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Publication numberUS307717 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1884
Publication numberUS 307717 A, US 307717A, US-A-307717, US307717 A, US307717A
InventorsCharles Gfjnold
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US 307717 A
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(No Model.)

W l gdm @www l 3 Sheets-Sheet 1.`


Patented Nov. 4, 18811.l

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(No Mode1.).

8 Sheets--Sheet 2.



No. 307,717. Patentedv Nov. 4, 1884.

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- INVENTOR: Jn/ JM gw/MM y nA PETERS nmfpmw. www. ma

(N0 Model.) 3 Sheets- Sheet 3.


y BBDSTBAD. No. 307,717. Patented Nov. 4, 1884.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 307,717, dated November 4,1884.

.Application lili-,ll December I7, |9811, (No mmfiLi Be it known that .l`, CHARLES G'LlNoLi), a. citizen ofthe United Stat es, and a resident ot' Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have invented certain Improvements in Bedsl'eads, of which the following,r is asl'iecilieution.

My invention consists oi' cert-ain improvements in that class of bedsteads which are inn tended for invalids or persons suli'ering from Wounds or broken limbs, the improvements comprising certain details in the construction of the bedstead, mattress, and fittings, with the view of providing for the various needs of the patient with as little discomfort and anuoyance as possible.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l, Sheet l, is alongitudinal section of a bedstead.

ywith my improvements; Fig. 2, Sheet 2, a transverse section of the same on the line l 2; 2o Fig. 3, a transverse section on the line 3 4,

Fig. l; Fig. 4, a transverse section on theline 5 6, Fig. l; Fig. 5, Sheet 3, aperspcctive view of the device for regulating the movement of the foot of the mattress; Fig. (i, a perspective view of the mattress and mattress-frame, and Fig. 7 a plan view of the drums and gearing whereby the sheet is raised.-

A A are the opposite side rails of the hcdframe; B, the head-board; B', the foot-board, and D the four posts at the corners of thel frame.

F is the mattress, the foot-portion of which is divided longitudinally, the halved portion ofthe mattress extendingfor about oue-third,.E of its length.

The mattress-supporting frame is composed of three'sections, G, G', and G2, the central portion, G, being supported in any suitable manner by the side rails, A. of the bed, and the head portion, G, and foot portion, G, being hinged to this fixed central portion, as shown in Fig. 1, so that the head portion, G', and the mattress supported thereby can be raised at an angle, andthe foot portion, G, can be lowered. Said foot portion, G2, of the frame is divided so as to form independent supports a a for the halves b b of the foot of the mattress, and permit either half to be adjusted at an angle, as the comfort of the patient may require.

.ffoot-frame heilig then raisedor lowered, and

`A`bar to again engage with the frame K.

The adjustment of the head of the mattressl'rame is effected hy the elevation and depres sion ot' the -long arms oflcvers H H, carried by a rock-shaft, l', thc operation ofwhich is effected by means ol" n crankshaft, d, aoing through the medium of a train of spungearing, as shown iu Fig. l, the levers being retained in any position to which they may have been adjusted by means ofl a pawl engaging with a ratchet-wheel on said shaft d. The 6o headlrame can be lowered on raising the pawl, and in order to preventthe jarringoi' the frame as it is lowered l provide a cushion therefor, consisting of a series of. springs, e. carried by a transverse rail, e, on the head-board, the' 65 head of the frame resting on these springs bei i'oreitreaches ahorizontal position, and gradually compressing the springs as it approaches this position.

To the short arms of the levers H are piv- 7o oted bars J, which a're notched at the outer ends for engagement with slotted frames K,one secured to one half, a, of the foot-frame Gand the other to the opposite half of the. same, so that as the levers H are vibrated in order to lift the head-frame the bars J will be drawn forward, and the foot-frames Will be depressed.

