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Publication numberUS30818 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1860
Publication numberUS 30818 A, US 30818A, US-A-30818, US30818 A, US30818A
InventorsJohn Haven
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Insect-shield fob the head
US 30818 A
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No. 30,818. I Patented Dec. 4,1860.




Specification of Letters Patent No. 30,818, dated December 4;, 1860.

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, JOHN HAVEN, of Boston, in the county of Sufiolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Mosquito-Gruard, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, making part of this specification, in which is represented my improved guard as it is intended to be worn.

The object of my present invention is to afford to the public use a convenient and economic article for the protection of the face from the bite and annoyance of mosquitoes, flies and other troublesome insects; and my invention consists in a new article for this purpose constituted of any suitable material, which is impenetrable by insects and perfectly pervious to air, in combination with a suitable sustaining and elastic frame work; the Whole forming a portable and simple mask which will effectually protect the wearers face, without offering any material impediment to a free respiration, and which is readily removable, as will be presently described.

That others skilled in the art may understand and use my invention I will proceed to describe the manner in which I have carried out the same.

In the said drawings a are light strips of whalebone which form a frame the ends of the longer or vertical pieces being secured to a hem of cotton cloth I) which encircles the neck of the wearer, andcont-ains a cord 0 by Which it is drawn up as close as is requisite to keep the guard in place, and to exclude the insects. Over this frame a is distended a cloth f of the ordinary mosquito netting or other suitable openwork material, which is attached to the strips a and also to the hem Z) by sewing. A cape g of the same material hangs down both front and back over the neck to protect it. The frame a is of such a size as will hold the netting off from the face three or four inches.

In using this guard it is placed over the head and the cord 0 is drawn up around the neck and tied to secure the guard in place. WVith the face thus protected the wearer may sleep secure from the attacks of mosquitoes or other insects.

The form of the frame a may be varied to suit the taste, or for greater convenience of packing the frame may run spirally around the guard and be passed through the meshing of the netting instead of being sewed thereto.

It will be understood that an article such as I propose will possess great utility, in its extreme portability and ready application to and removal from the person. It is a noticeable fact that in traveling during the warm seasons, at many places where persons are compelled to stop, no provisions are made for the protection of the face during sleep from the annoyance and suffering inflicted by innumerable insects, other than the covering furnished for the body, which is too impervious to air to be worn over the face; also in traveling in railway cars great inconvenience is experienced from the want of some simple and effective means of protecting the face, which if afforded would allow the traveler to often rest, or

sleep with comfort. My improved article The above described mosquito guard constructed to operate, as described and for the purposes hereinbefore explained.

JOHN HAVEN. Witnesses:

THos. R. RoAoH, THos. L. GLovnR.

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