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Publication numberUS3070370 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1962
Filing dateDec 29, 1959
Priority dateDec 29, 1959
Publication numberUS 3070370 A, US 3070370A, US-A-3070370, US3070370 A, US3070370A
InventorsSteiner James V
Original AssigneeSteiner James V
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Variable golf club
US 3070370 A
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Dec. 25, 1962 J. v. sTElNl-:R

VARIABLE GOLF CLUB Filed Deo. 29, 1959 w KN Nm.

that the diameter of the hand gripping portion can be properly adjusted in order to permit the user to have the diameter of the hand gripping portion properly located or arranged. The annular recess 32 in the head 13 is adapted to receive therein end portions of elongated strips defined between the slots so that these strips will be held in their proper position during the adjustment thereof. The interengagement of the stud 14 with the threaded socket 11 helps provide a locking arrangement so as to minimize accidental movement of the parts from their desired adjusted position.

In the modiication of FIGURES 4 through 7, the hand grip is, also` adapted to be readily manually adjusted so that the diameter of the handle 24 can be changed or varied as desired. Thus, the handle 24 includes the bore or opening 26 which has a tapered formation so Ithat the portion of the bore 26 contiguous to the closed end 37 is of less diameter or less size than the opposite end portion of the bore 26, whereby las the shank portion 22 with the collar 23 is moved into the tapering bore 26, the handle 24 can be expanded to` the desired size. Since the handle 24 is made of a resilient material, it will be seen that as the shank portion 22 with the collars 23 moves outwardly or withdraws from the bore 26, the handle 24 will have ia tendency to contract due to the inherent resiliency of the handle 24, and as shown in FIGURE 4 the element such as the lock nut 31 and associated parts provide a means whereby with the handle 24 adjusted to the desired location, the parts can be locked so as to be maintained or retained immobile in their desired position. The lock nut 31 is adapted to threadedly engage the threaded section 26 of the shaft 19, and the ferrule 2,7 is adapted to have its internal threadsv 41 engage ythe threaded section 21, while the internal splines 41 of the ring member 28 engage the splines 29. of the end portion 30 of the ferrule 27 so that there will be a snug intertting and interengagemen-t of the parts in order to retain the various elements stationary in their adjusted positions.

When the device of FIGURES 1, 2 and 3 is being initially assembled, the strips can be squeezed together in order yto initially insert the end portions of the strips in the annular recess 32. The stud 14 is arranged in threaded engagement with the socket 11 so that by manually turning the head 13 in. one direction, the tapering shank L. will cause expansion of the elongated strips in order to increase the diameter of the hand grip, While by turning the head 13 in the opposite direction, the diameter of the hand grip can be decreased or reduced.

lt will be understood that other modifications may be made in the design and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What is claimed is:

ln a golf elu'o, a shaft having a threaded socket, a tapering insert having a head on its upper end, there being an `annular recess in said head, said insert having a threaded stud engaging said socket, a tubular section integral with said shaft and said tubular section having a plurality of longitudinally extending slots therein, and a sleeve of resilient material positioned over said tubular section and said sleeve having a plurality of longitudinally extending slots therein which register with the slots in said tubular section, and said slots defining therebetween elongated strips which are adapted to have their end -portions engaging the recess in said head.

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European ClassificationA63B53/16