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Publication numberUS3091861 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1963
Filing dateDec 28, 1960
Priority dateJan 8, 1960
Publication numberUS 3091861 A, US 3091861A, US-A-3091861, US3091861 A, US3091861A
InventorsMethuen Jones Ronald
Original AssigneeBelle Jardiniere
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Measuring corset assembly for tailors' shops
US 3091861 A
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June 4, 1963 R. M. JONES 3,09 ,86

MEASURING CORSET ASSEMBLY FOR TAILORS' SHOPS Filed Dec. 28, 1960 United States Patent 3,091,861 MEASURING CORSET ASSEMBLY FOR TAILORS SHOPS Ronald Methuen Jones, Sevres, France, assignor to Belle Jardiniere, Paris, France, a corporation of France Filed Dec. 28, 1960, Ser. No. 78,973 Claims priority, application France Jan. 8, 1960 2 Claims. (Cl. 33-15) In my application Patent Number 3,067,516 (Serial Number 829,714), there is disclosed a corset assembly of the type which is used in tailors shops for rapidly obtaining in a precise manner numeral or graphical indications necessary in ascertaining the build or line of a person for whom a jacket or like garment is to be made. This corset assembly comprises a corset having a neck and shoulder harness including a rear portion and two front portions, and a neck and shoulder band, two shoulder tabs secured on said neck and shoulder band and extended on the shoulder, and pliant strips articulated on said neck and shoulder band and said shoulder tabs, for adjusting for supporting the corset.

The object of the present invention is to provide improvements, modifications and additions for this corset assembly, so as to render the use thereof more accurate and simpler.

In accordance with an important feature of the assembly invention, the neck and shoulder band and the shoulder tabs of this corset assembly form a one-piece structure covering the rear portion of the neck and the lateral portions of which cover the shoulder 2.

In accordance with further features:

Each of said lateral portions carries two graduated pliant strips articulated on said lateral portion, and the inner strip (i.e. that which is the nearest to the neck) is connected to the upper edge of the front portion of the corset by means of a sliding clamp, as in said application, but the outer strip hangs freely and is not secured to this upper edge, this edge being, at this location, secured to said lateral portion of the neck and shoulder band by an extendable resilient member, such as a rubber or rubber-thread fabric tape.

Moreover, both front and rear parts of the corset are interconnected on either side by a gusset, the edges of which are, at the upper end thereof, fixedly secured, and on the remnant of their length, removably secured by means of a sliding closure which thus extends from the arm-hole and up to the lower edge of the corset, the edges of both front and rear portions thus being capable of moving freely apart on a part of their length, from the bottom when a portion of the sliding closure is opened, the thus-obtained fullness being limited by the width of the fabric band forming the gusset, which connects the adjacent edges of these two front and rear portions.

In the accompanying drawing:

FIG. 1 shows the modified corset assembly designed in accordance with the present invention and seen from the front, and,

FIG. 2 shows the same corset assembly seen substantially from the rear.

In accordance with the illustrated embodiment, the corset assembly comprises the corset 101 and the harness 102. The corset has substantially the same shape as in said application, i.e. that of a Waistcoat formed of an indeformable strong fabric, and generally comprises a rear part 103 which may be designed from a plurality of pieces sewn or stitched together, and two front portions 104, the front edges 104a of which can be removably secured to each other by means of an attachment device 105, such as buttons or clips, comprising several attachment positions such as 10 5a, 105b, 1050, enabling these edges to be overlapped to a smaller or greater extent. These front portions are connected at the rear part thereof in a permanent way, such as by stitching, by the upper portions thereof, adjacent the arm-holes 106, on the entire remaining part of their length, the lateral edges 103a and 10 th of these rear and front portions are linked by means of a gusset 107 comprised by a fabric band 108 stitched at the edges 103a, 104b.

Ecah of these gussets can be closed and opened by means of a sliding closure 109, the two members of which are permanently secured, at the upper end thereof, whereby the gusset can be gradually opened from the bottom or on a more or less extended portion thereof, the slider of the closure being indicated by the reference numeral 110.

The corset is suspended, at the front and at .the rear of the neck and shoulder harness 102 comprising a band 111 of strong fabric or felt, suitably cut out and extending on a rear part of the neck at 112 and laterally at 113 on the shoulders up to the points thereof.

The connection between the rear part 103 of the corset and the neck and shoulder harness is effected (FIG. 2) by means of three graduated flexible and adjustable strips 114, the median strip 114 being attached to the mide-point of the upper edge 115 of the rear part, while the lateral or side strips 114 are attached to the lateral ends of this upper edge 115, the securement of the strips on the rear part of the corset being effected by means of sliding clamps 116, similar to those disclosed in said application.

Each of the front parts 104 (FIG. 1) is suspended from the corresponding side portion 115 of the harness by means of a strip 117 adjustably attached to the inner end of the upper edge 118 of said front portion 104 by means of a sliding clamp 119 similar to the clamps 116.

Moreover, the outer side of the edge 118 is attached to the side portion 113 by an extendable resilient band 120, eg, of rubber or very flexible rubber-thread fabric. Finally, a graduated flexible strip 121, identical to the strips 114 and 117, is secured to the side portion 113 of the harness, adjacent the end thereof, and hangs freely, extending up to the bottom of the upper edge 118 of the corset.

This corset assembly can be use substantially as that disclosed in said application, the adjustment of the corset being performed from the rear by means of the three sliding clamps 116, and from the front, by means of the two sliding clamps 119 and owing to the flexibility of the bands 120 having a variable rate of extension in accordance with the build of the person wearing the corset.

The various readings made on the graduated rear strips 114, 1-15 and front strips after the adjustment of the corset, as well as on the strip 121 which are in a confronting relationship with the upper edges 118, provide the necessary information, enabling a correct marking of the upper part of the garment to be effected. The travel of the sliders 110 enables the lower periphery of the corset to have a more or less considerable fullness, in accordance with the shape and size of the abdominal region of the wearer.

The invention is not restricted to the illustrated and described embodiment, which has been chosen merely by way of an example.

Having now described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. Adjustable corset assembly for tailors shops, adapted to be tried on a customers body to determine the alterations to be made on a normal garment outline, to be traced on a cloth by means of a pattern corresponding to said corset assembly in its normal state, said corset assembly comprising, on the one hand a corset having a rear portion and two front portions, and, on the other hand, a neck and shoulder harness; said harness comprising: a neck and shoulder band having a middle band portion adapted to surround the rear part of the neck and adjustably connected to the inner upper edges of said front portions of the corset, respectively, two pliant outer front measuring strips articulated to the outer ends of said side band portions and freely hanging against the upper parts of -said front portions of the "corset, two pliant outer rear measuring strips articulated to the outer ends of said 'sideband portions and 'adjustably connected respectively to the outer 'ends of the upper edge of said rear portions of the corset, and a pliant middle rear measuring strip articulated to the middle of said neck band and the middleof the upper edge of said rear portion of the 15 corset.

2. Adjustable corset assembly according to claim 1 further comprising two elastic strips connecting respectively the outer edges of said side band portions to the outer ends of the upper edges of said front portions of 5 the corset.

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U.S. Classification33/15
International ClassificationA41H1/06, A41H1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41H1/06
European ClassificationA41H1/06