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Publication numberUS3075692 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 29, 1963
Filing dateFeb 20, 1961
Priority dateFeb 20, 1961
Publication numberUS 3075692 A, US 3075692A, US-A-3075692, US3075692 A, US3075692A
InventorsLumley Maurice C
Original AssigneeF H Lawson Company
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Wall hung trash receptacle
US 3075692 A
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United States Patent O 3,075,692 WALL EUNG TRASH RECEPTACILE Maurice C. Lnmiey, *Cineinnati, Ohio, assignor to The F. H. Lawson Company, tjincinnati, Ghio, a corporation of @hio Filed Feb. 29, N61, No. 943,428 4 Claims. (Cl. 232-432) This invention relates to trash receptacles and more particularly to a receptacle adapted to be removably mounted to a wall or'similar supporting structure.

A principal object'of the instant invention is the provision of a wall hung receptacle which will find particular utility in washrooms, lavatories, and similar places wherein fioor space requirements are such that a free standing receptacle cannot be used, or wherein it is desired to remove the receptacle from the floor to facilitate cleaning, it being unnecessary to move the wall hung receptacle in order to clean beneath it.

A further object of the instant invention is the provision of a wall hung receptacle having a top or cover part permanently afiixed to a mounting bracket adapted to be secured to the wall, the body of the receptacle being releasably secured beneath the cover part for easy removal for emptying, the mounting bracket being provided with snap locking means for easily and quickly securing the receptacle in position after emptying.

The foregoing, together with other objects of the instant inevntion which will appear hereinafter or which will be apparent to the skilled worker in the art upon reading the instant specification, I accomplish by that construction and arrangement of parts of which I shall now describe an exemplary embodiment, reference being now made to the accompanying drawing wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a fragmentary front elevational view of the mounting bracket and cover part in accordance with the instant invention.

FIGURE 2 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view of the mounting bracket including the snap lock means for engaging and retaining the receptacle body.

FIGURE 3 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical sectional view showing the cover part and the manner in which the receptacle body is engaged therewith when in assembled condition.

FIGURE 4 is a perspective view illustrating the receptacle body as it is removed from the mounting bracket.

Referring first to FlGURE 4 of the drawings, the container body 1, which is preferably semi-circular in cross section, has a planar rear wall 2 inset inwardly a slight distance with respect to the free side edges of the curved front wall 3, thereby defining narrow flanges 4 and 5 projecting rearwardly from the body part along the opposite side edges thereof. As possibly best seen in FIG- URE 2, the bottom wall 6 of the receptacle is recessed upwardly with respect to the bottom edge of rear wall 2 and curved front wall 3, thereby providing a depending flange 7 defined by the lower marginal edge of rear wall 2. Referring again to FIGURE 4, the mounting bracket 8 has a planar back 9 terminating along its opposite side edges in forwardly directed flanges 10 and 11. At its lower end the back 9 is provided with a hanger cleat 12 arranged to engage the depending flange 7 when the container body 1 is associated with the mounting bracket.

The mounting bracket 8 terminates upwardly in a dome back 13 which may be either integrally formed with the body back *9 or formed separately therefrom. In either event, the dome back 13 is provided with a forwardly directed flange 14 to which the dome 15 is fixedly secured. The dome 15 has an opening 16 therein, preferably surrounded by a decorative collar 17, through which waste may be introduced into the container body.

3,0?5,fi92 Patented Jan., 29, 1963 ."ice

' The opening 16 may be provided with a door or other closure means, although this feature is purely optional and does not constitute a part of the instant invention.

The dome terminates downwardly in a band member 18, preferably formed of bright metal, such as chromium, the band member serving as a container retaining means when the parts are assembled.

The container body 1 is adapted to be engaged at its upper end by a latch member 19, the latch member 19 being secured to the body back Q at or adjacent its upper end and projecting downwardly in spaced relation to the body back 9 so as to provide a projecting finger engaging the upper marginal edge of the rear wall 2 of the container body. The container body will also be provided with a handle 20 to facilitate removal of the container.

As seen in FIGURE 3, when the container body is supported by the mounting bracket, the uppermost edge of the curved front wall 3 will underlie the band member 18 and the latch member 19 will engage the upper edge of the rear wall 2, and the depending flange 7 at the bottom end of the rear wall will be supported by the hanger cleat 12, as will be seen in FIGURE 2. In addition, the dimensioning of the parts is such that the flanges 4 and 5 of the container body will lie immediately outside the flanges 10 and 11 of the mounting bracket, so that the container body will have the appearance of lying flush against the supporting wall.

When it is desired to remove the container body to empty its contents, it will be first moved upwardly by a distance sufficient to disengage the depending flange 7 from the cleat 12. To this end, and as will be seen in FIGURE 3, the base part of the latch member 19 is spaced upwardly from the upper edge of rear wall 2 by a distance sufficient to permit the upward movement of the container body; whereupon the lowermost end of the container body may be swung outwardly in the manner illustrated in FIGURE 4 so as to clear the hanger cleat 12, whereupon the container body will be moved downwardly to free it from beneath the band member 18. Then, after the container has been emptied, it may be re-attached to the mounting bracket by first inserting the upper end of the container body beneath the flange 13, with the upper end of rear wall 2 fully engaged beneath latch member 19, whereupon the lower end of the con tainer body may be swung inwardly against the mounting bracket and then lowered until the flange 7 seats upon hanger cleat 12.

it will be understood of course that modifications may be made in my invention without departing from its spirit and purpose. Having, however, described my invention in an exemplary embodiment, what I desire to secure and protect by Letters Patent is:

1. A wall hung waste receptacle comprising, in combination, a container body having an open upper end, a mounting bracket adapted to be secured to a vertical support, and a cover part fixedly secured to said mounting bracket and positioned to overlie and close the upper end of said container body when said container body is detachably secured to said mounting bracket, said container body having an essentially planar rear wall juxtaposed to said mounting bracket, said mounting bracket having a back of a size to receive said container rear wall, means on said back arranged to detachably engage the rear wall of said container body, said means comprising a hanger cleat at the bottom of said mounting bracket positioned to engage and support the bottom edge of said container rear wall, and a latch member having a depending finger positioned to engage the upper edge of said rear wall, said finger being of a size to permit vertical movement of said container body relative to said mounting bracket so that, upon upward movement of said container body, the bottom edge of said rear wall may be disengaged from said hanger cleat, whereupon the bottom of said container body may be moved outwardly and then downwardlyto completely disengagesaid container body' from said mounting bracket, said'cover part having a hollow interior opening downwardly into communication with the open upper end of said container body, a down wardly projecting band on the low'ermostend of said cover part positioned tooverlap and slidably receive the upper. end of said container body when saidccontainer body is seated upon said hanger cleatQ and. an'openingv in the exposed surface of said cover part through which Waste materials may be deposited in said container body.

2. The receptacle claimed in claim 1 whereinthe said rear wall of the container body terminates'at' its bottom end in a depending flange projecting downwardly be: neath the bottom wall of said containerbody, and Where-v in said hanger cleat has-an upwardly projecting foot engaging said depending flange.

3; The receptacle claimed in claim- 2 whereinthe back of said mounting bracket has forwardly projecting flanges extending along the opposite side edges thereof, and wherein the opposite side edges of said container 'body terminate rearwardly in flanges projecting 'beyond the rear wall thereof, the flanges on said back being positioned to be lapped by the flanges of said container body.

4. The receptacle claimed in claim 3 wherein said container body has a curved front wall and is essentially semi-circular in cross-section, and wherein said cover part is dome-shaped.

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