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Publication numberUS3092388 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1963
Filing dateApr 6, 1961
Priority dateApr 6, 1961
Publication numberUS 3092388 A, US 3092388A, US-A-3092388, US3092388 A, US3092388A
InventorsCharles Wagenheim
Original AssigneeCharles Wagenheim
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Balloon game
US 3092388 A
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3,092,388 BALLGGN GAME Charles Wagenheim, 8074 Fareholm Drive, Los Angeles 46, Calif. Filed Apr. 6, 1961, Ser. No. 161,111 3 Claims. (Cl. 273102.1)

The present invention relates to games, and especially to a game that is played with inflated balloons positioned in the apparatus of the invention and with some article being thrown against the balloon to endeavor to break the balloon by means associated with the positioning apparatus.

I-Ieretofore there have been various types of games developed using balloons as a part of the game, and some of these games have included the throwing of darts, or other sharp articles against inflated balloons secured to a backboard. Naturally, the use of these sharp articles is dangerous in many places, and the games particularly cannot be played by young children when darts, or the like, are used. Furthermore, when playing a game using any type of a sharp throwing article, a relatively large backboard of some type must be associated with the balloon targets so that a safe backboard is provided to stop the thrown article.

It is well known that children of all ages like, to play with balloons, and if a game of skill can be developed using balloons, an inexpensive and challenging game may be provided.

The general object of the present invention is to pro vide a novel and improved game characterized by its use of balloons and by the provision of a self contained, small packaging unit incorporating all elements of the game therein.

Another object of the invention is to provide a game based upon skill and throwing accuracy and in the bursting of balloons in the game but where a very safe type of a game is provided and with no sharp articles being thrown in any part of the game.

A further object of the invention is to provide a collapsible backboard and support flange or flap in a balloon bursting game and wherein the support flange can be moved out to extend perpendicularly from the backboard and have a balloon secured thereto to be positioned in association with a tack secured to the backboard or support whereby any articles thrown at the balloon, which is positioned adjacent the tack, may eifect a breaking of the balloon by forcing it against the tack on the backboard or support.

The foregoing and other objects and advantages of the invention will be made more apparent as the specification proceeds.

Attention now is particularly directed to the accompanying drawings which show one currently preferred embodiment of the principles of the invention, and wherein:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the game of the invention, showing it operatively positioned;

FIG. 2 is a front elevation of the apparatus of FIG. 1 as packaged and positioned on a support rod that is shown in section; and

FIG. 3 is a vertical sectionthrough the game of FIG. 1, as modified.

\Vhen referring to corresponding members shown on the drawings and referred to in the specification, corresponding numerals are used to facilitate comparison therebetween.

Generally speaking, the game of the invention, when operatively positioned, comprises a backboard positioned in a vertical plane and having a face surface thereon, a top member carried by or associated with the backboard to extend substantially normal thereto but adjacent the 3,Z,3 Patented June 4, 1963 upper end thereof, means for securing a balloon to the top member so as to be dependent therefrom to hang adjacent the said face of the backboard, an inflated balloon secured to the said means on the top member and positioned adjacent an area of the face of the backboard, and a pointed member extending from the face of the backboard in the area thereof whereby an article can be thrown against the balloon and, if properly thrown and striking the balloon, may force the balloon against the pointed member on the backboard so as to burst the balloon.

Attention now is particularly directed to the details of the structure shown in the accompanying drawings, and the game of the invention is indicated as a Whole by the numeral 1. Such game 1 includes a flat support 2 that usually has a top flap 3 hingedly or pivotally secured thereto. Normally this flap and support unit is made from an inexpensive, substantially or relatively rigid material, such as cardboard, and with the connection between the flap and flat support being scored or initially creased or folded to facilitate swinging the top flap from juxtaposition with relation to the flat support out to an operative position extending substantially normal from the upper end of the flat support. The top flap 3 has edge flanges 4- and 5 thereon that are scored or are preliminarily folded so that they can be easily moved to extend downwardly from the top flap and have edges 6 thereon adjacent the top of the flat support to hear thereagainst and hold the top flap in operative position extending substantially normally from the remainder of the flat support. Usually the top flap may incline downwardly slightly with relation to a true normal position so that gravity will aid in holding the top flap extending outwardly from the remainder of the flat support.

The flat support 2 and other components of the game initially are preferably backaged within a suitable container 7, such as one made from polyethylene, or similar material, and the flat support 2 may have an aperture 8 of generally keyhole shape provided therein which aperture it aligned with a hole 9 provided in the top flap 3 when the top flap is in its inoperative position. Thus a support rod or bar 10 can extend through the aperture 8 and hole 9'to position the game 1 on a suitable display rod for convenient display of the game 1 for sale purposes.

The hole 8 may be of keyhole shape, if desired, and have a narrower top portion than bottom section so that a member such as a tack 9a or the like can extend through such hole to secure the flat support 2 to a suitable positioning member or rod, or a wall surface or the like, indicated at 11.