The object of providing the bars J with notches f is to permit alocal or special adjust mentof either half ofthe foot-fran1eindepend- '8o est ofthe general adjustment due to the move` ment of t-he levers H, this local adjustment being effected by lifting, by means of a cord, f', the har J, controlling that half of the frame4 which it is desired to adjust, until said bar is ree from engagement with the frame K,'the

retained in position by permitting the notched When it is desired to operate the head-frame 9o without affecting the footfra1ne, the hars J may be retained free from engagement With the frames K, and the two parts of the footframes supported by means of pins g, passed through openingsin the foot-board B,as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 1. This connection between the levers H and thefoot-section of the mattress-frame may be applied to a foot-frame made in one piece, as Well as to the halved frame. The central portion, G, ofthe inatroo tress-l'ralne earries :t basin, lll, and the mat tress has a removable, section, N, above this basin, the latter eonlnnn'lienting through a sectional or telescopio spout, l, with a vessel, I, plaeed on the l'loor beneath the bed, so that on removing,r the section N el' theI nn'rttress thel occupant oi' the bed inny use the basin without change ol' position, or may be placed in the most comfortable position lor its use by ele vating the head portion andilepressing the foot portion ol' the rmittress-l'ralne. As the entiremattress is supported upon springs, it is necessary that the basin should be free to yield' with the mattress; hence I support the saidbasin on aring, h,whieh rests upon springs i, carried by a ring, j, suspended from the frame G, and for the saine reason the spout P is made o1' the telescopic Character shown. and a iexible section, m, is provided in the pipe ln, Fig. 3, by which water is conveyed to the basin in order to rinse the same after use.

On the foot-board I3 of the bed is a. slotted bar, S, which is seeured by means of a thumb nut on a bolt, p, and has at the upper end a pulley, s.

In some eases of fracture or other injury to the leg it is advisable to support the foot of the patient elear of the mattress, and for this purpose a clamp applied to the foot is attached to a e'ord which passes over the pulley s, and is attached to a suspended weight. By rendering the bar S adjustable vertically the foot and so much of the limb as may be. necessary may be held up above the mattress.- The patient rests upon a sheet, T, and in order to permit the lifting of this 'sheet without distrbing the mattress the posts D of the bed-frame have bearings for the spindles of two longitudinal drums, V-one at each side of the bed-and two similar transverse drums, V-one at the head and the other at ,the foot of the bed-these drums being geared together by bevel-gearing( and the spindles of one of the longitudinal drums being driven by chain-gearing from a crankshaft, q, on the head-board. Each of the drums has a series of straps, t, provided at the lower ends with snap.- hooks e, those of the side straps being .adapted to -eyes e at the sides -of ,the sheet T, and those of the end straps to similar eyes at the ends of said sheet. On t'uruing` the crankshaft q all of the drums e will be eaused to rotate, so that if both the side and end straps are connected to the sheet the latter will be lifted bodily with the patient l'roni the i'naltress, while il' one side or one end only ol' the sheet is to be lil'ted the straps at that side or end only are eonneeter'i to the sheet, the others being released.

The snap-hooks and eyes provide 'for the ready connection ofthe stral'ls to and their .release l'roln the sheet T; but, il" desired, the hooks may be carried bythe sheet and the eyes by the straps t. In either ease, however, the sheet T must have an independent eolr neetion with eaeh of the straps 1, in order that any desired portion of the sheet, no matter how limited in extent, may be lifted with-- out affecting any other portion.

l elailn as my inventionl. The combination of the bedstead, the hinged foot-section Grl of the n'lattress-fralne, the lever H, the rigid frame K, eonneei'ed to and prineeting` from the section G2, and the notched bar J, hung to the lever H and engaging" with the frame K, as set forth.

2. The eoinbinationof the bedstead, the

l r A hinged toot-section GrL of the mattress-frame,

the lever H, the frame K, the bar J,`detaeh able from the frame K. and the ping, for supporti ngthe mattress-frame when released f rom the control ofthe bar, as set forth.

3. The combination of the bedstead, the mattress, the supportingsprings therefor, the basin M, the ring lil, the springs t and their support,- the vessel P', and the telescopio tube or spout P, as set forth.

4. The combination of the bedstead1 the mattress and its spring support, the basin M, ring h, the springs 'i and their support, and the water-supply pipe n, having a llexible'seetion, m, as set forth.

5. The combination ofthe frame ofthe bedstead, the drums V, geared together and having straps t, the sheet T, and an independent hook-and-eye connection between the sheet and eaeh of the straps, as set for-th.

In testimony whereof I have'signed -iny name to this specification in the presenee of two subscribing' witnesses. n

' CHARLES GUN-OLD. Witnesses:


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