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Publication numberUS3074250 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1963
Filing dateOct 31, 1960
Priority dateOct 31, 1960
Publication numberUS 3074250 A, US 3074250A, US-A-3074250, US3074250 A, US3074250A
InventorsHenry C Everett
Original AssigneeHenry C Everett
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Body cooler
US 3074250 A
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Jan. 22, 1963 H. c. EVERETT BODY COOLER Filed Oct. 31, 1960 FIG. 4

Q s a s s a s i s 5 $339 FIG. I

FIG. 3


ATTORNEY United States Patent ()fifice 3,074,250 Patented Jan. 22, 1953 3,074,250 BODY COOLER Henry C. Everett, 1106 S. Euclid Sta, Champaign, Ill. Filed on. 31, 1960, Ser. No. 66,188 1 Claim. (Cl. 62-259) This invention relates to new and useful improvements in a device for cooling the human body. Generally, it comprises a pair of insulated containers constructed of within the containers.

It has been well known prior to this invention that it is possible to reduce the temperature of the entire human body by localized applications of a suitable coolbulges in the clothing.

It is still a further object to provide such a means for lowering the body temperature which will not absorb body moisture, and will thus avoid becoming damp and easily soiled.

It is yet another object to provide a means for holding a coolant in place under the arms which is adjustable to adapt to any width shoulders, and also elastic to allow freedom of movement after it has been adjusted to the proper snug fit.

Further objects and advantages will become apparent upon examination and consideration of the accompanying drawings in which:

FIGURE 1 is a general view showing the body cooler in place on a human body,

FIGURE 2 is a view of one of the coolant containers,

FIGURE 3 is a view showing a cross-section through the container, the section being taken through the shortest vertical dimension of the container,

FIGURE 4 is a view showing a cross-section through the container, the section being taken through the longest vertical dimension of the container, and

FIGURE 5 is a perspective view of a coolant pellet to be used with the body cooler.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, it will be seen in FIGURE 1 that the body cooler comprises 5 containers 11, one of which has a strap 12 aflixed to its ties, which strap 12 in turn has a strap 13 stitched to it, or permanently attached by other means.

The remaining container 11 likewise has a strap 12 at- 5 tached to its upper extremities, but this strap 12 is not permanently fixed to strap 13. Strap 13 extends from its end fixed to strap 12, encircles the other strap 12, and terminates in a well-known sliding fastener 14. The coolant pellet 15 shown in FIGURE 5 is preferably of a sublimating material such as carbon dioxide. It is 20 which are engaged to hold the pellet within the containers. In FIGURES 3 and 4 is shown the construction of the container walls, the inner wall 16 being a nonporous material such as piastic, the insulating layer 17 being a material in the nature of fiberglass, and the outer wall 18 being plastic.

In operation, the coolant pellet is placed in the containers, and the top snapped shut by the fasteners 20. The

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F2007/0001, A45F3/04, F25D2400/26, F25D3/14, A61F7/10
European ClassificationF25D3/14, A61F7/10