The game also contemplates the provision of some pointed article such as a tack 12 that can be stuck into and through the flat support 2 from the back surface thereof so that the face surface of the flat support 2 adjacent from but positioned downwardly of the top flap 3 has this pointed end of the tack 12 extending therefrom for a purpose to be hereinafter described in more detail. The game also includes a plurality of balloons 1'3 thatcan be received within the container 7 and with one of these balloons 13a being shown in operative position wherein the inflated balloon has its neck extending through a second hole 14 provided in the top flap 3 adjacent the free end thereof and then with the balloon neck also being retained in position to hold the air therein by being pulled through a slot 15 formed in the front edge of the top flap 3 so that the balloon thus will be operatively held in position by the top flap 3 and will be adjacent the face surface of the flat support 2 and will either contact or be lying in general horizontal alignment with the tack 12. Thus when a soft article, such as a bean bag 16, or other bag which can be filled with any suitable soft mathe balloons can be inflated and be positioned in the flat support 2 on the top flap 3 thereof after the previous balloon has been removed. Thus a plurality of players may throw the bag 16 a given number of times from a set distance and with the one bursting the most balloons by a given number of throws naturally winning the game. It will be realized that the balloons 13 can be inflated to any desired degree and that the difiiculty in the game can be varied by the amount of inflation of the balloons 13, the distance from which the players throw the bag 13 towards the balloon target, etc.

It will be realized that the game may be made up in other embodiments, or forms, and thus a backboard or support 20 is shown in FIG. 3 and this has a pointed article such as a nail or the like 21 extending therefrom out of the face surface of this backboard. A top member 22 is shown secured to the backboard 2! adjacent its upper surface and extending substantially normally therefrom, and a suitable type of a balloon securing means, such as a clip 23, is shown secured to the top member 22 and extending downwardly therefrom, as by use of a bracket 24. Thus a balloon 25 can, be engaged with the clip 23 which will hold the balloon inflated and will position it adjacent the pointed article 21. Thus any desired article such as a ball, bean bag, or the like, can be thrown at the balloon to burst the balloon as described hereinbefore.

It should be realized in describing the details of the structure shown in the drawings that. the backboard, for instance, of the present game may be made from a variety of materials and that the topmember associated there with can either be an integral part of the backboard or be separate therefrom, as desired. Again, the type of means used for securing the balloon to the top member in the game can vary appreciably but the specification herein describes a practical, low cost, but satisfactory type of means for securing a balloon in association with the backboard. Likewise, any type of a pointed member can be secured to or carried by the backboard to be positioned adjacent a balloon suspended from the top member of the game unit.

It also will be realized that any type of an article desired can be used for throwing towards the balloon in the game of the invention so as to cause the balloon to be forced back against the tack or similar member. Such articles being thrown may comprise darts, suction cup darts, a bean bag, a ball, or any similar article, as long as it has suificient weight and size as to drive the balloon against the sharp member in such a manner as to occasionally, at least, break the balloon and cause satisfaction of the players. v

By making the components of the game of the invention from materials such as cardboard, thumb tacks, bean bags, or the like, the game is relatively inexpensive to make and sell and a separate backboard and balloon holding means can be provided with each group of balloons purchased for use in playing the game of the invention. The entire loose components of the game may be placed in the container 7 that is stapled as at 50 to the support 2 for display and sale. Hence, it is believed that the objects of the invention have been achieved and that i a safe, inexpensive, but very enjoyable game has been provided and which game can be sold in a compact, complete package that can be attractively displayed by the retailer of games and the like. Thus the objects of the invention are believed to have been achieved.

While two complete embodiments of the invention have been disclosed herein, it will be appreciated that modification of these particular embodiments of the invention may be resorted to without departing from the scope of the invention as defined in the appendedclaims.

What is claimed is:

l. A portable game that can be stored in a compact form and comprising a foldable fiat cardboard support for being secured to a positioning means and having a top flap movable to a position extending substantially normal to the remainder of said support, said top flap having a pair of edge flanges movable to a position extending downwardly therefrom to engage said support and aid said top flap in extending normally from the remainder of said support, a tack for engaging said support and protruding therefrom in the same direction as said top flap a distance below said top flap, a small article for being thrown at an object, and a plurality of balloons,

' said top flap having a balloon retaining section therein for engaging an inflated balloon to position a said balloon adjacent said tack by gravity so that the balloon can be burst by throwing said article at the balloon to force it against said tack when struck by said article.

2. An inexpensive portable game comprising a foldable flat cardboard support for being secured to a positioning means and having an integral top flap movable pivotally from a position superimposed on the remainder of said support to a position extending substantially normal to the remainder of said support, said top flap having a pair of edge flanges movable to a position extending downwardly therefrom to bear on an adjacent part of said support and retain said top flap extending normally from the remainder of said support, a tack for engaging said support and protruding therefrom in the same direction as but positioned a distance below said top flap, an article for being thrown at a balloon, and a plurality of balloons, said top flap having a hole therein adjacent its free edge and having a slot in said free edge extending towards said hole whereby an inflated balloon can have its neck threaded through said hole and secured in said slot to position a said balloon adjacent said tack so that the balloon can be burst by being force against said tack by said article, when properly thrown.

3. A game as in claim 2 where said cardboard support has an aperture therein through which a holder can be threaded to position said support operatively, and said top flap has a hole therein aligned with said aperture when said top flap is inoperatively positioned folded over the remainder of said cardboard support whereby a member can be threaded through said aperture and hole to position the game when all components of the game are in a container secured to said cardboard support.

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