adapted to bias a ball valve 22 toward a sea-t 23, a bore 24 extending into a passage 29 ending in a shallow, cylindrical recess 29A in lower end 15A of body 14. Bore 24A at upper end 13A of body 14 comprises an inlet passage 31 ending in a conical seat 23A against which a ball valve 22A is sealably biased by a compression spring 26A retained within bore 3 24A by a' press-fitted stop plug 28. Exhaust means for bore 24A is provided through an outlet 32, communicating bore 24A with outer atmosphere.

A collar 15 is Situated at lower end 15A of body 14, having a larger diameter 'than internal diameter of a cavity '19 in upper end of suction cup 16, and a substan tially smaller 'diameter than main portion of body 14, requin'ng cavity 19 to be expanded before nsertion of collar 15 thereon to provide a contracting fit during operation of thepoisonextraotor. v

Refening* to FIG. 2, the poison extractor'illustratedin FIG. 1 is shown withsuction cup portion 16 located on a body 16A directly' over awound 16B. The bulb is shownduringprocess of being compressed, whereby ball 22A has been forced away from seat 23A permitting contents of bulb 10 to be exhausted through ou-tlet- 32 while ball 22'is biased firmly against seat 23 by spring 26.

Referring to FIG. 3 the poison extractor. illustrated in FIG; 2` isshown uponbulb 10- having been released, vacum thereby being set up inside bulb-10, this vacuurn withdrawingball 22 -from seat 23 thereby placing internal portion-of sucrtion cup portion 16 under vacuum to provide suction means to draw poison o utof wound 16B.

Referring toFIG. 1 again, a relief valve passage 35, located* in wall of suction cup p-ortion 16, conmunicates internal' cavityin suction' 'cup portion 16 with external atmosphere: A fl'ap valve 36 is hingeably 'a-ttached at 37 over passage 35, ex ternally of suction cup portion 16,*

' be--exerted -axially-on the -sphericalspringlz, andsucton cup' l' -isplaced-'over thewound from which poison-is to be extractedi Compressionof resilient bu1b-10lforces air within bulb: io into passage 31 causing bal1-22A -to separate frorr seat s 23A, against spring 261&` thusallowing 'air-to: eseape to atmospher'e through cylinder=24A and 'exh-aust passage 32: r Release' of 'press/ure on resilient bulb l allows spheriea1-= spring 12 -to axially expand, forcingwall-'s' -o bulb: '10:' outwards, i therebycreating avacuum within; bulb l and allowing ball- 22A toresume contact with conical seat '23A-. Evacuation alsooccurs m passage 30 of-` sleeve 27 and cylind'cal'bore 2.4-'-causing ball 22 to separate from seat 23 against sprng 26A thus allowing passages-29-and 32, and suctioncups-33and-16 to become evacuated' and draw poison fromthe wound' through "cylinder 24-into opening 11 of* resilient -bu1b'10^where- "after compression of bulb 10 forces poisonout' through cylinder- 24A- and outlet 32 to atmosphere.

The general design'of the individualpa'ts` of my'invention as'explained above may'bevaried according to 'requirements with regards to manufacture and' productonthereof; Whilestill remaining within, :the spirit' and 4 principle of my invention, without prejudicing the novelty thereof.

The embodiments of the invention in which I claim exclusive priority and privilege are ras follows:

1. A poison extractor 'for snake bites and the like comprising a resilient bulb, an opening at one end of said bulb, said bulb being supplied with an elongation in the form of a neck surrounding said opening, a valve body having an upper and a lower end, said valve body detachably attached to said neck at said upper end, an inlet valve and an outlet valve located within said body,

said inlet valve and said outlet valve communicating with, -the internal cavity of said bulb, a suction cup portion containing a resilient concave primary suction cup at one end thereof, theopposing end of said suction cup portion containing a substantially cylindrical cavity detachably attached to :said lower end of said valve body, said su'ction cup portion* containing a passage communica-ting the internal cav ity within said primary sucton cup with said substan-tially cylindricalcavity of said primary suction cup, said inl'et valve having an inlet end and an outlet end,` said inlet valve being supplied With a passage communicating said inlet valve with said passage in said suction' cupportion, said outlet valve'havinganinlet end and an -ou-tlet end, said inlet end of said outlet valve being s-upplied with a passage. communicating said inlet end with said cavity within said bulb, said outlet end of sai-d outlet valve havi'ng'a passage communicating saidoutlet valvewith atniosphere outside said valve body.

2. A poison entractor for snake bites and the like as claimed in claim 1 in which said bulb is'supplied with a sp'herical, helical spi-ing, the. axis of said spring being located perpendicular. to the longi-tudinal axisof said bulb,

saidibulb being supplied with a ridge' locatedinternally of said bulb and in -a plane containing thelongitudinal ax-isof said bulb, said ridge protruding substantially: into saidshelicaltsprnggbetween two adjacent centrally located coils of` said helical spring. i

3: Arpoison extractor for snake bitesand the like as claimedin claim. 1( in which said internal' cavity: within said primary suotion cup is supplied with manually opera blevacuumrliefvalve:means:

4'.. A. poison extractor for. snakebites-and'the like as v claimediii claim 1' inwhich said suction. cup portion is ReferencesCited in'the file ofthis patent:

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International ClassificationA61M1/08, A61M1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61M1/08, A61M2001/0072
European ClassificationA61M1/08