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Publication numberUS3076589 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1963
Filing dateApr 10, 1961
Priority dateApr 8, 1960
Publication numberUS 3076589 A, US 3076589A, US-A-3076589, US3076589 A, US3076589A
InventorsMeijdam Floris
Original AssigneeVer Glasfabrieken Nv
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Packing box
US 3076589 A
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Feb. 5, 1963 F. MEIJDAM 3,076,589

PACKING Box Filed April 1o,l 1961 Flu/.f Meu-.mmv


United Stat@` .r

made of corrugated board." Corrugatedbard has herel ltofore been `considered unsuitable for wthe outer facesl of fboxes, Iwhich are to havev a luxury vap'pearancfe which are to` beus'ed for windowdressig, for instance, as inthe case of boxes for relativelyvg expensive glassware 'to be Adisplayed in shop windows. Thereason isutlrat,4 even lwhenthe outersurface is-colouredor covered 'withipape-r,

whereby the cost of the box is considerably increased, the corrugation is nevertheless visible at the outer surface as a result of the gluing of fthe interiorly situated corrugated web to the outer sheets of the corrugated board -at the ridges or crowns of the corrugations. The box thus has a cheap yappearance and such boxes or other containers having outer walls constituted by corrugated cardboard are therefore only considered suitable for inexpensive items or for packages used only during transport from manufacturer to retailer or from store to store.

It is an object of the invention to improve the appearance of boxes, cartons and the like formed of corrugated board without substantially increasing the cost thereof, whereby the eld of application of the cheap corrugated cardboard boxes and the like is considera-bly expanded to encompass the field for which only more expensive luxury boxes, manufactured from smooth material like sheet board, have been previously employed.

In accordance with an aspect of the invention, the locations of the ridges or crowns of the corrugated inner web are masked in a box, carton or the like having corrugated cardboard Walls by providing at least the outer fiat surfaces of the latter with parallel spaced apart lines, printed or otherwise -applied thereto, and extending longitudinally along the ridges or crowns of the underlying corrugated web.

In the case of folding boxes, an attractive effect is further achieved, in that the lines on the folded sides and ends of the box and the cover slidable thereon extend in mutually perpendicular directions, and in that each of the inner ysides of the box is embellished by the lines appearing on the inwardly folded aps. Notwithstanding the above, the lines need only be applied to one side of the corrugated board.

The means whereby the yabove and further objects to be mentioned hereinafter are obtained will be apparent in the following detailed description of an embodiment of the invention which is to be read in connection with the accompanying drawing wherein:

FIG. l is a perspective view of a folding box with a sliding cover to which -the invention is applied;

FIGURES 2 and 3 are respectively perspective views of the cover and box separately;

FIGURES 4 and 5 are respectively plan views of -at blanks from which the cover and box are formed; and

FIG. 6 is a fragmentary perspective view of a cut piece of corrugated board which is provided with lines according to the invention.

The several views of the drawing show parallel lines at equal distances from each other on all outer faces, such as, at 17, 24 (FIG. 1)` and at 5, 7, 10 (FIG. 2) of a box and of a cover to be slida-bly placed over the box, with the box and cover being made of corrugated board.


i refereren e 172e 'Iphecut piece in FIG 6'. shows 'that the lmes, 2' 'extend in the lgnsialdinal diratiw ofthe wr'rusatidnsff' the wrirneaea. web" iv erictesedibyzithe Het `cadaens11.1ersf: furtherthat` ,the Ilines'` 2 are aligned with ftheI ridges lor rwns' 4 Lof the l eqrru'gatiensij dhesiyelyj secured to vthe ne; sheet 's ifprmirrgthe jener ejryieible'wa1`1' surface. EVMost surpris'riglyffit` has beenV found 'y that such simple :meent-engr white 'nella areK Y'ra-fried nner-warm bqarawhiehffer ure .rest hasta erigiaai ee1eur,; give the fillusion of atreven` 4sur`fac'e',f asfa result ofV which` the otherwise alwaysvisible'y corrugations becomequite" inconfSPiCmS- ,e t Col' i sjcanV nowbef`fappliedllfto this,` corrugated board, 'witheufuie `dierushing eireef er uieeerjrugiienjefwhieh f'was" otherwise encountered, v fso that 'the ',t'otalV effect can fbe iin'prc'ived;- boxesfmanufactured" in thisiiway are sirve boxes; made of sheet board. A

Apart from the fact that the corrugations, which otherwi-se are outlined -against the outer face of the corrugated board giving the latter a cheap appearance, have become invisible, so that the outer faces have the appearance as if they were manufactured from more expensive cardboard, the linear pattern moreover produces an attractive decorative effect.

When for instance the linear pattern consists of white lines impressed or printed on coarse, grey or brownish corrugated board, whereby the cost of production remains low, there is nevertheless produced a box with a surprisingly attractive appearance, which does not give at all the impression of a cheap corrugated boa-rd package.

The drawing shows that the invention is in particular `advantageously applied to folding boxes, with only one side of the corrugated board being impressed with the pattern of parallel lines and the latter still being situated on every part of the exterior. In this case, the sides and ends of the =box and cover have the lines ex- 'tending thereon in mutually perpendicular directions. This results in a further improvement of the appearance.

The folding box with sliding cover which hereinafter will 4be described in detail presents moreover an embellished interior for the box and cover, even though the linear pattern according to the invention has only been applied to one side of the corrugated board.

The blank for the cover (FIG. 4) includes a central plane 5 corresponding with the upper side of the cover in FIGURE l and which is `defined in the material by means of creasing (dotted lines) so that it is adjoined on two opposite sides by flaps 6 and 7. The latter are each in the middle portion thereof provided with a pair of closely spaced creases 8, 9, respectively. Flaps 10 and 11 are joined to the end edges or remaining sides of the central plane 5 4and the height a of these flaps corresponds to the distance Iof the long sides of the central plane 5 from the crea-ses `8 or 9. The tiaps 10 and 11 are, at their opposite ends, joined to tabs 12, 13 and 14, 15, respectively, which are separated lfrom the flaps 6 and 7 by an intersecting line so as to be independently foldable about the creases shown in dotted lines at the ends of the flaps 10 and 11.

In forming the cover of FIGS. 1 and 2 from the blank of FIG. 4, the aps 10 and 11 are first erected and the tabs 12 and 13, 14 and 15, respectively, are inwardly folded until they correspond with the longitudinal bounds of the central plane 5. Thereafter the aps 6 and 7 are erected and folded over the tabs 12, 14 and 13, 15 respectively, by means of the pairs of creases 8 and 9. The cover is now ready and shows on the entire outer side and partially on the inner side a pattern of parallel lines extending in alternating directions.

The box of FIGS. l and 3 is formed ina corresponding way, with the exception that, as is to be seen in the 3 blank of FIGURE 5, the llaps 16 and 17, which are provided with independently foldable tabs 18, 19 and 20, 21, respectively are not provided on the short side but on the long side of the bottom face 22.

As is apparent in FIG. 3, the over-lay flaps 24 and 25 are positioned at the shorter sides or ends of the box, so that both the inside and the outside of the box have a variation in the directions of the linear patterns, as compared with the patterns on the cover.

A further advantage obtained in this way is that everywhere along the sides of the box there is provided four thicknesses of the corrugated board when the cover is slidably applied on the box. At the ends of the box and cover, the four thicknesses are defined by the doubled over aps 24 or 25 and the tabs 18 and 19 or 20 and 21, of the box, and by the flap 10 or 11 kof the cover. At the sides of the box and cover, the four thicknesses of corrugated board are defined Iby the ap 16 or 17 of the box and by the doubled over flaps 6 or 7 and the tabs 12 and 14` or 13 and 15. Thus,'a fragile article in the box is securely protected from shocks.

What I claim is:

A packing box having walls of corrugated board including outer flat layers and an interior corrugated layer having parallel ridges adhesively joined to said flat layers, and printed impressions of parallel lines at least on the outer surfaces of said walls, said parallel lines on each wall extending longitudinally in the direction of said ridges of the corrugated layer of the related Wall and being aligned with said ridges to mask the locations of the yadhesive attachment of said ridges to the outer flat layer constituting the Outer surface of `said related wall.

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